10 Waterproof Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Shower Experience

As revolutions are taking place in homes, they are stretching their wings to the bathrooms as well. People are beginning to acknowledge the importance of a bath in the home and are working day and night on transforming this mostly forgotten part of the house into an interactive space. Through this, bathrooms are slowly becoming more fun and practical places, which in return work to improve the value of their home. So if you are an IT enthusiast, you can spread the same to your bath area with these waterproof gadgets that you might want to consider installing in your bathroom;

Led Showerheads with inbuilt speakers

If the thought of shower and music spikes some excitement in you, then you would be glad to know that you can actualize that in your bathroom.

Besides, with the vast digital advancements, having a unique shower head is the new trend in most homes.

With this inbuilt speaker showerhead, you get to select how you want to feel the water on your skin.

You also get to listen to your favorite music and tunes by the use of a wireless Bluetooth showerhead.

So whether singing is just a hobby or a profession for you, you get the opportunity to raise your voice amid the shower splashes.

Amazing, right?

The Smart tabs

temperature and water flow controllersEverything is now going digital and along with the smartphones, comes the smart tubs.

The tubs seem to be setting the pace for what you should expect in the future.

They perform their tasks differently depending on how creative you want them to get, not forgetting your budget.

Homeowners with luxhomehq.com/best-shower-panel-reviews and tabs will make use of facial recognition features to get what they want.

They then make use of the data they collect about how you prefer your baths to adjust your bath water accordingly.

The touch screen will let you have a glimpse of the weather forecast and even check your email updates! Primary digital tabs also detect your presence run the water.

In-wall waterproof TV

In the recent days, waterproof TVs have become popular among many individuals and most homes have one installed or are considering the same.

These types of TVs happen to be full HD with complete waterproof features.

Therefore, with this, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite program even as you bathe.

Another incredible detail about these TVs is the fact that they are a touchscreen so you won’t need a remote control.

You can even have an installation of speakers to complete the look.

Mood effect Lighting Whirlpools

modern bathHaving a whirlpool in your bathroom means more relaxing and enjoyable bathes ahead.

Bathroom whirlpool systems can enhance your bathing experience as they can gently create bubbles in the water that would give you a befitting massage at the end of that tiresome day.

Now to add up to the experience, you can have an installation of mood lights, which would give you a spa feeling.

The good thing is that you get to select what you need.

Programmable shower

best digital shower controlsThe aspect of turning your shower on and off can be as technical as you want it to become.

So if you like playing around with innovations, you will be glad to know that you can customize your shower-time with a programmable shower.

Most of these showers come with a digital touchscreen, where you get to adjust everything you want.

From the lighting, water temperature, speaker volumes, etc.

There is also a pre-set option to remind you when your shower time is over.

While at it, get to note down your water usage habits to know when to cut down on consumption.

Built-in Sound System tubs

If you don’t want to move any of your devices to the bathroom area, you can still get to enjoy listening to anything you want to your bath.

Some tubs even come with your favorite compositions and get to vibrate with sound whenever the water is full.

There are also those tubs that act as a sound system with a connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The good thing is that whether the tub is full or empty, you still get to enjoy the different audio levels.

While empty containers let the sounds fill the room, packed containers make vibrations through the water for a unique feel.

Out of sight cabinet speakers

The hidden speakers are ordinarily small but very powerful.

They are also wireless and water resistant and work well with sound-receptive materials that include glass, metal and some types of tiles.

So if you want to get a little creative and unique, this is a must try.

With this, you can bring to life those mirror cabinets.

LED Temperature Control

The Led light comes in handy especially when you want to play around with different temperatures during bath time.

In most instances, the lights give a red or blue glow to alert you of the water temperature changes.

You also get the ability to adjust both the pressure and temperature.


Are you an environmental enthusiast who can’t stand any water/energy wastage?

Well, you don’t have to strain about that anymore as the EcoDrain comes to solve that issue.

Through this, you get to heat up cold water from the shower head using the already used up warm water.

And since the used and clean water don’t get to mix, your bath will be clean all through.

Aqua-proof notes

Some of you would agree that some of the best ideas cross your mind when you are bathing.

It’s even more practical if you are a singer, writer or an artist.

So instead of having to rush half naked across the room and drench your precious notebook, why not make use of an aqua notebook.

With this, you can even leave instructions for the next person to take over the shower on what you expect them to do.

It could also turn into a romantic letter book for you and your partner.

Whatever you decide to do with it, it’s a good feeling jotting something down while in the shower.

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