Treadmills Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Gregory Florez, the founder and the CEO of Fitness First believes a treadmill is easily the best prudent health decision you can ever make. If you are like me and love the idea of running in all weather, hate paying gym fees, cherishes the benefits of not having to leave your home to exercise, a treadmill should be a handy companion.

best treadmill reviewsUnfortunately, they are not cheap and most of them although bought with sincere intentions tend to end up in the garage never to be made use of again as a result of boredom.

Nevertheless, if you desire to attain your fitness aims and get your money`s worth, it’s important to buy one you are really going to use. And you can do that by checking our best treadmill reviews.

Before you buy

Although the market is flooded with hundreds and hundreds of treadmill brands it is important that you do your research well before you settle on one.

This will help you to boost the chances of purchasing a treadmill that will give you the best value for your buck.

Listed below are some, of the key questions you need to ask yourself to find the best treadmill for you.

  • Ideally, the very first thing you need to ask yourself is; what are your plans for the treadmill? Will it be for extreme running, for occasional walk or predominantly for jogging? How many people will be using it? Will the whole family be involved? Try to think how your needs might alter as you become fitter, too.
  • Renting or hire purchase may look sensible if you`ve just one aim for the treadmill. If you wish to drop a few kilos ahead of the summer, then it’s not sensible to have one all year through. But if your idea is just to test one, consider renting it before you purchase. Besides you might feel the utter size of treadmill burdensome or that the devotion just isn’t there. Reselling it on Gum tree or eBay is usually a hustle and a loss-making endeavor most of the time. If buying or renting is not within your budget plans why not think of going to the gym instead? Gyms tend to invest a lot in a sturdy and latest gym equipment and have various membership levels to match any budget-just be cautious of their contracts. Also, be aware that some fitness centers hire out their equipment or dispose them off to the public following several years of use meaning you may be able to find a used one- even though some of their fancy functionalities like heart rate monitors may have malfunctioned. Always test them before you purchase
  • If you are a senior and are looking for something gentle for a regular workout, your exercise regime won’t differ that much. A newbie commencing a fitness routine for the very first time or an athletic person who has been training for a marathon are both likely to witness changes in their levels of fitness but they will need to step it up. This only means picking a treadmill having a decent variety of program options

Beware that treadmill consume a lot more space than you may have thought. The question is, will it be kept in one place?

If you will be storing it after the workout, what size and weight can you move comfortably?

What set of features are dear to you? For example do you enjoy listening to music as you run? Will a cup holder and TV be important if you are preparing to run it your living or lounge room?

What should you look out for?

A wide assortment of features and programs delivered by more pricey treadmills may be daunting to choose first but they will be straight forward to work with the moment you get accustomed to them.

Display panels

Large LCD Window

These ought to have crystal clear instructions and guidelines and be easy to use and read.

Meaning the information you are looking out for is not hard to access whilst running or walking.


A number of units’ list factors such as speed, time, and distance as programs. While others provide listed programs as just time based.

Go through these programs to check out what you think you will need. And confirm that there is an adequate range to keep you stimulated and motivated.

Programs having heart rate control

Automatically configuring the workout intensity will have you kept in the suggested heart rate levels meaning you will be sure you are getting a valuable cardio exercise for your fitness levels.

Recovery programs

Some units have restoration programs which examine your body physical condition by examining how fast your pulse gets back to normal following a workout.

Belt size

belt size

We advise that you should go for a machine that is both wide and long enough for the tallest, fittest and heaviest user.


treadmill cushioning

A well-cushioned deck will easily absorb the pressure of your steps, safeguarding your ligaments and joints from injury.

Which is essential for athletes and those individuals that utilize the treadmill frequently.

Foot panels

The panels present at either side of the treadmill belt ought to be wide enough for comfortable standing in order to achieve balance prior to stepping on the mill. Choose a unit which appeals to you aesthetically and ergonomically

Belt speed

In recent times, fitness experts have cautioned that a few treadmills offered in the market are much slower than what is indicated in their maximum speed. If you are a committed runner ensure the unit feels quick enough for you.

High-tech features

Nowadays most of the treadmills come loaded with docks for USB ports, IPods, and WIFI connectivity.

Treadmill types

According to fitness experts, motorized treadmills operate on same basic design concept – a moving belt operated by an electric motor.

However because they are offered in a wide range of features ,prices and designs I have classified treadmills below based on prices and whether or not they are foldable.

Foldable treadmills

Usually, these units will come loaded with extra features and functionalities to the budget-folding units together with workout programs such as the heart rate regulated set ups and chest strap heart rate checker.

  • Solid built makes them more ideal for occasional running
  • The deck present on most of these units might be too short for people with longer strides

Budget folding treadmills

These units normally have a shorter conveyer/running belt that could be enough for walkers. They feature time, speed, distance, calories burned display along with a shelf for water cup holders.

  • If walking is the main workout, then this low-priced model is ideal for you
  • Budget units constructed from cheap materials meaning they are less stable

Non folding treadmills

These units provide a solid frame and deck, larger running surfaces and a long running belt.

Ready to buy?

Here is what you need to know:

Although buying a treadmill online gives you a chance to save some good money it’s advisable to test out a run on the treadmill you have settled out for in your area shop. As I have stated previously treadmills are a subjective buy so you need to just get it right

  • Shipping and installation

In most cases treadmill prices include shipping and installation so ensure to check if this is part of the purchase. Some are sold in boxes and require setup that can cost you up to $200. Ideally, you need to take care of this in the budget if you are not mechanically oriented or are not able to do it physically.

  • After sales service

The duration of the warranty signals whether the treadmill is a quality and durable buy. Treadmills demand frequent routine maintenance and may often breakdown. Make sure to purchase a treadmill which has a service breakup and an in-home warranty.


smallest treadmill foldableInexpensive treadmills normally have the benefits of being smaller, lighter and are much easier to fold which means they are more ideal for compact homes and to individuals who are not in a position to lift or shift heavy and bulky items.

On the other hand, the pricier models have a quieter, stronger, superior quality motor, a wider and longer belt, a higher optimum speed, more programs, better quality components, a longer warranty and a better user weight restriction.

High-end units can go for as much as $3000 and might also have MP3 speaker dock, LCD TV, a self-lubricating belt, a fan for keeping cool during the workout and a chest strap heart rate checker among other things.

For example, the Fitness Magazine compared 4 treadmills costing between $500 to $3000 and found that.

  • For 500 dollars you will get a simple unit having a manual incline, ideal for light joggers and walker of average weight and height.
  • For 1300 dollars you will get a gadget with a superior quality deck, heart rate monitor, and a more durable motor.
  • For 2300 dollars you will get additional programs, a steeper and motorized incline ability, wider belt and better weight limit. Higher speed, cool down programs and tailored programs, providing good value for money. This product is ideal for athletes, elite runners and individuals weighing over 120kg
  • For 3000 dollars you will get more incline, more sturdy and durable motor. A motion regulation functionality plus all the features listed in the models mentioned above.

I hope this treadmill buying guide helped you at least a bit in finding best treadmill for you. And happy running.

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