Stationary Bike Buying Guide

You are likely to find numerous varieties of exercise bikes presently on the market. Although it may be quite hard for a beginner to choose, upright exercise bike reviews make the task easier.  You need to familiarize yourself with various models and standard features of exercise bikes for a suitable choice.

What is a Stationary Bike?

If you are after reliable workout equipment, purchasing a stationary bike is a perfect idea.

A stationary bike will offer effective workout and reduce hassles of visiting the gym or exercising under rough weather conditions.

Traditionally, exercise bikes were common in gyms and fitness centers, but they are now available for home use.

One of the greatest advantages of stationary bikes is that they are suitable for wide range of users concerned with cardiovascular health including those who cannot heavy impact workouts.

It presents an excellent exercise for overweight people who wish to lose weight without posing the risk of the adverse effect of impact based workout on the joints.

Exercise Bikes Types

best upright exercise bikeStationery bikes fall into four main categories that include upright stationary bike, recumbent stationary bike, dual-action stationary bike and stationary spinner bike.

Each type features a unique design to meet the needs of different users.

The Upright Stationary Bike

This stylish spin bikes for home almost resemble the real bicycles, and most people are unable to notice any visible differences between them.

The seat of the upright spin bike is high up and lacks proper up for the back of the user.

Their handlebars are extended from the front while the pedals fall directly beneath the body for comfort and safety.

The Recumbent Stationary Bike

best recumbent exercise bikePreviously, recumbent bikes were only common in gyms.

However, as people recognize the importance of having workout equipment at home, they purchase them for personal home use.

Unlike in the upright stationary bike, the user sits in an inclined position.

Additionally, recumbent bikes have a wider seat than that of the vertical model while the pedals feature in the front rather than underneath the rider.

The bike has a reliable support for the butt and the back, making an ideal option for people with back problems.

You will certainly find numerous varieties to select from based on your individual requirements.

The Spinner Stationary Bike

These categories resemble racing road bikes and are suitable for hardcore bike workouts.

The handlebars are in a lower position while the seat that is much higher in position.

The unique quality is that spinner stationary bikes can support numerous riding positions for its users making it comfortable and enjoyable.

Due to these features, stationary spinner bike is suitable for experienced and advanced riders as it offers high-intensity workouts.

Most spinning training centers utilize spinner stationery bike.

Dual/twin Action Stationary Bikes

Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent BikeThese resemble elliptical and provide a means to work out the upper part of the body.

Mostly, twin action bikes come with two pairs of handlebars.

One set of handlebars is movable and can move backward and forwards while the other provides support when one is cycling.

You should consider going for a dual stationary bike if you are in need of equipment for overall body workout.

What is offered at various Price Ranges

Stationary bikes come in varied styles and price tags to meet the tastes and preferences of the user.

The enjoyable equipment usually falls into three categories: lower price choices, average prices, and top end prices.

Each class has its advantages, and consumers will go for any one of the three types depending on their needs and the budget.

Lowly-range Priced

Although they cost much less than the other categories, the consumer should expect at least some useful features that are much easier to use.

Such features include quiet handling, few but good programming choices and resistance levels are also important.

Medium-range Priced

Equipment falling in this category is much more exciting.

Their prices are fairer, more sturdy and easier to use.

Mid-range priced stationary bikes consist amazing features such as heart rate monitors, magnetic resistance, and inbuilt workout programs.

Besides, they produce less noise than a low-cost option.

Top Priced Types

This is the most advanced category of stationary bike.

The bikes have whistles and bells fitted in them that help sets time the workouts will last.

Besides, they have a digital monitor that measure the burned calories LED displays, heart rate, speed, pulse driven workouts, distance, time and had a lot of built exercise programs.

Additionally, they are long lasting, more durable and have push button resistance control.

A few points to think about before buying

Before shopping for stationary bikes, you need to keep in mind couple of things in things.

You should consider the spin bikes as investments for health and fitness goals.

Fortunately, the developers have kept on improving the design, features, and the quality fitness equipment.

Here are a few things you should consider:

What type of Rider are you?

Riders that are involved in lots of outdoor cycling may be much more content having a spinning bike.

An indoor spinning bike can provide a competitive experience to what he gets out the in cycling.

Spinning bikes are suitable for seasoned riders and challenges even experts in cycling.

How often do you intend to use the stationary bike?

How frequently you use your stationary bike will inform on the right level of the sturdiness of the bike you should buy.

If you intend to use the spin bike regularly, then you will need a quality option that can endure extreme use and has the high pre-programmed option.

Consequently, you might have to spend a little more for workout equipment for heavy use.

Watch Out for Noise Levels

Several stationary bikes may be loud and disturbing.

Users who like reading, watching TV and listening to music while exercising would be more comfortable with quality bikes that produce less noise.

The noisy stationary bike can also affect your workout schedules especially if you prefer training in the morning and late at night disturb hence disturbing the family.

If this noise is a concern, go for models with magnetic resistance that offers a quiet ride.

Stability of the Stationary Bike?

A stationary bike ought to be sturdy and steady.

Heavier varieties are sturdier and less likely to tip.

Thankfully, most sturdy models have rollers for smooth movement.

Look for Chain Styles and Covered Wheel

For safety reasons you should purchase models with covered chain and wheel styles to reduce the risk of injury especially if you have young children.

What sort of Features are you looking out for?

It is vital to know the features you are looking for in a stationary bike as they come with various features.

The most important features that one should consider are the sizes of the foot pedals, adjustable seat and resistance adjustment features among other features.

Ensure the product has solid warranty

Warranty is crucial, and any buy should go for a bike that has several warranties such as for the parts and mechanisms.

One should also check customer views as a guide.

Amount of money you are willing to commit

The prices vary depending on the features included brand, size, and the quality of materials.

You can choose to eliminate some features that plunge outside your budget range and still ensure the spin bike has all the essential features.

Using a Stationary Bike Properly

You need to read the manual toughly for practical use of the stationary bike.

Reading the user manual helps you to understand its working and thus lower the risk of injury.

Read the product instructions

After getting the bike in the house, the next step is to read instructions to be able to fix the bike, use the features and to help save you a headache before workouts.

Adjust the Seat Properly

Ensure that you do not extend your knees so they do not bump on your shin.

After adapt to a comfortable pedaling position, ensure you fix the seat tightly.

Choose the Workout Regimen You Want

You can choose from the programmed routines or from the pre-programmed workouts that offer a variety of workouts from easier to more challenging ones.

Your Posture

The right poster is paramount to ensure the right muscles are involved and to avoid injuries.

The back should be straight, head upright and stomach muscles are tight.

Additionally, you should hold your breath shortly as you work out.

Halting the Stationary Bike

When getting off the bike, you should ensure the pedals have stopped to avoid injuring the lower legs.

Getting off when pedals are moving may cause bruises.

Stopping pedaling should do everything smoothly.

Have the appropriate Workout Gear

The stationary bike does not need a particular type of gear.

With a good athletic shoe, a pair of training shorts and a T-shirt you is ready to start routine exercise.

When engaging in tough workouts, you can also go for sweat band.

Water Bottle Holder

Most stationary bikes come with a bottle holder.

It is healthy to stay hydrated during exercise and also safe.

If you have to take sips of water, do it after 15 to 20 minutes, before and after the routine.

Stationary bikes are available at different prices, sizes, and features.

You only have to purchase the stationery bike with functions that meet your needs by reading best upright exercise bike reviews before placing your order.

If you apply this knowledge well, you will certainly find the best upright stationary bike for you to help you achieve fitness goals.

  1. I am 28 years old, I am facing some problem with my weight and i want to loose some. At present my weight is 80 kg. I am planning to buy a recumbent exercise bike. My budget is 450$. Do u have any suggestion for me?

  2. Roberto Hi, you can check our recumbent bike reviews right here:… Almost all of them fit your budget.

  3. Exercise bikes have been available on the market for decades, they represent an accessible alternative to the gym and a hassle-free way of getting rid of those pesky extra pounds. We’ve seen them advertised on TV, on the Internet and in the newspaper, but because there are so many brands and types of stationary bikes available, choosing one isn’t as easy as you would expect. The fact that there is such a great variety of them out there can make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

    When I started my research on exercise bikes, little did I know that I would spend so much time figuring which one has the best resistance type or the sturdiest frame. Truth to be told, I was rather ignorant in this aspect, thinking that if I want to lose calories, any bike will do.

  4. I always get knee pain in my left knee when working out

    Do you think a stationary bike might help? Any ideas on what to look at for exercising with chronic knee pain?

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