Spin Workout Routine For Beginners

If you are a beginner in spinning this spin workout routine will help you a lot. Anytime we hear about spin bike reviews, workout and fitness come into our mind. Even though some health and fitness enthusiasts have less interest in spinning, most of them have numerous reasons to love it. Before you dismiss the idea of having a spin bike, you should evaluate the perceived negatives and the real benefits of using spin bikes.

Set up the Bike

Learning to set up the spin bike is an important aspect, particularly if you are a beginner since the setting determines the outcome of the spin workout routine.

You should adjust the seat, pedals, and handlebars to the position you find them most comfortable.

Proper adjustments will help reduce the risk of injury and increase the benefits of exercising using spin bikes.

Just Do It!

spin gym exercisesOften, beginners find spin bikes frightening even if they find them in the natural setting such as the gym.

Most of them wonder if they will come to love spinning eventually.

All beginners should understand that spinning requires one to move out of the comfort zone and take the first step confidently.

You may not attain fitness goals if you fear to take the first bold step.

Even though spinning looks terrible and complicated for some people, it is quite simple and a great source of fun for most riders.

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The Pain Is Not On the Legs

Most people think that they will experience pain in the legs when they start spinning.

The idea is certainly incorrect since the pain is common on thighs rather than the legs.

Even though you may not avoid the pain altogether, you can reduce it having a thigh support.

Hence, you should begin spinning without fearing that you might feel pain on the legs!

The outcome of the workout will depend on the preparation stages.

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Make Adjustments When Necessary

When you find out that the current resistance or tension is not sufficient when using a spin bike, it is advisable to enhance the impact of the bike by adjusting the tension knob.

Fortunately, a simple quarter turn of the adjustment knob will provide enough pressure and make you experience a challenging spinning routine of riding on a rough or muddy surface.

However, you should not adjust only when the tension is too easy but also when it is too much.

At all times, you should aim at exercising with the spin bike with the right spin routine tension to ensure you attain your fitness goals.

Be Consistent

Giving up is not an option in indoor spinning routines. Once you start routine spinning workouts, you should not stop unless or until you attain the desired results.

Regardless of the feeling when you make the first attempt, you do not have a reason to give up at all.

All experienced spinners made the first step just like you and kept moving on.

Even when the going seems to get harsh, be consistent with your health and fitness plans.

Whenever possible make commitments to stay the course and stick to the routine.

However, rough the exercise might be, you will indeed reap the benefits that are worth the sacrifice at the end of the set exercise period.

Though you might not notice the impact of the simple efforts, you will be surprised to see the fruits of your efforts sooner or later.

If you could have the body you want in 50 minutes per week, instead of 300 minutes per week, wouldn’t you?

Day 1: Aim for 20 – 30 minutes

spinning routineAs a beginner, you might wonder how to start your spinning exercise routines once you set up the spin bike.

Though you may be enthusiastic about the new experience, do not jump ahead or try attaining the high training targets.

Instead, be patient enough to give your body sufficient time to adapt to the new workout.

Every time before you begin develops a habit of stretching thoroughly as the opening ritual.

Since spinning is a very effective workout, you need to put your body to a test through a warm up.

If you fail to warm up your body as a beginner, you may experience severe aches and minor preventable injuries that may affect your morale.

On your first workout day, twenty to thirty minutes of spinning is sufficient to offer a good start.

Ensure you adjust the flywheel to a resistance level that will allow you to cycle for about thirty minutes.

It is crucial to understand that there is no standard level of resistance since one value may be too high for you and too light for another person.

Therefore, the secret lies in choosing the most appropriate level of resistance depending on your abilities.

If you notice the resistance is too high, stop and adjust it to a value that you can put up with until you achieve the thirty-minute target.

Day 2: Pedal Faster

On the second day of spinning workout, ensure you improve and increase your cycling speed.

This time round, you do not have to adjust the resistance.

Your aim should be to spin for at least thirty minutes with the same level of resistance that you fixed on your first day.

The goal is to not only attain the thirty minute of a workout but also help your body get used to spinning as a routine activity.

Only through setting appropriate resistance will you be able to keep improving your ability.

Day 3 and Onward: Make It 5 Minutes Longer Each Day

spin workout routineOn the third and the following days, you need to increase your spinning exercise routine time with five minutes without changing the cycling speed.

On the third day, the resistance might feel lighter than that of the previous days so you should consider improving the workout by increasing the strength slightly.

However, if you are yet to be accustomed to the previously set level of resistance, then you should maintain that level.

You should keep adding five minutes to the spin class routine time each day until you reach forty-five minutes.

If you do it right, forty-five minutes of exercise are enough to consume between 750 and 1000 calories hence likely to achieve fitness goals.

If you set the first training target at thirty minutes, then you should reach the maximum training time by the fifth day.

For those who set the first target at twenty minutes, it will take seven days to reach the training goal of forty-five minutes.

Day 5 or Day 7: Switch between Fast and Regular Cycling

After reaching the forty-five minutes’ workout, you can introduce different cycling speed at regular intervals.

You can decide to begin the exercise with a standard cycling speed for the first five minutes then switch to a higher speed for the next ten minutes.

After cycling for ten minutes at high speed, you should go back to the normal pace and alternate the rate until the end of the training duration.

You should maintain the workout routine at that pace until you are ready to advance the spinning workout to the next level.

Always remember to wear fitted workout clothes since baggy outfits may get stuck on the best spinning bikes especially when carrying out rigorous training.

A tank top and a cycling short are great choices that enable you to move your body freely and comfortably.

Your selection of workout apparels should enhance the spinning experience and lower chances of getting stuck on the bike.


If you observe all these guiding tips, you are likely to avoid numerous challenges and reap maximum benefits of the regular spinning workout.

Within the first week of exercise, you will be able to transform yourself from a beginner to an experienced and passionate rider.

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