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Showers buying guide will unfold you bathroom accessories which are much more than just practical items—they are your friends. They spruce you up for the day, warm your soul when you are chilly and give you a tranquilizing pat on the back following an exercise session. This way you can perform optimally and be in good healthy for a long time. So read our shower system buying guide to find out what you really need.

Before deciding on a bathroom shower fitting, you will need to read this showers buying guide. Think about a few things, like which spray pattern you want, along with your budget constraints.

Other concerns include your bathroom size and what type of shower fixtures are generally found in identical homes in your region.

best shower system reviewsShowers buying guide; what should you choose?

There are numerous different types of shower units: these are digital, electric, power, and thermostatic and, water saving airdrop showers along with your regular mixer showers.

You may also like to think about the different functions of your shower unit. Many shower gadgets and heads can be either single or multi-functional.

Shower systems

Best shower system combines everything you need for a perfect shower. Usually large rainfall showerhead, shower bar with a handheld showerhead, body jets, tub spout, soap dish etc.

What else do you need for complete shower redesign?

Shower panels

best shower panel reviewsA shower panel is a perfect bathroom accessory taking care of your every showering wish and you can check that in our shower panel reviews.

Best shower panels come in many designs and shapes to perfectly suit its user’s taste of look and feel.

There are many types of shower panels including rain showers, handheld showers, waterfall shower, and several others. We unfold them in our shower panels buying guide here.

Fixed Showerheads

Normally there are two kinds of showerheads. The handheld showerhead and the fixed (overhead) showerhead.

The fixed/overhead showerhead is the most widely used in most homes. These kinds of showerheads are normally height-adjustable thus allowing short or tall people to comfortably use them.

Fixed shower heads are available in three-handle two handle and single handle systems

Multi-functional shower heads

Can consist of diverse modes, from a relaxing massage to a refreshing drench setting. On the other hand, you may want to keep off your concerns with a stimulating rain setting.

The kind of system you select depends on the kind of plumbing unit in your property and the kind of shower installation you are preparing on fitting in your shower or bathroom.

Single-head spray shower heads

Single-head spray shower heads are the common bulbous, flexible nozzles which are available in most homes.

Single-heads have 4 or more nozzles that deliver the spray in shower patterns. The nozzles regulate with a compact lever that adjusts the circulation pattern from vast spray to focused streams.

Rain showers

Rainfall showerheads are big, smooth heads that are dangled immediately above the user and deliver the spray directly down.

Hand-held showerheads

These handy showerheads have one head sprayer fastened to an adaptable hose, perfect for hard to areas and washing hair.

Hand-held shower heads are especially helpful for those with restricted mobility, and people who may shower in a seated position.

Dual/multiple showerheads

Multi showerheads have more than one showerhead regulated by a single collection of handles (levers). A standard configuration is a set, wall-mounted showerhead combined with a hand-held counterpart.

In some cases, a diverter valve makes it possible for the user to run either showerhead or both at the same time.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are normally the preferred shower for families where hot water produced by the heater is in limited supply.

As opposed to mixer showers, electric showers derive their water from a cold water supply, in which it is warmed by the heating components in the shower unit.

If you choose to purchase a digital shower, it is important to check the size of its control unit – disregard manufacturers’ promises that it’s slimline or compact.

The average size of most digital showers is roughly 22x33x9cm, while the depth differs between about 8cm – 12cm.

What you need to know about bathroom fixture finishes

Showerheads, valve controls and handles are available in many finishes. Including brushed chrome, polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, stainless steel, bronze, hammered nickel-rubbed bronze brushed bronze, black and white and polished brass.

If a steady look for your shower room finishes is crucial to you, choose all your bath faucets, accessories, and fixtures from the same vendor.

Remember that refined finishes are stylish but demand constant maintenance to keep them looking shiny and free from rusts.

Matte and brushed finishes are much better at concealing fingerprints and water spots.

Why you should consider valves before buying a shower unit

While the handles and showerhead may attract all the attention, a number of the true beauty sits where you cannot see it; in the valves which regulate temperature and water pressure.

Should you care? Of course, you should. This is because a simple comprehension of valves is essential to choosing the perfect faucet for your home and to understanding prices.

Pressure-balance valve

This “miracle worker” keeps water temp constant by altering the pressure of your cold and hot water influx.

This way, you won’t be shocked when your washing machines switch on and “steals” your hot water pressure – a condition called an anti-scald valve.

This is a particularly good safety function for young kids or mature citizens. A negative aspect is that it preserves constant temps by adjusting pressure, meaning the general circulation rate of the water may go up and down

Thermostatic valve

This is certainly a more advanced model of a pressure balance valve.

It preserves constant temperature but unlike the conventional pressure balance valves, the thermostatic model preserves constant pressure.

The thermostatic valve is much more expensive than a basic pressure-balance valve.

Mixing valve

This is the primary device that combines cold and hot water. When you turn your temperature handle to make your water colder or hotter, you are fine-tuning your mixing valve.

Water savings concerns

Does it have a WaterSense label?

The EPA broadened its water conservation initiatives with the WaterSense scheme. Formulated in 2004, WaterSense sets benchmarks of water circulation volume for different fixtures, including shower heads.

Shower accessories that acquire the WaterSense label should have circulation rates of below 2.0 gpm. The scheme includes specifications of performance, to ensure that showers and other fittings offer good, powerful flows while saving water.

A number of showerheads have adjustable options so you can select your water-saving feature of the day. For example, the Tri-Max showerhead by Niagara has 3 circulation rates—an extremely-low 0.5 gpm, 1.0 gpm and 1.5 gpm, and goes for around $20.

A further advantage of WaterSense shower heads is a decrease in the quantity of hot water used. The EPA reports that changing conventional, 2.5 gpm shower heads with WaterSense-accredited heads will decrease energy costs by an average of 400-kilowatt hours per family annually.

Luxury Attributes

Steam showers

These may be retrofitted into established bathrooms or purchased for fresh construction.

They are offered as full pre-fabricated shower systems with distinctive doors. This doors will help seal off in steam or as individual components which can be mounted in a tailor-made shower stall.

Digital controls

With digital controls, you will have the chance to have a multi-sensory experience at the click of a button.

You can program your shower buttons to control flow intensity, music, ambient lighting, and temperature from your personal collection.

For example, Kohler sells its DTV Digital Interface, but you will need to add a media server and a thermostatic valve.

You will also require a digital wiring expert to connect your main control panel.

Shower enclosures

As well as selecting the perfect type of shower unit for your needs, you also want to select your shower accessories and enclosure.


You need to begin by considering the space you’ve for the shower enclosure, therefore what shapes you want to choose from.

D-shaped, square, and rectangular-shaped shower enclosures available, and fit perfectly into most bathrooms.

Quadrant and pentagonal enclosures are best appropriate to corner areas.

Assess the space and create a plan of the room, so that you may see how an enclosure will best fit into that space.

Bath screen

If you simply want to set up a new shower unit over your bathroom, you won’t require a shower tray.

However, you’ll require a bath screen which can offer a sleeker and more classy option to a shower curtain.

What water units do you’ve?

Different water units may influence your selection of showers. Most homes are usually constructed with one of three kinds of water units, namely:

Unvented hot water unit

A water container is heated using a boiler or an immersion heater under very high pressure, enabling large quantities of hot water to be delivered.

  • Ideal shower types: High-Pressure Units, Thermostatic Mixer and Manual Mixer

Combination boiler Unit

A boiler having no water cylinders or tanks, intended to heat water whenever you need it.

Combination boilers generally offer the maximum water pressure and work finest with a shower mixer to offer hot water anytime you need it.

  • Ideal shower types: Manual Mixer, Thermostatic Mixer, High-Pressure Units.

Gravity system

Generally a cold water container inside the loft area which often integrates a pump.

However, you can utilize a shower pump to supercharge it.

One pump will easily feed 2-3 showers at the same time too, so it’s an excellent choice for bigger homes with multiple showers.

We hope that after reading this buying guide you’ve found some ideas or tips on what to think when renovating your shower or wet room.

Whatever your selection of shower, out there, you will find a wide assortment of shower accessories to accentuate the style and the look of your shower room. If you have the proper water system, you can add a touch of elegance to your shower with a number of body jets, offered in both square and round designs to match your bathroom.

And happy showering in your new shower 🙂

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