The Perfect Shower Dimensions Designing Guide

Besides making that important decision to remodel your bathroom, another equally vital step would involve fixing a modern shower. And when it comes to showers, you will never run of ideas to implement. So why not try listing the features that matter most to you to speed your decision making. Among the various components, you could consider when including favorable designs, sizes, and colors that would go well with other bathroom accessories.

bathroomIt’s always important to remember that this is once in a lifetime opportunity as remodeling doesn’t happen frequently.

So why not take enough time to shop around and decide? After all, a home shower should be more than just a splash of water.

It’s the place that rejuvenates your nerves for the day and soothes your muscles to relax at the end of the day.

Therefore, we can all agree that there is nothing that beats the calming feeling of being in the bathroom.

Hence apart from the budget and other basic, here are a few bathroom remodeling tips you should keep in mind.

The Basic Shower Sizes

Every homeowners’ desires to walk into a bathroom that provides enough space for stretching and relaxing.

Therefore, if you are remodeling your bathroom for other reasons apart from space, then you might as well put this into consideration.

Sometimes we get so much used to our daily trends that we forget what life is all about.

So before you decide on restoring the walls/boundaries just the same way they were, take time to go through bathroom remodeling ideas on the internet and you would be surprised of how much you can do and gain with a little more space.

Even if you are operating under limited space, your bathroom should at least freely accommodate you with your hands stretched.

Getting this right will guide you in selecting the most suitable shower sizes.

This could range from 32″ x 32″ to 48″ x 36″ and 60’’ x 36”.

After you have this figured out then other aspects would follow.

And these would include whether;

  • Whether you need a common day enclosure
  • A combination of shower/bath
  • A wet room
  • Walk-in shower or
  • Master ensuite

Remember the dimensions might change with additional features such as incorporation of steam or shower sprays, which normally requires a maximum ceiling height of 8 inches and shower dimensions of between 42″ x 42″ x 82″ to 71″ x 47″ x 88″.


There is no right or wrong position when it comes to shower installation.

However, you have to consider other factors in the room such as the overall appearance and space at hand.

If you are constructing a new bath area, then it would be easy to place your shower wherever you please, since you are starting from scratch.

However, it might be a little tricky if you are remodeling as the plumbing work is already in place and it would cost you more to get everything fixed all over again.

You can have your shower in the middle of the room, corner or private.

Just remember to leave some space between the major bathroom fixtures for easy access.

Selecting the Right Glass

There is no denying that a touch of glass in the bathroom gives the area more spark and attractive to the eyes.

But before you rush to your nearby store, keep this in mind;

  • The thicker it gets, the more expensive it becomes.

While you might feel the urge to go for thick glass, remembers there isn’t much difference between them and the basic 3/8″ glasses.

If anything, they will only deflate your bank account and add weight to your flooring.

So go for the standard 3/8″/10mm, which also happen to be durable, secure and cost-saving.

The only extra advantage the thick ones offer is the opulent look.

  • If settle for a thicker glass, then be sure to have potent hardware in place as it can easily cause damages.
  • Consider the chipping effects when purchasing glass doors.

The more protective they come, the better they are for you and your loved ones.


modern bathroomA lit bathroom is more attractive than a dark one.

That said, you can add a little more light to your bathroom to boost the natural light with a few selections of reflective glasses.

You can consider roof lighting if there isn’t room for natural light or lighted vanity mirrors.

Faucets and Fixtures

Bathroom measurements don’t just end at the shower but spread to other fixtures and faucets.

You have to balance all these for everything to blend well.

For shower heads, anything from 65 to 76 inches would do with a 46 inches lift for faucets.

You can also consider having few furniture additions such as a stool/bench to make your bathing experience complete.

Getting your faucets outside the shower area is also a brilliant idea as you wouldn’t have to get wet every time you’re testing the shower functionality.

As for the shower head, you can take into consideration the spray patterns, water conservation labels, and the heating control.

Shampooing, Lathering and Body Wash

A bathroom cannot be complete without sets of your favorite soap and cleansing products.

Therefore, when remodeling or constructing, ensure that you a lot enough space for these ones.

And since you already know the sizes of the packages, you can design different sizes of storage spaces to accommodate them without a problem.

Through this, you can reach out for whatever you need conveniently as you maintain the neat look of your bathroom.

Another vital factor you shouldn’t forget here is to keep the shelves slanting and shower drains free to let out water.

In a nutshell, remodeling or constructing your bathroom doesn’t only begin and end with planning and purchasing materials.

But rather it includes paying special attention to fine details.

First and foremost, you have to decide on the size and design of shower you want, your budget estimate and move all the way to other surrounding fixtures such as doors, faucets, and windows.

It’s an all-inclusive process that could wear you down if you take things for granted.

So prepare well with a professional by your side.

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