Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the ways to breathe new life into your home is through bathroom remodeling. You could be planning to replace some worn out fixtures or starting all over again, but it isn’t such an easy task all-together. Therefore if this isn’t the case, it could affect the value of your home. To ensure that everything works out perfectly right from the start, inform yourself of these common mistakes you would want to avoid.

 Not preparing enough

bathroom renovationJust like any other task, the first step begins with preparation.

Keep in mind that the plan you come up with dictates the success or absolute disaster of your remodeling job.

As a result, before ripping your bathroom walls apart or even going window shopping for the type of fixtures you fancy, take some time to assess the whole situation.

What resources do you have in mind?

What other possible requirements do you need to set aside?

It could be time, space and money.

Afterward, you can now start budgeting on the proper tools to use and what specialist you need on site.

By ensuring that all this is well thought off, provides the smooth running of the project, which would save you time in the long run.

Overlooking Ventilation

Sometimes bathroom ventilation might seem of less importance.

However, this shouldn’t be the case as having a circulation of fresh air in your space should be among your key priorities.

You don’t want to cultivate an environment for mold, do you?

Hence, whenever you plan to remodel your bath area, you should ensure to have a quality ventilation source.

You might think that a large window is enough, but it would do so good to have an extra fan on the standby.

Fans make excellent ventilation sources throughout the year, making them a must-have.

While at it, decide on how noisy you want it to be and the appropriate size for your bathroom.

Getting discouraged

At the very beginning of your remodeling project, it’s normal to experience excitement and anticipation for the result.

However, with time you might notice things aren’t as easy as you think.

There would be issues here and there that would set back the whole project, making it take much longer than you would want.

Most people don’t get to complete their projects due to such issues, strive to be different.

The principal motivation is to stick to your original plan while keeping your thoughts on what you want to achieve.

It will be worth it in the end.

Misusing Space

While it is excellent to have those great makeover ideas, sometimes it is okay to let some of them down.

Pick those that would correctly work with your bathroom space.

After all, a spacious bathroom or shower enclosure is more appealing than the one you would struggle reaching out for essentials.

For instance, you can get rid of the extra toilet if there is already one down the hallway.

Also, don’t be shy to come up with creative storage ideas that could go a long way into saving your space.

Creating a floor place will even come in handy.

The wrong material mess-ups

materialsWhen setting out your plans, the excitement might take much of your time such that you forget to pay attention to things that matter like searching for the right materials.

Remember wrong materials can waste your efforts and investment as they tend to wear out fast.

There is also this urge of going for cheaper materials as compared to the quality ones.

Don’t fall for this, as this might prove more costly in the long-run.

If you aren’t sure of which materials are long-lasting, you could use the services of an expert.

It isn’t that expensive as you might think.

Hiring unqualified contractors

Even if you decide to conduct the renovation on your own, there are some things you would require professional help, especially in areas that need technical skills.

Don’t even think for a second of hiring an underqualified contractor in the name of saving money.

Instead, conduct a thorough background check before you get one.

Be sure to make use of referrals as well.

The same applies to other tradespeople such as the plumber and handyperson you would like to hire.

Let them possess at least a Diploma in their respective fields.

Other considerations on their part also include proper registration with individual schemes.

Not Considering Natural Light

flowy curtainsAlthough the bathroom area requires privacy, it doesn’t have to be all dark.

Some individuals try to solve this issue with complementing curtains and blinds or lighted bathroom mirrors but this deprives your space the beauty of natural lighting.

And since the combination of natural lights and spotlights make an excellent view, you might consider using solar tubes and window closers to the ceiling area for this purpose.

Not counting the costs

You might have a great plan with the appropriate budget and all, but failing to follow up of daily expenditures is like planning to fail.

Always keep in mind, to sum up, the total costs of everything and anything and be strict on your plan throughout your remodeling project.

It’s also an excellent idea to have little extra cash for emergency situations.

For instance, the prices of items might hike, or you might want to add something with time.

It’s good to prepare for all this to avoid straining correctly.

Overlooking tiny mistakes

While you don’t want to be all bossy to your contractor team, you can’t afford to be too lenient.

Your previous handy-person might have had their way around the tasks, but that doesn’t guarantee your present one is the same.

Therefore, it would be better to keep a keen eye on whatever on daily work finishing.

Take time to inspect every work completion and rectify those mistakes as they happen.

Don’t try to please everyone.

Rather be strict where necessary and point out where you need changes.

Do so until you get the satisfaction of the entire outcome.

Doing so would save you some headaches in future.

  1. Hi!!!! Great job. I totally agree with you. Most of the time we make these type of mistake during our bathroom remodel. Especially we don’t consider natural Light.

  2. Almost forgot about ventilation! No one wants a stinky bathroom. An exhaust wasn’t part of our first plan. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Nice experience! Useful information specially for me. I am planning to renovate my home.

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