Massage Chair Buying Guide

Massage Chair Buying Guide will unfold you what Massage chairs really are: the ultimate and the best way to keep your body and mind relaxed and not depending on going somewhere for a massage.

Because you are able to have a relaxing experience just inside the privacy of your home. If you want to purchase one for yourself and you don’t know where how to start, this article will definitely help you to find the best fit for you. If you would like to know more and how massage chairs work, I recommend you read on.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Massage Chair

There are a few important things that you should have in mind because there are a lot of different factors you should pay attention to.

There are also different brands and manufacturers available and not all of them make good massage chairs.

And that is why it is good to know certain things to avoid purchase of a wrong chair.

Because getting a massage chair is a huge investment too no one wants to purchase a bad massage chair and that is why reading this buying guide will definitely help you.

Who’s the Massage Chair for?

The first of all it is very important that the massage chair you are getting will fit the body weight and body size of the user.

This is so important because if you purchase a chair which is too small for your body size, the chair won’t be as effective as it would be if you had it in your size. And you will not be able to use all of the massage chair benefits it can offer.

fit the body weight and body sizeIf you are not purchasing the chair for only one person you should purchase a chair which has body scan technology which is integrated in to the chair to provide personalization to each user.

With body scan technology the chair will be able to adjust the programs to user’s height and body weight.

If you are higher than most of the people (over 6’) you should also have in mind that your chair should be a little bit bigger and the same applies to people who are shorter (under 5’).

But if you are an average size there is no problem for you because you will be able to fit into most of the chairs which are available on the market.

Set your budget

set your budgetPurchase of certain massage chair usually depends on how much money people are you willing to spend.

There are different budgets and that is why there are also massage chairs in different price ranges.

When you are decided that you would like to purchase a massage chair I recommend the first thing that you do is set the budget.

Once you know how much you want to spend the decision will be much easier.

If you are not willing to spend a lot you should check those which are under $500 and you should have in mind that those cheaper ones are usually the ones with more basic features and inputs.

If you are not limited with lower budget there are best massage chairs with a lot of great features and you can find them above in the review space.

The price is usually determined by next things: specifications, features, quality of the material, size etc.

Massage chair price

You decided that you would like to get a massage chair but you don’t even know how much they cost?

Like I have said before, because manufacturers know that there are also people with limited and low budgets purchasing their products they also made massage chairs which can be as low as a few hundred dollars.

You can find the best under $500 massage chair reviews here but you should have in mind that this are massage chair which have more basic specifications. There are also massage chairs which can cost even up to $10 000. Those are usually the ones who have a lot features and technological inputs.

Choose the brand

There are a lot of different manufacturers on the market and you will probably get lost at all that assortment.

When you are starting to check the brands you should look for a chair which is a product from a more recognized and well-known brand because they usually are a reflection of high quality, reliability and satisfied customers.

 Where to buy a massage chair?

Buying a massage chair is much easier in the 21st century because you can simply do it online if you don’t have time to check all the stores.

The best site to check them is probably Amazon because they have different models and a lot of brands available there.

Read reviews

A very important thing is also to read the reviews about the products because that way you will be able to see the true opinion on the product.

Reading reviews will help you to decide much easier.

What Features are Important to You

There are chairs with basic features and chairs with a lot of different features available and that is something you should decide about too.

If you are looking for a chair with a lot of different features that might infect your budget too because those chairs are usually the most expensive ones.

But if you want to save up some money you can still get a chair which doesn’t have so much features.

Here are some different features which are available: zero gravity zone, air massage, foot rollers, chromo therapy, heating option, music system, 3D rollers, quad rollers etc.

Upholstery Material of Recliner

The material of the chair is also very important and because purchasing a message chair is a huge investment it is important that you choose a chair made out of durable and high quality material.

The best materials for massage chairs are leather, synthetic leather and faux suede. Every material has his bad and his good sides and that is why we should read the information about the material.

The leather chairs are much more wear resistant but they also need much more maintenance and they also cannot be used with heating systems.

The synthetic leather or maybe PVC are softer and also wear resistant as leather but unlike leather those materials are easier to clean.

Floor Space Needed for the Massage Chair

Floor Space Needed for the Massage ChairAs you might know massage chair are usually big and cumbersome and that is why they usually take up a lot of space.

If you decided that you would like to purchase a chair you should think about how much space you have available.

If you decide to purchase a reclining chair you will need enough space from the wall (height of the back when you flat it out).

If you want your chair to be movable you should purchase the model with wheels and you will be able to move it around.

It is important that you inquire about the dimensions and measure the space precisely and there won’t be any problem.


Because purchasing a massage chair is a huge investment for the most of the buyers everyone wants to have a warranty in the case that something breaks or stops working.

 Do prior research

When you are looking for the perfect fit for your needs you should do a lot of research to find the best choice.

You should check a lot of things and you should pay attention to all those things above and you should pay attention to some other things.

The most important thigs are construction and design because we all want to have a durable and high quality product.

The other things is massage coverage because you probably want the best coverage possible.

You should pay attention to possible customization and massage styles if you are looking for a more versatile device and more features.

Now that you have read the article you know enough for starting to look for a massage chair.

If you want to buy the best for your needs, for your budget and for your other requirements you should only follow this buying guide and you will definitely have less problems with finding the best one.

  1. I think this pretty much sums up what is required to buy a recliner without regrets. Set your budget, which means there are some products you’re just not going to consider because of the price point. Then, look for products within your set price range. You may also want to consider a chair that is pet-friendly, should you have a pet. Most importantly, I would say read the reviews of other people who’ve purchased. Most of them are honest and can help you make a healthy purchase decision.

  2. Great comprehensive tips to guide when buying a reclining chair. Thank you. I am on the look for the best massage chair to buy and this has been helpful. Keep sharing!

  3. After lot of research found really great buying guide for a massage chair. I am impressed enough to stay with you and I am sure I am going to follow you. Keep up the nice writing….

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