6 Easy Tips – How to Maintain an Electric Lawn Mower

Have you recently noticed that your electric lawn mower is much less capable after only a few months of working? It is probably because like every other man-made machine lawn mowers need not only adequate maintenance and cleaning procedures but also proper storage conditions. To pick the right electric lawn mowers, read our top reviews of best electric lawn mowers in 2022!

In this guide, we will take you through most of the elements that will show you how to maintain an electric lawn mower to extend your lawn mower lifespan. We will go step by step, and every aspect will help you to treat your machine properly.

It is important to realize that appropriate care of your electric lawnmower will result in better working of the machine. As a result, you will spend less money on changing the dysfunctional mower parts.

How to maintain an electric lawn mower?

When to clean your mower?

push lawn mowerFirst questions that appear when we are thinking about the cleaning and maintaining of the lawn mower are not about what to clean and how to do it, but when is the most suitable time to do this job. From experience, the best time to do the “dirty” job is when the user is dirty. That means that you are most likely to clean a mower when your lawn is freshly trimmed when your mower is still out in the yard and when you still wear your working shoes and clothes.

First, it is important to make sure that your electric mower is off. This means that the cord is unplugged if you use a corded electric lawn mower or the battery/safety-key is not in its working position if you use a cordless electric lawn mower.

So clean your mower right after use – it is less work for you too! Grass and other residues are then fresh and could be easily taken from the mower’s blade and body.

Now we know when to clean, so the only remaining thing to determine is what to clean. Electric lawnmower has numerous parts, and it is important to dedicate some time to each of them. Those parts are usually blade, mower deck, ventilation system, power system, fasteners, and wheels.


The blade can be as sharp as a razor so pay attention while cleaning to avoid any unecessry cuts! After every use blade has to be cleaned because it is important to remove grass and soil. These residues can lower sharpness of the blade. It is recommended to use a wooden stick or plastic tool to remove them. If metal tools are used, this could harm the blade and make it dull. If blade becomes too dull, you can even sharpen it. You can recognize the dull blade if you need more time then normally to mow your grass.

Mower deck

lawn mower blade sharpenerMower deck is one of the most important parts on a mower. After the use, it is covered in residues all over the periphery of the under part. You can use the same tools to remove these residues as in cleaning the blade.

Do not use metal tools if your mower deck is made of metal because you can hurt the deck by peeling the protective paint and when water comes nearby rust may be formed over time. Some people also suggest that you can spray the bottom part of the mower deck with cooking oil before mowing the lawn and it may be cleaner after the work.

Ventilation system

Ventilation system is required to ensure appropriate supply of air that cools down parts of the lawn mower that become hot while the machine is on and friction is happening. Keeping these ventilation slots clean helps the machine to run smoothly. It is important that airway stays clean all the time, so the machine does not overheat while operating.

You can use a soft cloth or brush to gently clean any blocked slot. Some people also use compressed air to a blast of any residue that blocks airways and slots. Make sure to clean the ventilation system after every use and even during the mowing if you think that airways are blocked – and do not forget to turn off the machine in such cases.

Fasteners and wheels

Fasteners, such as nuts and bolts could loosen over time, and it could be a serious problem if you lose a piece while mowing. Your mower could become less functional and you can even mow over lost piece of fastener and blade can push it in various directions. This can hurt your mower deck, or it can even hurt you. Therefore check all the fasteners and make sure that they are tight. If not, tighten them before every use.

Wheels do not need often maintenance. It is important that they rotate smoothly and to achieve that you can use oil to lubricate wheel axis a couple of times every season. If the wheels are attached with the nuts and bolts, pay attention to tightening them too.

Power system

Maintenance of electric power system varies according to the type of electric lawnmower. If you use corded type, then you have to care about the power cord, and if you use a cordless type of electric lawnmower then you have to care about mower’s batteries.

  • Cord on corded type is exposed to the same conditions as the mower. It is recommended to check every detail on the cord before every use – but be sure that mower is not working and that the cord is not plugged in. Cord has to be properly insulated, so you are secure from electricity. To insulate ruined parts of the cord use the insulation tape. If the damage is bigger in extent, please check your user manual guide and search for any important procedures.
  • Battery on cordless type needs special treatment and maintenance. Battery usually costs a lot of money, and if you properly care about its condition, it can result in its longer lifespan. You can save lots of money that way. Read even more tricks in our electric lawn mower buying guide.

electric lawn mower reviewsMaintenance of the battery often varies according to the type. Older type is harder to maintain, and such battery should never be fully discharged because it may lower its capacity. Also, charging can present problems because older type does not have overcharge safety system and a person has to unplug a battery when it is fully charged, or damages could occur. Newer type has a so-called smart charge that knows when your battery is full so it cannot be overcharged and there is no reduced capacity on this account.

Should you oil your electric lawn mower?

Some people think that electric lawn mowers need to get oiled periodically.

So…  Are you supposed to oil electric lawn mower? No, electric lawn mowers don’t need to get oiled at all.


First, what on earth would you oil on electric lawnmower? The thing is there is nothing to oil on them at all, because the engine and power system alone are totally different compared to gas lawn mowers. Second, electric mower requires way less maintenance than gas lawn mowers do. By all means, electric is the way to go.

The winter is coming, what to do now?

Pay special attention to storage and maintaining your battery out of the season time. Read your user manual guide and search for any instructions for how to store the battery in the winter. Some batteries can remain off the charger and others have to be fully charged every month (few times in the winter) to prevent any reduce in its capacity.

Special storage and the last maintenance in the season is also very important for the entire electric lawnmower. In the autumn when you mow your lawn for the last time in the season, make sure to clean your mower even better and more precise. Clean well the ventilation system, blade, mower deck, wheels, and handle.

If you clean your mower with the water, be careful not to put a greater amount of water directly on battery. Also keep in mind to dry your mower outside in the sun or with the dry cloth before putting it to the place where it will stay the entire winter.


All in all, maintenance is very significant for all machines. Pay attention to every part of your mower and if you have any second thoughts read mower’s user manual guide to find your answers. Also, we recommend reading this helpful electric lawnmower buying guide.

Keeping your mower well maintained will definitely help you to use it longer and to prolong its lifespan. Also pay attention to proper storage, cleaning, and any necessary repairments.

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  4. Super helpful post Nicholas, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to electrical garden tools and I have had my fair share of ‘broken’ products.

    I think you are 100% correct, many problems can be avoided by simple maintenance. I’m off to clean my mower 😉

    Jenny 🙂

  5. My husband and I are having our lawn mower repaired since it isn’t working too well right now. We want to make sure we can properly maintain our electric lawn mower when it is done being repaired, though. So thank you for letting us know that a perfect time to clean the machine is right after you’ve cut your grass and you’re still dirty.

  6. Great stuff you have on this guide. One thing to take away from this guide is that the best way of ensuring a long lasting Lawn Mower (and indeed every other type of appliance) is to take good care of it through regular routine maintenance. This has been proven from many products I’ve owned as well as through reading other people’s experience.

  7. I should have read this blog post way back when mowing the lawn was my responsibility and i used to rush indoors afterwards without cleaning up as well as I could have done. I love that you have included a video as well as pointers that could appear obvious at first read but are not necessarily so like to make sure to watch the blade. It’s the type of thing that I could make a mistake with.

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  11. I searched for an answer to whether or not my electric mower needs to be oiled periodically. Saw no answer here.

    • Hi woody

      Electric lawn mowers don’t need to be oiled, because they’re not powered by the same type of motor as gas lawn mowers. So if you follow our tips above, you’re all set for a well-maintained electric lawn mower.

      Cheers, Nicholas

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