Beautiful Backyard Designs: Italian Style Edition

Backyards are no longer just the outdoor areas surrounding our homes. Beautiful designs and intricate landscaping turned them into lusciously organized outdoor living spaces full of style, function and diversity. A particularly interesting trend on the rise is so-called ethnic decorating which is based on taking some of the most breathtaking design elements from various ethnic styles and incorporating them into your decor – and even giving them your own personal twist.

backyard italian style

So, if you find this idea interesting enough to give it a go, check out some of the best ways you can incorporate the Italian style in your own backyard.

The basics

When you think about Italy, most probably, you’re thinking about romance, love, gentle colors and amazing wine. To transfer that vibe into your backyard, try to find and use the materials typically used in Italy. Terracotta tiles, flagstone and gravel are some of the favorite materials used in Italian-inspired designs, as well as wrought iron furniture. Finally, flowering plants also play a huge role in such a design.

Stone elements

In the Mediterranean, stone wall fountains are one of the key elements of any backyard design. Not only do they look simply breathtaking, but they also help create a relaxed atmosphere, as the sound of running water is known to have a positive effect on the human psyche. Stone fences are also quite popular and can look simply breathtaking, especially when embellished with climbing or hanging flowering plants.


Patios, gazebos and pergolas

No Italian-design-inspired outdoor area can be complete without some type of construction, such as a patio, pergola or a gazebo. These areas are perfect for spending time outdoors and enjoying fresh air – or a glass of your favorite Italian wine – with your friend and family. So, cover your patio floor with flagstone, embellish your gazebo with wrought iron furniture and cover your pergola with big shade sails so that you can enjoy spending time in the sun without worrying about the negative effects too much sun exposure can have on your health.

Gravel pathways

Next, for a true Tuscan vibe, consider creating gravel pathways in your backyard. They are super easy to maintain, look simply astonishing and make a beautiful sound when you walk on them.


Flower beds and terracotta planters

To create a romantic rustic vibe in your backyard, consider planting your flowering plants in terracotta planters. You can even use these planters to visually divide your backyard into various areas. Additionally, plant climbing flowering vines around your gazebo, or even roses, to amplify the romantic vibe and fill your backyard with mesmerizing scents. Oleander, Bougainvillea, Cyclamen, Crocus and Cornflower are some other popular choices.

Illuminate the space

Italians are well-known for spending as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors. So, in order to make it possible to enjoy your backyard even when the sun goes down, make sure you install proper outdoor lighting. Use solar light wherever possible and LED lights for the areas that require a bit stronger illumination. Fairy lights are excellent at creating a romantic atmosphere so hand a bunch on your trees or wrap them around your pergola posts. Use LED lights to illuminate the outdoor dining area so that you can enjoy eating all of your meals there. Accentuate your yard’s statement pieces with solar accent lights to give it more dimension and depth.

Therefore, if you feel like your yard hasn’t reached its full potential style-wise, consider giving ethnic decorating a go and have a piece of Italy right in your own backyard. After that, all that’s left is to enjoy spending some quality time outdoors with your loved ones.

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