How to Turn Your Staircase into Storage

Have you done everything you can to spruce up our home layout? Did you ever consider the potential of your staircase?

Staircases take up a lot of space, which could be used for storage or exciting displays. Even if you already have a built-in cupboard, this space can quickly become cluttered and the contents forgotten. Turning your staircase into an exhilarating storage area saves space and helps to keep your life more organised.

If you’re not looking for extra shelves, you can even turn your staircase into a room. This doesn’t mean you should force someone to live there. Instead staircases make fun little book nooks or even small offices. It’s a perfect way to get the most out of your space.

If you’re looking for some nifty ways to convert your stairs into storage, we’ve selected a few ideas for you to try out. Which one do you think will be best for your needs?

What You’ll Need

In order to begin the renovation of your staircase, you’ll need the right tools. These tools are often very expensive to buy, so why not consider hiring them? Equipment hire is a cost-effective way of getting supplies for all your building requirements.

Although tools will vary depending on the type of job you’re trying to do, these are some of the basic ones you’ll need:

  • Woodpower saw
  • Power saw
  • Jack hammer
  • Nails
  • Screw driver
  • Protective gear

Types of Storage Ideas

Your staircase can become a storage hub for anything you can imagine. Whether you’re simply hoping to enhance your aesthetics or you’d prefer functionality, there’s a storage option available. All you need is the right renovation equipment.


Shelves are a great way to increase your storage, while making your house look more stylish. Building shelves is easy to do as long as you have the right foundation. It’s particularly great for staircases that don’t already have built-in cupboards.

If you’re planning on turning the entire space into shelving, this is a great way for storing books. Otherwise you can always build in a few shelves where you can place plants or ornaments. This will modernise your home as well as make it more visually appealing, without taking up any space.

Many staircases can’t accommodate built-in shelves, so why not build around them? This can be a stunning way of turning your space from something bland into something exciting and multi-functional.


Building your own drawers to fit into your staircase space is really easy to do. It requires a lot of specific measurements and skill, so you might want to ask for help. With the right advice you can create storage that is purposeful, but also attractive. On top of this, it’s a perfect means of organising storage space you already have so you don’t have to stress about clutter.

If building your own drawers sound too complicated it’s really easy to re-purpose old drawers to fit into the space. This might require a bit of paint to spruce them up, but at least you won’t need to chop them up too much.

For those who are a bit braver, why not change the actual stairs into drawers? It takes a lot of work, but once you’re done you’ll have an ingenious storage system, that’s completely out of the way. Remember to make sure the drawers can lock in place to prevent any accidents. You don’t want someone tripping over an open drawer when they’re rushing up the stairs.


Living in a small house or apartment often means having to sacrifice a comfortable place to read or work. If the area underneath your staircase is big enough, this no longer needs to be a problem.

You can convert the space into a book nook by simply building a comfortable seat that fits into the gap. The best part is you can decorate the area with shelves so your books are within arm’s reach. It’s a cosy place to snuggle up and get lost in your story.

If you’re able to fit a desk into the space beneath your stairs, you can even transform this area into an office, complete with shelves and drawers for your office supplies. This prevents working in your bedroom or living room, so you can focus and get the job done.

Safety First

Whenever you’re doing DIY renovations it’s always important to remember safety. Home renovation safety is a priority before each new project. Here’s a few notes on how to make sure you don’t injure yourself:

  • Power Tools: If you’re using power tools make sure you’re competent in using them otherwise get a professional to help you. Always keep your limbs away from moving saws or drills to prevent injury.
  • Safety Gear: Make sure you’re wearing the right gear for your project. If it requires gloves, safety goggles or even a hard hat, it’s your responsibility to purchase or hire these items. There is no excuse to not wear your safety gear and they’re worth the expense.
  • Electrical Appliances: Check that no wires have worn out and appliances are securely fitted into sockets. Also ensure your wires haven’t bundled and they’re not crossing.
    Children: If you want your child to help with your project, make sure they’re supervised the entire time. In situations where the project is too dangerous make sure children are kept away from the renovation zone.


Your staircase offers a whole variety of storage options you may not have thought of before. It’s a great way of minimising clutter and even decorating your house in the latest fashions.

Whether you’re looking for shelving, storage, or even a whole new room, there is an option for you. All it takes is the right renovation equipment and a bit of work. Equipment hire is even available for reasonable prices which can save money when it comes to tackling one of these projects.

Now that we’ve sparked the creative juices, remember to stay safe and have fun.

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