How To Refresh Your Bathroom On a Budget?

Upgrading your bath doesn’t have to cost a lot nor does it require total renovations. Simple changes such as an additional fixture, cabinet refreshments, radiant floor heating and other decorative ideas can add value to your already seemingly old bath without breaking your bank account.

Make that overdue fixture update

bathroom renovationIf you have been postponing changing the fixtures of your bathroom, then its time you take the “first step”.

You don’t have to change everything so if it’s the money that is worrying you, dedicate to making small purchases from time to time.

Having a new shower head or different finishes of faucets can turn around the general outlook of your bath.

In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to improve your space.

Don’t forget to replace that basic bathtub with the trendy freestanding tub, to take your bathing experience to another level.

A freestanding tub is also a worthy accessory that could complement your décor.

Do you still need more convincing?

Let’s explore further.

Those outdated lighting needs a replacement!

src=”” alt=”modern-bathroom” width=”400″ height=”300″ />With the full range of modern bathroom lighting brands in the market, it wouldn’t take long before you find the perfect form of lighting to illuminate the entire setting of your bath on a budget.

Replace those dated light fixtures more sophisticated options.

You can even go wild with choices such as the pendant lights or the contemporary chandeliers.

However, we advise you not to settle for yellow bulbs of those ordinary fluorescent bulbs.

It would be even better if you can advance the reception of natural light by adding a double or through stimulation, the better impact it would have on your energy-saving efforts.

Clear that Mess

Taking time to remove all the clutter and rearranging every other area in the bathroom would help it achieve a new look.

Remove all the unused items from the countertop, floor, sink/tub tops and find a better space for them under the sinks or the vanity drawer.

If you have more space in the bath, invest in some budget-friendly freestanding shelves to keep everything in place.

There is also a high level of convenience that comes with this step.

Refresh those Classics

If the connection you share with your classic bathtub or shower and other fixtures can’t allow you to find a replacement, then you could consider refreshing them instead.

For instance, go for a spray-paint resurfacing to restore your accessories from discoloring.

It’s also cheaper and appealing.

You would be surprised at how regular visitors to your house marvel at your “ brand new” tub!

We all love compliments, don’t we?

Invest In Flooring Updates

If your bathroom finishing is entirely made out of tiles, then it’s time to consider an update.

Just like every other household accessories, tiles keep evolving over time.

If you your budget won’t allow you to get new ones, you can opt for a resurfacing paint that would work magic to improve their appearance.

The same case applies to wooden floors as you can change their shade with simple paintwork.

Additionally, adding radiant floor heating underneath it is also great idea.

Create a Classy Vanity

You don’t have to rush to the stores every time you realize you need an extra fixture.

Why don’t you try to place your creativity to the test instead?

For example, that old piece of furniture you have been keeping aside for a while could become a useful vanity.

They could include a vintage table or a chest drawer.

Give them a nice paint makeover, and you will have a sleek vanity at your disposal.

You just have to look at the size and decide as to whether the amount of space they stand to offer is worth your investment.

Make that Shower Curtain Stand out

If your bath shower areas have been using the same curtain for ages, then its time you do something about it.

Remember, the same way the curtain stands to consume a large section of your bathroom space is the same way it will upgrade or uplift your room.

So why not use it to add some glamor?

Make Use of a Wallpaper

bathroom..Adding wallpaper to your bath makes it cozy and warm.

You, however, have to be clever in selecting the areas you would like to place it as too much of it can spoil the fun.

And since they easily tear, you can treat it with varnish for durability.

If wallpapers aren’t you’re your pick, you can conduct a wall repainting using a high-quality paint.

We advise you to go for one with moist-resistant properties for durability.

They might be expensive, but their merits are tantalizing.

You can also mix two shades of colors.

Add-in Some Fresh Elements

You don’t have to spend a lot for this ones.

In fact, you might be surprised not to spend a penny.

Components such as fresh flowers from the garden, a patterned orchard pot and a vase with a posy add fresh breathe to the bathroom.

Find a perfect spot for them, and you would be glad you did.

Go Eco-Friendly

parquetJoin the fast-growing list of aware eco-friendly homeowners by investing in household accessories with the green star mark.

Your bath presents an excellent chance to place this into practice.

Right from the trendy water saving shower heads, solar panels for extra lighting options, water efficient toilet to LED mirrors and wooden floors, you will have a wide range of items to select at your disposal.

Introduce Some Texture

There are so many changes you can implement to your bath space.

Bring in some baskets for storage, get a new rug for the door/ tub side or even acquire a woven bin to add the warmth element in your precious space.

If you’re yet to add a relaxing piece of furniture, bring a stool or bench from one of the bedrooms to craft some essence of contrast.

Anything and everything that would make you want to spend more time in there are welcome.

Remember you don’t have to rush with the updates, sometimes you just require one drastic replacement to turn things around!

Don’t over think-be yourself!

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