How to Keep a Dog in the Dog House when It Is Raining?

For some strange reason, not many dogs love rain, more so when they’re on their own, away from their master, and it’s raining cats and dogs. Despite this, there are times when you may want your pet dog to use the dog house during a storm and not your home. Your dog is likely to dislike the idea, though, and you may find yourself having a hard time trying to have him use his house.

The best thing to do in such a situation would be to use persuasive means, not force. Using force might make your dog loathe its house more and give you more of a hard time. Here are tips on how to keep a dog in the dog house when it is raining.

1. Make the Doghouse Look and Feel Safe

Have you positioned your dog’s house far away from your home and in the middle of your home’s yard? Then it could be the reason your dog is refusing to use it, especially during a storm. Such a house may make your dog feel like it’s being banished away from its master and abandoned. That alone would make your pet feel scared and unable to stay in that dog house, even for a minute.

Make the Doghouse Look and Feel Safe

Try moving the dog house closer your home. You can even place it next to the wall of your house or in the porch. The idea is to make your dog feel safer by being nearer to you. It drives away the anxiety and fear that many dogs get when it’s raining and they’re on their own.


2. Seal Openings that are Causing the Dog House to Leak

Just like humans, dogs need living places that don’t leak when it rains. Ensure your dog’s house is well constructed, without gaps or cracks through which rain may come in. You can do this by buying quality houses or having a qualified person build one for you. If you do it yourself, ensure the materials you use are quality and that no gaps are left between panels.

If your dog’s house is already faulty and leaking, seal off the holes allowing in rainwater. Use the normal sealant you use to seal off cracks and holes in your house. Your dog could be avoiding its house because rain finds a way into it. Sealing places which cause leaking to occur might just work to make him love his house. Sealing openings doesn’t mean covering it all over, though. Your dog’s house will still need to have adequate ventilation and let in enough light; you only close openings that directly allow in rain and wind.


Make the Doghouse Comfortable3. Make the Doghouse Comfortable

Just as you wouldn’t want to live in a house that offers no comfort, your dog won’t like its house either if it doesn’t allow him to feel comfy. An uncomfortable dog house is one that’s small, bare, and without bedding. Your dog wants to lie down, relax, and forget about the storm.

Ensure the house you get your dog is big enough for him to lie down, turn, and even stand without difficulty. It should feel like a doghouse and not a cage. Limit the length to which the bedding goes to allow for room for the dog’s water bowl. If your dog’s house is comfortable, he will view it as a haven during a storm and will not need to be forced to use it.


4. Have Toys in the Dog House

You want the dog house to be as enticing as it can be. It should give your pet a reason to be there. Animals quickly learn where to be to receive a treat and places to avoid because they’re unlikely to receive any treats. Have toys in your dog’s house such as chew toys. They will keep your pet dog busy and entertained to worry about the rain pouring outside. Still, having toys in there will make your dog love to be in its house without much persuading.

When buying toys for your dog, look for ones they love the most. You already know which ones if you’ve been sampling several of them for the pet. Ensure, too, that the toys are the right size and quantity, so they don’t end up taking too much space, especially if the dog house is too small.


5. Soundproof Your Dog’s House

Dogs sense sound better than humans. The pattering of rain on the roof and sides of your dog’s house could be causing your pet dog to feel terrified and unable to stay in there alone during a storm.

Soundproof Your Dog's House

Consider proofing the dog house for sound. Use materials that will absorb vibrations to make the roof. Being the most hit by rain, the roof that’s soundproofed can significantly reduce the noise created by rain and make the house more bearable for your pet.


6. Train Your Dog to Like its House

Sometimes, your dog could be disliking its house for no reason. If he refuses to use the house when it isn’t raining, it can become an uphill task to make him use it during a storm. Instead of having to force him to get into the dog house, start by training him when it isn’t raining.


You can easily do so using these simple steps.

When feeding your dog, place the food near the entrance of the dog house. Once he starts to eat, move the food inside. He will continue to eat but inside the dog house. Do this severally and during every meal time. With time, he will be more at home eating and even lying down in his house. Later, during a rainy day, yours will be an easy task having him enter the doghouse instead of your home.


Canine Daylight Dog


With these simple and doable tips, you can easily keep your dog in the dog house when it is raining. You do not need to use force or become harsh towards him. Only ensure that the dog’s house is well constructed and that any breakage is repaired to make it habitable. With a safe, comfortable, and spacious house for your dog, it’s unlikely that he will refuse to use it, even during a storm when you want him to.

How to Keep a Dog in the Dog House when It Is Raining?
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