How To Have A Fantastic Shower

Taking shower is both enjoyable as well as necessary. A shower is essential for everyone because it helps us to remain healthy and maintain proper hygiene. Though shower is much like an exercise, the usual shower routine can be worked-upon to be just more than an exercise. Most people think that they have mastered the art of showering by making it quick and short-termed – going in, coming out, feeling clean, and therefore success. This is not the case, however.

You can increase the advantage you get by taking a great shower.

And believe me you will get fantastic showers with one of these: .

All you need to do is to implement a proper showering strategy, which will help you to get many health benefits.

Attaining healthy and shiny hair as well as a clear and glowing skin is some of the benefits that you can get by following a strategic approach. Strategic shower includes several steps which need to be followed so as to benefit yourself with the most out from your regular shower.

In the list to follow, we’ve jotted down the strategic shower process in the most convenient way possible. Simply escalate down these steps to gain a better understanding of strategic shower process and its benefits:

Brushing your hair

wet hair becomes weaker Wet hair becomes weaker and can easily break, which means that wet hair is prone to breakage and can easily fall. Therefore, detangling your hair before involving yourself with a shower is necessary to avoid breakage of hair.

Also, it will eliminate the necessity of detangling your hair during conditioning. For detangling your hair, you have to brush your hair using a hair brush or comb. There are different combs and brush sizes available, so choose one that you can use comfortably for tidying your hair.

You have to brush the ends of your hair first and then work your way up to the roots of your hair. You can do this while you are waiting for the water to get warm.

Rinsing your hair

Before you start to lather up your hair, be sure to rinse it thoroughly with water. The pre-rinsing of hair will help to easily remove dust and oil from your hair as well as it helps in opening the cuticle.

Rinse your hair for at least 10 seconds before using shampoo, conditioner, or any other hair product.

Lathering your hair

After rinsing your hair properly, you can start shampooing your hair. For an effective shampoo job, you have to spend around 30-60 seconds.

You do not have to plop the product on your head and start scrubbing it instead, you should pour a quarter sized dollop into your hands and then you should start massaging your hair in a gentle way. Back and forth motion should be used for massaging as this will distribute the shampoo thoroughly across the roots of your hair.

Do not scrub fragile ends of your hair as this can cause them to fall. Also, you don’t have to shampoo the whole head. Simply shampooing the roots of hair will remove most of the oil. Don’t forget to shampoo the nape of the neck.

When shampooing is complete then squeeze the lather down the length of your hair, this will remove the lather along with the dust and oil trapped in your hair. After removing the lather, you have to rinse your hair with water until the shampoo is completely washed-off from your hair.

Quick conditioning

woman morning bathrobe bathroomBefore applying a conditioner to your hair remove the extra water from your hair by squeezing it along the length of your hair. After removing excess water, you have to apply a cherry sized drop of conditioner to the lower half of your hair.

By doing so, the conditioner is concentrated around the ends of your hair and thus make your hair appear greasy. Let the conditioner stay intact on your hair for a few seconds and then, rinse it out. A few seconds are necessary as well as enough for your hair to soak up the benefits of a conditioner.

Cleaning your body

There may be some conditioner or shampoo that remains on your hair even after cleaning it. So, always wash your body after your hair. Traditional soaps can be irritating and may dry your skin.

So, switch yourself to a non-soap hydrating cleanser like The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash or Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream or any other you may find fancy.

Just make sure that the conditioner you choose is healthy and has no side-effects.

Use these cleansers to thoroughly clean your body. Bacteria and meld can grow on loofahs and washcloths, so keep it clean. Also, if you need exfoliation then do it with one of those full body exfoliators.

Smart shaving

If you want to shave, then you should do it as the last step of your routine. Shaving is also necessary to maintain proper hygiene. Shaving is a delicate process and hence, should be completed with utmost care.

You should use a sharp razor for shaving otherwise, you can get cuts on your skin which is really uncomfortable and itching. Also, use a moisturizer after shaving, as shaving can cause irritation and drying of skin. After shaving, clean your razor so that there are no trapped hairs in the razor blade.

Dry it off and store your razor outside of the shower or one of these after each time you use it. Scrub your hair before shaving so as to release any ingrown hairs.

Cleaning your face

At last, you can take the advantage of the removal of all the acne-causing sebum which is due to the opening up of the pores of the skin. Start cleaning your face after you have finished your shampooing which is to ensure that all the pore-clogging product runoff is removed before you start cleaning your face.

Use lukewarm water to clean your face which will help protect your delicate skin of your face. Finally, rinse your face with cool water to seal the cuticle of your skin. This will help in leaving your complexion perfectly refreshed.


So, this concludes the “How to Shower” guide. Remember to take regular showers as this is necessary for keeping yourself cleaned as well as hygienic. Not only will it help you to be neat and clean but will also help you to prevent numerous diseases caused by uncleanliness.

You can use the steps mentioned in the guide to your advantage. Though there is not any hard and fast rule to follow, you can decide to not to follow any of the above mentioned steps according to your own comfort.

Hope, you have learned all the things that will help you to take a best shower possible. Remember, health is above all.

Enjoy! 🙂

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