How to Clean Beard Trimmer – Everything You Need To Know

It is one thing to purchase a nice beard trimmer, and it is another maintaining it. Maintaining your beard trimmer will extend its lifespan. As a matter of fact, you need your trimmer to be relatively clean to use it effectively.

How to Clean Beard Trimmer

It is because the performance of your trimmer will be affected by the clogged hair in the components. Clogged hair can also heat the trimmer during use, making it uncomfortable for you. Therefore a clean trimmer cuts more efficiently than a neglected trimmer which may malfunction.

However, you can opt to buy a vacuum beard trimmer which is easier to maintain than other trimmers. Using a vacuum beard trimmer prevents hair clippings from falling on your body and in your bathroom. It is installed with an automatic system that catches all hair clippings, making cleaning easier. What’s more? For more info about best vacuum beard trimmer, click here.

Lubricating the Trimmer

All the metallic components in your trimmer need to stay lubricated. The parts include the motor and blades. Therefore keep your trimmer always lubricated.

Cleaning a Beard Trimmer

Cleaning the trimmer after every use and organizing to clean it thoroughly after four to six uses maintains it well. Never use water to clean your trimmer, unless it is waterproof and the manufacturer recommended it in the user manual. Water causes some of the components to rust and break.

Cleaning after every use

Clean the beard trimmer after every use. You need to clean only the trimmer head and blade guards. Remove all the guards, to clean them separately.

Cleaning the blade guards

Clean all the blade guards you used. The guards are plastic and therefore easy to clean. Use warm soapy water to clean them. Remove any clogged dirt using a brush and or toothpick.  An old toothbrush can do. Finally, rinse them with warm water and let them dry before storing them.

Cleaning the trimmer head

Use the brush that came with the trimmer to clean it. De-attach the clipper head from the rest of the body. Brush the head to remove all hair clippings from it.

Then pour a few drops of oil on the blades.  Switch on the device and let it run for not more than 30 seconds. That should be enough to spread the oil to all the components in the trimmer. Wipe off excess oil from the trimmer. Now, return the clipper head to its original place. The trimmer is clean and can be kept away safely until when you next need it.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when dealing with a vacuum beard trimmer or water-proof trimmer. But basically, a vacuum beard trimmer is easier to clean and maintain after a trim. It is also easy to clean a water-proof trimmer because you can use water to clean the components.

Thorough cleaning of the Trimmer Components

Detailed cleaning should be done after every four to six uses. Disassemble all the cleanable parts. Then remove the head component of the trimmer from the rest of the trimmer. Next, remove the blade head by simply pushing it out with your thumb, then pulling it out. Blade grooves will be exposed. Clean the blade grooves with a cotton swab. Then switch on the trimmer, and let it run for a minute or two to remove any stuck hairs on the groove.

Immediately after that, lubricate the parts that need to be oiled. Then reassemble back all the components of your trimmer and store it well in a cool and dry place.

Dealing with hair shavings

Avoid clogging your sink with hair from your beard by using a wastebasket during your beard grooming routine. Let all your hair shavings fall into the basket and after you are through with trimming, clean up any stray hairs using a damp towel.

Dealing with hair shavings when using a vacuum beard trimmer is easier. Simply empty the chamber box in the wastebasket after every trim or as needed.


Ensure you have read your beard trimmer’s manual so that you can know the dos and don’ts. In your next purchase, opt to settle for an easier to clean version of beard trimmer which should have special cleaning features.  You can consider buying a waterproof one or vacuum beard trimmer.

After cleaning, remember to store your beard trimmer and all its accessories in one place, including the cleaning accessories.

Cleaning your trimmer regularly and correctly will save you money in terms of replacement cost for a new beard trimmer.

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