How To Clean A Shower Panel

How To Clean A Shower Panel will be a first question you will be asking yourself after purchasing one of these beauties. Over the course of time, modern bathroom catalogs have grown with numerous accessories. Shower panel systems have become an indispensable part of these catalogs.

Shower panel systems are the luxurious bathroom equipment that helps in enhancing showering experience. Shower panels are essential part of bathroom accessories and offers a great deal of features and design options. Not only because they look and feel good but also because they provide soothing and relaxing experience.

This how to guide will help you to get your shower panel cleaned, with additional info on the subject. Following guide enlists the cleaning steps, requirements, maintenance suggestions, tips, cautions, and the regular do’s & don’ts. We have another similar guide to this and that is a shower panel buying guide.

Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning any equipment is the basic requirement for keeping it safe and properly in order for a great period of time. Like other bathroom accessories, shower panel systems also require a small amount of time invested for the purpose of cleaning. So, let’s start the list:

  1. Empty out your bathroom – Remove all bathroom products that resides in your showering space. This will include all those conditioners, shampoos, razors, body lotions, and other bathing items. Before starting the cleaning process, you will be required an empty space so that the process can be carried out accurately.
  2. Start rinsingAfter the execution of the first step, it’s time to properly rinse your bathroom’s walls and floor. Hot water is ideal for rinsing and you can use a cup, bucket, pitcher, or any other convenient cleaning utility for your aid. The main emphasis in this step will be to put every inch of dirt into the drain.
  3. Remove MildewMildew is that annoying and unhealthy deposit which gets usually accumulated onto the walls of your bathroom over time and again. This step focuses on removing the unwanted mildew. For this, you can either use a mildew spray or homemade shower-cleaning mixture. Spray the appropriate mildew removal mixture on the walls and wait for it to settle there then, wipe or rinse.
    ** Making your own homemade shower-cleaning mixture: Mix 1 cup each of vinegar and ammonia with ½ cup of baking soda and add around a gallon and a half of hot water to the mixture.
  4. Remove hard waterFor the removal of hard water spots, firstly mix appropriate quantity of hot water and vinegar in equal ratio and then scrub hard water spots using this mixture.
  5. Cleaning shower entranceYour glass shower doors can be cleaned efficiently with white vinegar. However, there are other cleaning solutions also. Check your bathroom door manual for cleaning and maintenance details.
  6. Cleaning shower tilesYou can loosen-up the dirt present on the shower tiles with steam. After steaming, scrub tiles with an appropriate cleaning solution. You can also use a cleaning mixture of ammonia, vinegar and baking soda for wiping the tiles. Use a toothbrush (or some other appropriately sized brush) for cleaning the spacing between tiles.
  7. Rinsing the shower headRemove your shower head from the arrangement and soak it into a cup/bowl of vinegar. Keep the shower head into the solution for a few hours. This will help to loosen-up the dirt. After soaking, scrub the holes.
  8. Cleaning the drainYou can use a Zip-It cleaning tool for removing hair or other waste out of your drain. Use a garbage can or a plastic bag to put the leftovers into it. Wear gloves if you want to use your fingers for pulling out the waste.
  9. Removing the tough water build-upChances are that if you haven’t cleaned your shower system for a long time, there will be a lot of tough water build-up on the shower. Use a paint scrubber or an acid-based cleaning solution to dissolve the build-up.
    ** Note – Avoid hard scrubbing and use of dangerous chemicals as their usages can result into damaging your shower.


  • Cleaning chemicals, either manufactured or homemade.
  • Sponge/scrubber
  • Rubber gloves
  • Garbage can/plastic bag
  • Old toothbrush/other brushes
  • White vinegar
  • Zip-it cleaning tool (optional)


  • You shower system requires regular cleaning. If you are not doing regular doing it, then the one-time cleaning process can become difficult and it could also increase the chances of damage.
  • Use ammonia as it is a powerful acidic cleaning agent. However, it needs to be diluted first. Mix 1-part of ammonia with 2-parts of water and keep the mixture in a spray bottle. After applying ammonia on the shower panel, wipe it away with a clean cloth.
  • Vinegar is a natural solution and is considered a good cleaning agent for shower walls. It can be used either unadulterated or after being diluted. Always test the solution onto a small patch to check whether it’s inefficient or damaging.
  • Dry soap can also be used for cleaning up your shower panel. Dilute it with water and after applying the solution onto the application area, apply a wipe or two with a clean dry cloth.
  • Be cautious about the cleaning agents and equipment that you will use for cleaning your shower panel. Heavy duty bathroom cleaners or bleaches are powerful cleaning options but are very less desirable. If you aren’t sure about them stick to normal cleaning solutions.
  • Keep your shower panel ventilated as this can ease up your cleaning process.
  • A fan, heat lamp or bathroom dehumidifier is an ideal solution for bathrooms with great levels of humidity.


  • Keep your bathroom regularly cleaned. This will eliminate the requirement of a hard-core cleaning process. Regular maintenance helps to decrease the amount of build-ups for mildew and scale. Keep your shower panel cleaned regularly with white vinegar.
  • For shower panels with plating surface, you can use flour. Wipe with the flour and then washout the surface with water, it’s just that easy. This will keep the panel surface bright as new.
  • Always avoid strong acid cleaners to clean scale, as these can corrode the surface of your shower panel. Only use these chemicals if your shower panel manual mentions them. Consult an expert if required.
  • Never ever try to disassemble your shower panel. Shower panels are often impossible to reassemble once they get undo. This can result into some unexpected damage or a need of replacement altogether.
  • Keep your shower panel away from extreme temperatures and heat. Most of the shower panels can endure a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. Keeping them at higher temperatures might reduce their service life.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never mix bleach and ammonia. Mixing of other household chemicals should also be avoided.
  • Rinse thoroughly while using multiple chemicals for cleaning your shower panel.
  • Always keep your bathroom’s door open while using chemicals for cleaning. The area should always be ventilated. Leave the window(s) open for additional ventilation.
  • While cleaning the shower panel with chemicals, if you start to fell nausea or dizziness, leave the room immediately to get some fresh air.
  • Whatever cleaner you are going to use for cleaning shower head, test it before applying. Check whether if the cleaner is damaging the surface and proceed only after becoming certain.
  • Most mildew removing chemicals are bleach based. These should be used with utmost caution as their overuse could result into unwanted damage to your shower panel.
  • Always wear gloves while using chemicals for cleaning a shower panel.
  • Chemicals that are manufactured to be used on hard water or soap scum are very strong. Always keep caution and apply them on a test patch first.
  • Steel wool pads, harsh plastic scrubbing pads or brushes can leave scratches on your shower panel. These should be avoided at all times.

And a Happy Cleaning! 🙂

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