Foot Massager Buying Guide

Foot Massager Buying Guide will show you Steps to Selecting the Best Foot Massager for home use.

Picking out the best foot massager is a wearisome task with hundreds of options out there, but using this foot massager buying guide, you will surely find a foot massager for your needs.

feet are sophisticatedFeet are sophisticated, with 1/4 of bones in the body situated there (33 joints, 26 bones, and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons). Women tend to acquire four times more foot complications (thanks, mostly, from walking in high-heeled shoes).

Speaking of walking, it’s the best work out for the feet. An average person walks around 116,000 miles in a life-time. That’s around 8-10,000 steps daily. It’s no surprise that 75% of US citizens will encounter foot problems at the very least once in their lifetime.

According to medical experts, the feet have many nerve endings and pressure points in the soles. Due to the nature of our work where we spend most of the time standing on the feet, we may at times become tired hence it’s a fine idea to give our feet a little care and treatment with a soothing foot massage.

Massaging your feet could be a powerful way to relax and handle stress. Furthermore, a foot massage feels quite good. If you’ve resolved to try a foot massage or maybe already do it on a frequent basis, you should consider a high-quality foot massager that can serve you for a long time.

How foot massagers work?

  • There are two unique elements on how these massagers work. The first one is that they`re are fitted with unique pressure nodes which will massage your feet. As soon as the feet are slipped in, the reflex points are stimulated.
  • Second, these foot massagers are fitted with kneading discs. Whilst the pressure discs massage your feet, the kneading discs are the ones accountable for the profound massage of the ankles and calves

Choosing the best foot massager for home use

foot massager buying guideWith the surge of new technology, 1000’s of massage devices have flooded the market. Some models function in an automated fashion to loosen up the muscles of your feet via vibrations, whilst others have manual features where feet is rolled onto a board with artificial wooden teeth to alleviate pain of weary muscles.

A few of the best foot massagers are the electric foot massagers, shiatsu foot massagers and foot and calf massagers. All of these are characterized based on their functionality.


Some foot massagers are designed mostly for stress relief and relaxation. Others provide certain therapeutic benefits, like improved flow, pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Very similiar to acupuncture mat benefits. Think about your needs properly when choosing.

Know your feet

The first step in choosing the best foot massagers for use in the home is to know your feet. To be able to do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions such as.

  • What is the degree of feet discomfort you encounter daily? Is this the only discomfort you experience?
  • Do your toes frequently become hard after wearing high heels?
  • Do your limbs also hurt after work?
  • Do your feet muscle tissues feel bad, obviously grouped in knots?

Knowing what area of the foot hurts will assist you identify the ideal foot massager for you. Hydro therapy is ideal for hardened muscles and aching joints. Certain electric foot massagers entirely disregard the calf muscles and instead concentrate on your feet. However, some of them only target calves and not the feet.

Your health

strive to be activeIf you’ve a preexisting health condition, it’ll be prudent to see your physician first before buying a massager.

Whilst massagers can make people relax, they can aggravate your present health situation.

Always get medical attention if you sense that the pain deteriorated, instead of lessened, following a massager therapy session.

Your budget

The cost of foot massagers ranges from $20 to around $300. It is vital to note that the durability and features of a massager vary. The less costly models can provide you fewer functions and less power than the costlier ones. If you are prepared to invest more cash on a foot massager, you will have a broader variety of options.

Ease of use

All of the leading brands of foot massagers are fairly easy to use as they have uncomplicated to read and see switches and buttons that you can work with your toes. Additionally, many models incorporate the alternative of remote control function.

Type of foot massager

This step involves choosing the type of massager you want. Experts suggest that a good foot massager should always compliment your lifestyle. If you are a busy person, with no time to get the water for a soothing hydrotherapy then water based foot massager is not for you.

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot MassagerRoll, shiatsu and electric foot vibrating massagers, are best for individuals with busy lifestyles. Even so, if you are worried about the skin of your feet and you’ve observed that your shoes are coming out a tad dry, then a water based foot massager will suit you the best.

Hydro-therapy will help to cope with dryness by moisturizing your skin. In addition, you can also use salt solutions and lotions that may be mixed with hot water to generate a mixture that is just relaxing. To create a stimulating experience, foot massager designs can have water jets which can be applied to improve blood circulation and loosen up tight muscles.

Before purchasing a massager with water jet alternatives, you should read the foot massager`s specifications to comprehend how many jet speed choices are obtainable if you would like a variety of options.

Read product descriptions before buying

Foot massager reviews give buyers with thorough information relevant to the foot massager types offered by Amazon sellers. When looking at potential purchases, you should cautiously read product explanations to be sure you know precisely what you are buying. Specifically, you need to check product specifications which explain the functions/features that are provided in each design.

The most popular foot massagers on offer today have a wide assortment of features, like Shiatsu foot massage, EMS/TENS therapy, heat therapy, and more. In addition, some machines provide a remarkable range with regards to degrees of intensity. When deciding which massager is ideal for you, make sure to comprehend the functions of each unit you are considering and evaluate them logically. Most massagers have certain features that are described below:

  • Toe-touch controlsSPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

There is no need to keep on bending down to adjust the speed; with toe touch controls, the control buttons on the massager can be quickly pressed with the toes.

  • Speed controls

Allows you regulate how tight you want the massage. Although the first couple of uses can be a tad tense, it’s nice to begin on a slower speed so as to get your feet worked.

  • Cordless

Allows you to move the massager anyplace you want with no need for cord restrictions. Cord-less foot massagers are battery-operated.

  • Lightweight

The foot massager will should be picked up during cleaning, so opting for a portable device is good if you have difficulties carrying heavy objects.

  • Infrared heat 

HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot MassagerAn all-natural heating technique which is thought to distribute heat through the entire body and help lower muscle pains.

You should also check a foot massager`s condition to ascertain whether it is used or new


The final step in picking out the finest foot massager is, obviously, in depth research. There are thousands of valuable reviews available on the internet about foot massage devices out there.

So, you will certainly not run out of information! Here are our top 10 foot massager reviews.

You can also ask your friends and family about what worked well for them. However, you need to remember that what work for them will not always work for you too! In case a foot massager doesn’t help you to eliminate the discomfort/pain, then a massage specialist who is an expert in dealing with foot pain should absolutely do the trick.

Benefits of a foot massager

  • Blood circulation

Because of a mostly sedentary life-style we’ve become unaccustomed to utilizing our muscles on a frequent basis. The feet muscles seldom get any work out and circulation is normally impaired by uncomfortable and tight shoes. A 10 to 20-minute massage therapy before heading to bed can drastically improve flow in the lower limbs, which is especially important for people struggling with diabetes.

  • Foot and ankle injury prevention

Foot massage can assist with joint pain and also support recovery following an injury, and even cut down muscle soreness. Besides, when massage is bundled with ankle and foot strengthening workouts and stretches it can avert future injuries, and speed up recovery of current injuries. A brief session 3 to 5 times weekly will make sure that you reduce the danger of injury. All of us have our instances of clumsiness, but a flexible and strengthened ankle and foot guarantees that you can avoid agonizing injuries.

  • It elevates your circulation to make you relax.

Your body regularly pumps blood back and forth to the heart to transport oxygen to the tissues and brush away cellular by products. It’s hard work. According to May Clinic, Swedish massage is fashioned to push blood from the limbs towards your heart to make organs a bit easier. This offers your muscles an opportunity to relax, making you feel rejuvenated when your massage ends — sort of like you just had a nap. (But certainly better).

  • It bolsters your immunity.

A foot massage does not just get your blood flowing – it basically alters your blood’s structure for the better. Soon after a 20-minute foot massage, recipients had considerably higher amounts of blood proteins which play a key role in defending the body from viral infections, tumors, and other infections, in comparison to blood samples obtained from the study participants, with respect to a study by The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine.

  • Improves sleep

Foot massage just prior to going to bed can make you sleep better. A relaxing and soothing foot massage will make the body unwind (just like full body massage), enhance blood circulation and unwind the nerves. These in return will inspire restful sleep.

  • Foot Massage Delivers Relief from Cancer Signs /symptoms and Chemotherapy Side-Effects

Foot massage aided cancer patients discover pain relief and nausea, in a 2001 study headed by experts from the University of California and released in the Journal of Cancer Nursing. A test of breast cancer sufferers undergoing therapy were analyzed by scientists from University of Michigan   in 2013, and these women noted a dramatic decrease in physical symptoms linked with their cancer and therapy, such as much less breath shortness and enhanced energy levels.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Relief

A multi-campus group of Iranian researchers not long ago discovered that foot massage was capable of providing relief from the devastating fatigue that so a lot of individuals with multiple sclerosis endure from

  • Massage Therapy Enhances Post-Operative Surgical Recovery

A significant aspect of any surgical operation is the post-rehabilitation restoration process. It’s while in this process that freedom of movement is re enforced and normal movement is relearned. Massage has a significant role as a complement to standard recovery procedures after surgery.

  • Boosts the brain power

According to classic Chinese remedies, if you adjust the reflex points in the feet that connect with the brain, you’ll activate the circulation of important energy to your brain and enhance a healthy balance of your brain’s processes. Better designed scientific study on this claim is needed to check the validity of this benefit. The study on the practice of acupuncture is reassuring in that it proves that adjusting acupoints can have beneficial effects on your brain. Decades of personal reports of the health rewards of foot massage have been discovered.

  • Lowers blood pressure

An elevated blood pressure level has become quite common in many people. It can be triggered by a variety of things like an unbalanced diet and stress, but in many instances it has no specific cause and is thought to be an outcome of genetics and environmental factors. A study performed on health care staff doing work with seniors enduring from dementia – work that is very stressful and both mentally and physically taxing – revealed that a 10-minute foot massage treatment up to 3 times a week led to an enhanced mood, lower blood pressure and less anxiety.

  • Reduces the impacts of anxiety and depression

According to some of the scientific studies that have been conducted on the impacts of reflexology, it appears that this kind of foot massage goes past putting individuals in a calm state during the massage session. Regular sessions have been proved to considerably decrease anxiety in cancer patients. The strategies can be mastered fairly easily and can function as a powerful way of coping with anxiety and depression. Further research performed in 2014 by Australian scientists from Griffith University discovered that individuals with a high-stress, challenging job felt decreased anxiety levels and betterment in mood right after a ten-minute foot massage.

  • Helps with migraines and headaches

A study carried out in Norway revealed that people struggling with migraines and headaches showed great progress after having reflexology treatments. The test participants stopped taking their medications, and 3 months after finishing their treatments, 60% had decreased symptoms while a smaller number had been healed. It is thought that the participants who had reflexology foot rubs managed to make more positive lifestyle adjustments that may have added to their remarkable results.

People who need foot massage the most

People with the following conditions should consider buying a foot massager:

  • People who spend of their time walking/standing (marketers, sales people, insurance agents, bankers etc.)
  • Sports athletes
  • People who frequently get headaches especially due to muscular tension
  • People with arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis)
  • People with headaches, especially when due to muscle tension
  • People with circulatory problems
  • People with reduced range of motion

Everyday life can be tough on feet, especially for those people who suffer from muscle, joint, bone and muscle, ailments. To pamper your feet, you can buy a foot massager that helps alleviate fatigue and pain. Foot massager models can vary from very simple, manual types to hugely advanced, electric types that incorporate several therapeutic features.

To really make the most strategic purchase, you should study which selections are ideal for your situation before buying a foot massager model. Each extra feature can influence the size and cost of a foot massager, so you should evaluate which features will be handy before deciding on purchase.

Depending on the situations, some foot massagers may be included under health care plans if their application is prescribed by a registered doctor. Therefore, it is wise for you to contact your health care insurance provider in the event a foot massager’s price may be included under your insurance plan.

Once you have a clear comprehension of the features, types, and payment choices offered for foot massagers, you can use Amazon to find a wide collection of foot massagers from leading brands.


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