Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide | 5 Proven Tips of 2022

Lawn mower helps you to keep your lawn well trimmed and your yard nice looking. There are an abundant number of different variations and types of lawn mowers that vary according to numerous ways. All these machines are easily accessible on the market, and this electric lawn mower buying guide will help you to learn everything about walk-behind electric lawn mowers. A person has to pay attention to various features that will lead him to best electric lawn mowers 2018.

Why to buy an electric lawn mower?

If you think green then buying an electric mower is a good choice. No gasoline, no smelly exhaust and no oil… some of them are even without a cord!

In the following video, you will get a full picture about electric lawn mowers, one of the best at the moment.

We are talking about an amazing EGO Power+ LM2102SP; reasonable priced, cordless, and super-strong lawn mower.

Should I buy it with or without the cord?

Electric lawn mowers come in two groups or models, one with the cord and another without it. In comparison with gasoline lawn mowers, electric ones are not so loud – they typically produce less than 75 dB (gasoline models produce around 95 dB or even more). FYI: vacuum cleaner produces around 75 dB while jackhammer produces around 95 dB.

Note that specific mower can produce diverse loudness – it depends on the current power at which machine operates at a specific time.

Corded mowers

Comparing corded and cordless mowers can lead us to a conclusion that each type of a machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cordless machine is not depended on a power outlet, and the person who operates with it can easily access more inaccessible areas while trimming the lawn. Read how to properly maintain each type of electric lawn mower.

Corded type is limited in range by the length of power cord which is usually 100-150 feet (30-45 meters) long. There is also additional risk that is connected to corded mowers – user can accidentally mow over the power cable (potential danger of electric shock).

Like using every other machine, user has to be cautious also while mowing.

Cordless mowers

cordless lawn mowerBecause cordless electric mowers have no power cord, they are powered by a variable number of rechargeable batteries. More batteries can store more power so the user can mow longer.

A typical number of batteries is 1 to 4 (or even more), and they also come in different voltage (examples are 12-volt, 24-volt or 56-volt battery), so the number of batteries by itself is not sufficient aspect while buying a cordless electric lawn mower.

In the product, description buyer can generally find out the area of lawn that mower is capable of cutting up on a single charge. However, battery life or runtime on a single charge will vary depending on type or height of the grass.

Some mowers have a removable battery and if a specific model has more than one battery user can charge one while mowing the grass with another. In the case of a bigger yard replacement of a depleted battery with the recharged one is the right solution for uninterrupted work.

Every battery has its own lifetime and not considering that it will operate for many years a person has to adequately deal with the eventual disposal of a worn-out battery. Think green because it can be recycled!

Is weight of a mower important?

User also has to pay attention to the weight of a mower. Electric mower is usually lighter than gasoline mower, but more batteries typically mean more weight, so finding adequate ratio between weight and area of cutting up on a single charge is preferable. Lighter mowers are usually more maneuverable and easier to work with.

Grass handling systems

best lawn mower 2016Electric lawn mowers normally have push-button to start the engine. Newer models offer better technologies of mowing such as mulching or patented IntelliCut technology which makes sure that power is there when it is needed – mowing high grass or mulching leaves will be no problem anymore because Power or Quiet setting does its job.

In this case of a patented IntelliCut technology, Power setting is for mowing higher and thicker grass or in heavier conditions while the Quiet setting is for normal conditions.

Models also differ in grass handling systems. Some of them offer basic discharge to the side or rear discharge. This could be helpful because it creates healthier grass environment but if someone prefers cleaner lawn with less or no dry and waste grass then buying a mower that has rear grass bag is a good solution.

Dealing with a full bag of grass could be extra work, but great compost could be made out of it. Grass bags come in various forms and volumes. On the other hand, more spacious bag is not always a better bag because more space also presents more weight while mowing.

Better models have more-in-one grass handling system that mulches, discharges to the side or bags grass.

Cutting height adjustment systems

best electric lawn mowersFor great mowing experience and lawn design adjusting the cutting, height could be relevant. During hot and dry summer days it is not recommended to cut grass to low because the sun can harm it and dry it out.

The best is that specific electric lawnmower offers you quick single level cutting height adjustment, so you do not need to raise or lower cutting height on each wheel independently.

Models also differ in cutting width starting at around 14 inches (35.5 cm) continuing all the way up to 21 inches (53.3 cm) and even more so it is up to a buyer or potential user how much time would be needed to mow the grass.
Maybe self propelled model? Definitely, if your yard is not flat or is diverse in height.

For older users or users whose yard is not completely flat, it is recommended that they consider buying a self propelled electric lawn mower. They are normally more expensive, but they can save lots of effort because they are easier to work with.

Not infrequently on a flat yard, it is just needed to walk behind and steer or guide a self propelled mower – so no pushing and unnecessary effort anymore.

Conclusions and last concerns

All in all, we hope that problems connected to electric lawnmower are now solved. There are lots of various models on the market, and it is up to a single person and its desires which is the best and most useful. The next thing you should worry about now is how to maintain an electric lawn mower.

Consider which type – with or without cord – you should buy. In the case of corded type be sure how long the cord is. In the case of mower without cord pay attention to battery voltage, a number of batteries that are included and area of lawn that mower is capable of cutting up on a single charge.

Consider also cutting width, cutting height adjustment system, grass handling system (mulching, bagging). Mower storage is also very important to consider before buying it. Some models have handles that can fold for easier storage.

And last but not least, the material is also crucial. Plastic upper parts are lighter but are not as durable as the upper metal parts. All this thinking can save you numerous unnecessary complications later.

  1. I liked that you had mentioned that getting the cutting height adjustment systems properly can be important. My wife and I have been looking around for a mower, but haven’t been sure what to do. I’ll have to start looking around at mowers for sale, and I’ll be making sure I find one that has an adjustable height.

  2. I like the cordless mower as it is more portable.

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