Dog Houses vs. Crates?

Dog lovers know the hassle of a letting a dog move freely without proper training and handling. Though there are many ways in which you can teach or train your dog to behave, one good way to control their behavior and offer them security is to create and give them kennels or dog crates to stay at. These are the best choices when you want your dog to feel safe and control their behavior at the same time.

It is important to know the different utilization of dog houses vs crates. Dogs also feel lonely and uncomfortable, which is why they spend time to roam around and see their family many times.Many dog owners, though, do not know how beneficial these kennels are, dog houses and crates, and many are confused as to why these are necessary and not cruel for the dogs.

1. The Key Difference: Dog Houses vs Crates

Dog houses are usually large structures, as compared to dog crates, that are not made to be portable. These are used to create a small shelter for the dog, for its personal use, and usually located outside your house. These structures are sturdy and built to withstand almost all weather conditions that you encounter, which keeps your dogs safe and rely on them.

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Dog crates are small structures that are portable. These are usually used to create a safe place for your dog when you are either on a travel or simply just a containment for them for the meantime. This creates a good place for your dog to settle and control their actions.


2. Purpose and Benefits

Either a dog house or a dog crate, both offers a place for your dogs to stay safe and have their behavior controlled. Dog houses can be closed or not, depending on your choice, and dogs can roam around freely in its free space. Dog crates have limited space for dogs to roam to and they cannot do much but lie down most of the time.

It seems like these structures are just unnecessary expenses to dog caring, but it is important to note that your dog’s health is as important yours, too. Getting one or more dog houses are truly beneficial to your dog to maintain a healthy life. This does not only gives a safe place for your dog but it also gives your dog a room for its food not to spill or be disturbed by anything.

As important as humans need, dogs need exercise to keep in shape and cope with its changing environment. When they do, a lot of exposure outdoors is needed and they need a place to keep shelter when they get exhausted or the weather do not allow to roam freely anymore. Dog houses provide shade and ventilated area for your dogs, as well as an area to safely keep its food in place.

Dogs are one of a those social animals you can get in your home for your family. In this case, they also need to be in the home and not spending too much time outside the house, especially when the dogs are young and are not old enough to protect themselves. Though you cannot be there all the time, such as when sleeping, attending urgent appointments, or simply doing household chores, this calls for dog crates.

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It is really important for your dog to have crate-training as this creates desirable behaviors and benefits to both of you and your dog. Training your dogs to stay in crates gives safety while they are indoors, a place for privacy of their own, and an ensured place to restrict your dog to certain activities while still being able to see their family. With dog crates, you can also have a peace of mind when they are inside, especially when you won’t be around or when you are travelling to new places where your dogs are unfamiliar with.

Both dog houses and crates are truly beneficial to your dogs and with proper training and use of these structures, they can live healthy and happily. This also promotes responsible pet ownership and lets you enjoy free time together. It is not advisable that dogs be contained in either of them for too long, with 10 hours maximum, as this brings negative results to the dog’s behavior and health.


3. Structure Design and Material

Choosing the right material for your dog houses and crates are crucial when you plan to buy one. There many choices to choose from in dog shops and online stores but it all comes down to how you want it for your dog and getting your comfortable as much as possible. It really will not matter whether you go for really expensive ones or those cheaper ones since your dog’s health is more important than the aesthetics of the dog house and crate.

When choosing a dog house, built or bought, you’d want something that makes a shelter for your dog, like a shade, which is sturdy and resistant to both heat and cold. You want to find a structure where your dog can rely on when it’s exhausted or too exposed on the outside weather. Most common material for this is red wood, which is heat-resistant and cold-resistant and lasts a lot longer than other materials. Then you can worry about the design later, whether be it customized or bought in shops.

Structure Design, Size and Material

When choosing a dog crate, there is nothing else to look for but the size and strength of the crate. Dog crates from shops are quite similar from each other since its use is very much the same on all dogs and the most common dog crates are molded-plastic crates, which offers a little shade for the dog, and open-wire crates, which lets your dog see at all angles and sides. There is really not much of different designs of crates, so it sums up to security and lifetime of the dog crate.


4. Owner’s Responsibility

It is of utmost importance that the dog owners know their own dogs’ behavior and limits. The next step to take after deciding on a crucial choice whether to let their dog stay in a dog house or crate is to know how to properly utilize the structures. It should be in the owner’s own initiative to be aware about how well the dog is doing inside one of those structures.

Every dog owner should know that they should not let the dog stay in a dog house or crate for more than 10 hours straight. Dogs behave differently according to their breed and age as some dogs should not be enclosed in a crate for more than 6 hours, but one important thing to note is that these structures are mainly for safety and security reasons only – totally not healthy for dogs to stay too long inside.

When dogs are being confined in a specific structure, they usually change behavior – like from being well-behaved to being aggressive or otherwise – or they become too sick to continue living long. This is the reason why it is important for dog owners to keep track of their dogs’ behavior whenever they plan to buy either a dog house or a dog crate or both.


5. A Word of Caution

While there are negative issues going on about dog houses vs crates and both are deemed cruel, it is important to note that these structures only offer a place for your dog and it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of the dog and know the needs of the dog. With proper handling, both structures are really beneficial and safe.


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In summary, there are a lot of ways where you can control your dog’s behavior but dog houses and dog crates are deemed effective and efficient most of the time. These structures, though, do not work well if you do not also take the time and effort to train your dog. The way owners manage and handle their dogs greatly affect the dogs’ behavior and attitude towards their environment.

Dog Houses vs. Crates?
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