A Designer’s Guide to Creating a Perfect Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space is a dream we all have, whether we live in a simple family home or a townhouse. It is a dream luxury that is great at healing the soul after a tiring, hectic day out. It is also a great respite from indoor monotony. Outdoor spaces are home extensions perfect for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

Of course, it can also be a private oasis for you when you want to take a break without going far from your home. In that sense, the first thing to consider when designing the perfect outdoor space is ‘comfort.’ Lucky for you there are numerous options and ideas you can try to maximize your outdoor space’s feeling of ease.

To help you create the perfect outdoor space – whether it’s a balcony, poolside, deck, or an urban backyard – we collected tips and suggestions on the best materials, layouts, furniture arrangements, and more. Read on to learn how you can make your outdoor space smart and stylish with the ideas below.

Add a Patio to Your Backyard

patioA good patio is the heart of a perfect outdoor space. It is the foundation of a backyard retreat when you are tired or don’t want to spend time indoors. Patios provide you with a comfortable outdoor space where you can entertain any visitor. At the same time, you can use it to make a statement and increase the value of your house.

●       Get a Professional or Go DIY

As much as possible, get a professional to install a patio to your backyard. However, you can also do it yourself if you are good with your hands. For a DIY patio, you can install a patio using concrete, bricks or paving stones. A wooden deck is also easier to install. Still, you can make sure you get a satisfactory end-product if professionals do it.

●       Go for Cheap, but Quality Materials

If you already have a patio, you want to know if it is still in good condition or it is spacious enough for the rooms you want. In case it doesn’t meet your needs, the next thing you need to decide is if it would be cheaper to repair or replace it. Whichever you choose, try to find the least expensive, but quality patio materials.

Build an Outdoor Living Room

One of the most comfortable entertaining spaces you can build your home is an outdoor living room. It is perfect, especially if you already have a covered patio, making it easy to design a space for where the family and any visitor can have a relaxing time. All you need are simple fixtures and materials to build your ideal outdoor living room.

●       Create a Trellis, Arch or Doorway

An arch, doorway, or trellis leading to the outdoor living room is an excellent design idea. Anyone who goes through this path towards the outdoor room experiences a feeling of entering a new space, plus it will add a charm to the room.

●       Frame the Room with Colorful Curtains

Enclosing your covered patio, pergola or gazebo with colorful curtains does well in adding a perimeter to your outdoor living room. At the same time, it provides a shade to the outdoor room to protect against the sun.

●       Build a Stylish Boundary or “Walls”

Adding a fence around the outdoors is a great way to frame or put a boundary to it. Some of the materials you can use include bamboo, latticework, and even some shrubs. You can also use them as “walls” to divide the space.

●       Install a Pergola or Sunshade

Besides the sun, you may also want to install a pergola or awning to protect the room from elements. A covered patio with sunshade is perfect for when you want to enjoy a relaxing time, even in inclement weather.

●       Add Indoor Furnishings and Accents

You can add stylish accents and indoor furnishings to the room. Great accessories include things like colorful throw pillows, patio tables, artsy chairs, sofa swings, artworks, and more. Just make sure that you use items ideal for outdoor use.

●       Add Outdoor Lighting

Lighting can go a long way in making your outdoor living room extra beautiful. You can upgrade your outdoor space with only a few strands of string lights and a bit of creativity. It will surely provide a cozy ambiance for when you are there to relax.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Some people relax differently. Instead of sitting and lounging around, it could be you that like to cook or clean the house. In that case, wouldn’t an outdoor kitchen be the perfect outdoor space for you? Good thing there are plenty of fantastic ideas to create an amazing outdoor kitchen. From building an outdoor fire pit to grilling stations, you can enjoy cooking outside.

●       Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

A staple in any outdoor kitchen room – a fire pit. It will take up a bit of room from your outdoor space, but it provides a nice place for the family and friends to gather around the fire. It even makes a perfect at-home date night spot. Before building your fire fit, you need to consider a few things:

  • Cost – It can cost you as low as 100$ for a DIY or a simple project. However, it can certainly go up to a few thousand depending on the materials, style, and size.
  • Permanent or Portable Fire Pit – Think about the kind of fire pit you want, whether it is to be a focal point of your outdoor space or just something you can take out when you need it.
  • Wood or Gas Fire Pits – You also need to consider the kind of fuel for your outdoor fire pit. The most common options are natural gas, propane, or wood, each with different benefits and drawbacks.
Where to Put the Fire Pit

Safety is crucial where you put the fire pit. If it is a portable one, you can set it atop any fire-resistant surface such as pavers, bricks, or metal. Be careful not to put it where embers can fly and cause fire, such as a wood deck.

If you are building a permanent fire pit, you want it at least around 10-foot away from your house and your neighbors. When it comes to safety, some states require that you obtain a permit or a site inspection. Whatever the case, it is best to check in with the local officials first.

●       Install a Built-in BBQ

It would be nice to have a full backyard kitchen. But if you can’t have that, you can install a simple built-in BBQ or a grilling station. It’s perfect for improving your outdoor space, and you can entertain your visitors while enjoying barbeque.

  • Fixtures

For an outdoor BBQ area, the standard fixtures include a grill and possibly a pizza oven. There are also cooking countertops, a sink, and a storage space. If you want, you can add other things based on your budget, space, and style.

  • Style and Look

As for how your BBQ area looks, it depends on your preferences. You can have it made from wood, stone, or brick for a more traditional or rustic appearance. For modern styles, metal is a common material. Whatever you choose, it must be durable and makes cooking comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Designing your perfect outdoor space is truly a fun, worthwhile activity. Taking the time to improve the look and function of your backyard, patio, or even poolside is a lucrative investment. Whether it is building an outdoor fire pit, making themed gardens, or creating more walkways, it is guaranteed to provide you with aesthetic and revenue satisfaction.

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