Complete Body Grooming Guide

Complete body grooming guide reveals that body grooming is much more than just daily morning shave of the face. Grooming is about hair removal, shaving, styling and trimming your whole body from head to toe. We have focused on the tasks you can do alone by yourself and they don’t require a lot of time. Read through our complete body grooming guide to find out all the tips and tricks about any part of your body.

In case you are struggling with grooming your body or just looking for a new body groomer that will make the process much easier, you should read our body groomer reviews and take your body grooming on next level.

how to grow more facial hair


There are many things men with beards need to know in the world of grooming. Firstly how to grow a beard and then how to trim your beard. Because of many different types of beards, it’s good to have a beard grooming kit that will satisfy all your needs.

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Use precision trimmer to trim the edges and a mustache trimmer every day.

Go lightly over the edges of your facial hair with your beard trimmer and the appropriate guide comb. Cut everything to a uniform length and make sure the outline is nice and crisp.

When you are almost done use detail foil shaver for the final touch. Apply some finest beard oil, as it will make your beard hair softer and a fresh, shiny look. On top of that, you will smell amazing.

It takes a while to know how to grow a full beard. Average time to grow a full beard ranges between four and six weeks. Once you have it, the daddy of all beards, make sure to know when and how to trim a full beard. Get yourself a quality beard trimmer and follow the technique that suits your grooming plan.

Beard fade – how to trim a long beard?

Nose hair

best nose trimmer

The best way to trim nose hair? All you need is nose hair trimmer and then you can easily shorten or completely remove all nose hair.

Nose trimmer is a narrow rounded tool that can reach any area in your nose.

Keep in mind how tall you are, because other people can easily see the mess in your nose if you are two floors above them.

Even slightly too long nose hair peeking out of your nostrils might be gross and disgusting for some people. You can avoid all that in just under thirty seconds.

Ear hair

Similar to nose hairs, ears should always be trimmed or completely free of hair. You can visit your barber or stylist to trim them for you or get yourself nose and ear trimmer to save the time. Although it usually takes few minutes to finish with trimming ear hair.

Repeat the routine every couple of weeks or days – when it grows back fast. Stick to the rule that tips of ear and nose hairs should not be visible, despite the fact that people now also see peeking hair from the side view and not straight-up anymore.

Use best ear hair trimmer to trim the tips to the length they become invisible. Trim carefully inside your ear, so you don’t make any unnecessary damage.

Hair over or in the ears

Follow your style, whether you prefer to have hair over ears or not. When the hair starts to grow over your ears, simply use hair trimmer. Cut the hair in the way that your whole ear can be visible on both sides.

On the other hand best way to style hair over ears is to pull hairs which end behind or beneath the ear. But remember to cut the hair growing inside out and also hairs on your ears.


eyebrow trimmerIt might be true that fully separated and carefully trimmed eyebrows can help you communicate more clearly. So all it takes is a few minutes of trimming. Use eyebrow trimmer or put a mid-length settings comb on your hair trimmer. Not sure which body groomer has the proper eyebrow attachment? – this great buying guide can help you.

Trim with slow moves, because you know – once you miss the line, you are pretty much done. It takes quite a while for eyebrows to grow back.

Make it simple and just shape clear line of each brow and separate both of them by removing the bridge between them.


body hair trimmerNearly all styling professionals think that the ideal mustache width fits in the same line as your pupils.

Pick the style of mustache you’d like to have. Once done, you are ready to start with mustache trimming. Use mustache trimmer or put one of hair combs on your body groomer.

Always trim mustache at the top first and then continue to the sides. Take your time and trim slowly to avoid any mistakes.

If your mustache grows super thick, pick one of smaller length settings on your comb. Best mustache trimmer usually has about up to 12 of them.

There are two ways of trimming mustache. One way is to reduce the volume of mustache hair – you have to trim in the opposite way your mustache grows. The second option is to maintain the size to-do so trim in the same way it grows. A good practice is to trim mustache and beard together so that you can match the length.


Stubble is like a mini-me version of the real beard. On one side it looks like you are just in the first half of growing process. On the other side, it may look like you didn’t shave for a couple of days, because of laziness or lack of time.

Although short and tidy stubble is a style that lately became fashionable and popular.

People around you may think that having stubble needs nearly no maintenance to keep it styled. The truth is it takes about the same time as shaving your beard.

How to trim your stubble? Best body groomer usually comes together with stubble comb or stubble trimmer, a special attachment designed for trimming stubble. Use a lower setting; there are usually 12 of them on your stubble comb.

The main rule to maintaining your look is by keeping your stubble trimmed. And by the way, women find stubbly chins more attractive than men who have clean-shaven faces.

Hairy necks

hair cutterA few days later after you got that fresh hair cut at the barber, you can probably already feel short hairs on the backside of your neck. Neck hairs usually grow pretty fast and in a couple of weeks, it is going to look really bad.

It will take you just a few minutes to solve that minor problem. All you need is neck hair trimmer or even better a built-in trimmer on your body groomer. Set the length settings to the minimum and don’t put on any combs on the hair trimmer. That enables you to get the closest trim possible.

Hold your best hair trimmer in the upright position and trim from all the way under your shirt collars to the point where your haircut ends. Not only you’ll make cleaner cuts, but the growth will stop for a few days.

When you are done, check your new look in the mirror or tip it to see if there are any spots left behind.


best hair clippersAs a guy, you probably remember the days when you had that extremely short (1-3 inches) trimmed hairstyle.

In the past few years, especially in 2015 and 2016, there’s been a solid new trend on the hair styles. Modern hair styles with fades and shorter hairs on the sides are the most popular for men.

And you know going to the barber can be expensive plus it often happens that you don’t like the final product. Learn how to trim hair and do it alone by the help of hair trimmers. You can choose from different hair shaver sizes and lengths – 1 to 12 cm.

For women, it is a bit more complicated so you should know what you are doing. Once you make a mistake, the time it takes hair to grow back to normal will feel like ages.

Arm pits

best hair clippers for menIt’s the matter of preference which length of hair you want to have under arm pits. Either you have a wild bush or clean shaved pit; there are some rules you should stick to.

Hygiene is really important, not only it’s easier to wash it off when you are clean shaven, but the deodorant can be put directly onto the skin and not on underarm hairs. Furthermore, you’ll sweat intensively with a lot of under arm hair and grow more odor-causing bacteria.

Take a note that when you see hair peeking out of your short sleeves, it’s time to shorten it. If you don’t own an arm hair trimmer, you can do some work with scissors aswell.

To trim the area choose higher length settings on your hair trimmer. The ideal length is about half an inch, but it all depends on your preference.


Unless you are a professional swimmer, runner or cyclist do not shave whole arms. Some bodybuilders shave their arms to achieve better results at competitions.

Trimming or going bare on your shoulders and biceps is totally fine, especially if you like to show off your muscles.trimmed beard

Use body hair trimmer with no guards and trim along your shoulders. Add shorter attachments when you get near elbows.

After you are done, wash it off, and you are done for a quite some time. It needs about from few days to a couple of weeks to grow back, depending how hairy you naturally are.


You can either trim chest hair or shave it off. Pick your style; we are going to describe the first one. Chest hair trimming is one of the less common trims, but it still has a big number of followers.

Before you start trimming, scrub the area under the shower, so it is nice and clean. Dry out and you are ready to start.

For trimming chest hair use body groomers with built-in trimmer or hair combs. When you are trimming for your first time, set length setting a bit higher. Adjust to a lower setting as you proceed until you find the right length.

Ideal chest hair length is about half an inch.

The back

Back hair is probably the most remote area of your body in case of body grooming. How to shave back hair by yourself? Well if you don’t want to ask someone to help you with shaving back hair try a best back hair removal tool. It has an extendable handle which can be locked at wide angles so you can easily reach any area on your back. Plus it has a wide shaving head to speed up the process. Let’s take a closer look on how to trim your back hair.cordless trimmer

First, clean your skin by washing it with water. Then gently brush the area to lower the possibility of ingrown hairs and to clean the skin.

Let it dry out and find you an additional mirror to the one you probably already have in your bathroom. It should be a smaller one so you can hold it in your hand. Hold a back trimmer in one hand and a mirror in the other one. Adjust the position so you can see your back in the mirror behind you within the reflection of the small.

Start trimming your upper back and move in rows from mid-back up to the top. To trim your lower back bend the body groomer so you can reach the area from the side. After you are done, check again to make sure you didn’t miss any spot and take a shower to wash it all off.

Pubic hair

The main rule is to not let it grow into an untidy jungle. To begin with, surveys about men’s public area reveal that women prefer it neat and tidy.

Another advantage is it doesn’t smell that bad anymore when trimmed. At the same time, it is way more hygienic not having a smelly jungle down there because body hair is a great environment to grow some bacteria that enhance the odor.

Well, probably the main advantage of having a tidy groin area is your little buddy will get few inches in size. The easiest way to groom that sensitive area is to invest in pubic hair trimmers or even better – men’s body groomer. Buy one with skin-friendly blades and that it is made out of hyper allergenic materials.

Once groomed keep in like that by doing the same process once or twice a week and stay away from growing a jungle again.


thick hair menSimilar situation to grooming arms, do not go hairless unless you are a pro cyclist or a swimmer. Although it’s alright if that the way you are and want to remove hair from your legs.

Trimming with leg hair trimmer can be an option only if you have too much hair and want to slightly shorten it. You don’t want to make a stubble look, so don’t trim too short.

The second option is to get it waxed by professionals, but keep in mind that hairs grow back pretty fast. So the best solution would be to remove hair with lasers, it’s the most permanent.

One last thing, don’t take shortcuts if you decide to do anything to the lower leg, you have to do the same to the rest of it. Can you imagine that weird look of being shaved only below the knee?


Body grooming is a matter of personal preference. Men have several reasons for trimming or removing their body hair. It is either being more attractive to possible partners, sporting reason, showing off your muscles or just hygiene purposes. We hope that you know a bit more how to take care of your body. Get some useful tips before you buy the best body groomer on the market. We recommend checking out this buying guide.

Happy body grooming!

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