Body Jets & their Therapeutic Effects on the Body

When selecting the best shower system for your home, you put into consideration quite a number of things, which would work perfectly to enhance your anticipated luxury experience. You need to have your body in good shape to perfectly perform your duties without fail. Therefore, adding body jets to your shower not only ensures your home is up to the current day trend expectations but also offers you therapeutic benefits you so deserve.

What exactly is a Body Jet Shower System?

Ever heard of having the best shower system with body jets experience? Well, that’s to mean a shower system complete with body jets that might contain several shower heads, which tend to be mounted on the bathroom walls.

Here you get to experience an incredible water spray experience as the water from the walls, spray directly on various parts of your body.

The spraying details are what people commonly refer to as the walk-in shower with body jets.

The amazing thing about shower tubs (you can get the same with best shower panels : is the fact that you can easily adjust them according to your preference and body size of the various shower users.

How Does Body Jets Help My Body?

power shower with body jetsApart from their soothing and relaxing effects, body jets bring with them the effects of hydrotherapy at the comfort of your home.

So you get your favorite spa feeling while spending less.

Here is the full list of best shower body spray system ( benefits;

Eases and relaxes muscle strains

The best experience from your home shower system with jets lies in the fact that you get complete control of where you want the water from the sprays to fall.

Therefore, you can choose to carefully adjust the jets such then they get the water pressure on sore areas of your body.

Soothing effects while at it, you get that body soothing effects, which in return triggers the release of pain reliever hormones; endorphins.

Quickens the muscle injury healing process

This is more applicable to individuals who engage in constant active activities/sports such as soccer players.

Athletics and the like.

One of the known muscle recovery methods used in such field is hydrotherapy.

Through increasing body temperatures in the affected areas, the water spray jets from hot tubs improve overall blood circulation in such areas.

And with sufficient flow of blood to every muscle cell, quickens recovery.

So instead of heading to a spa for a massage, you can use a shower body jet instead.

Relieve giver to body pressure points

Therapeutic Effects on the BodyJust like there are various parts of the body, so are the pressure points.

Various medical researchers indicate that you can relieve pain and some levels of stress by triggering relevant pressure points.

Body jets make all this possible through the pressure that comes with the water sprays.

And since they focus on various parts of the body, chances are that they will at one point or the other hit the perfect spots to give you that long-lasting pain and stress relief effects.

Refreshing points

We all have those bad days right? Spending a day running up and down and withstanding all the pressure to meet tight deadlines isn’t a joke.

That’s why your body and nerves deserve a refreshing moment at the end of the day.

What better way to achieve this than through body spray showers? You can even decide to have the water either cold or warm or even both and wash away your frustrations with every water spray.

How to Install Your Body Jets/Body Showers

Contrary to what most people think, body showers and body jets possess distinct features.

And although the two of them serve the purpose of cleaning and soothing your body, body jets have far intense outcomes as compared to body showers.

Whereas body showers aim to cover your whole body with water within the shortest time possible, body jets take a little more time to get your body soaked.

Another difference is that the body shower offers a range of softer flow unlike the harder flow of body jets.

Therefore the basic size of a body shower is 4” x 4” while that of body jets is 2” x 2”.

For these reasons, it’s advisable to fix at most 4 body showers at 52” top and 35” bottom heights.

However, for the body jets, ensure they have a 14” single row apart.

Since body showers consume more water as compared to body jets, we advise you to install not more than four as having too many can affect the flow of water.

Also, be sure to maintain the body jet level at four to six for maximum benefits.

Shower Body Spray This is to ensure all your body target muscles receive sprays of water, thus minimizing the pain and soreness.

However, the height at which you fix your best shower system with body jets depends on your preference.

You also have to consider your height and those of your loved ones.

So if you have children, for instance, you would have to consider something suitable for them, if you can’t find a different space for their shower experience.

There are various body shower and body jets installation guidelines online for you to consult before you decide on the ones that perfectly match your needs.

But since we expect you to be using professional help in your installation, you shouldn’t worry much about this as the experts would listen to your anticipations and work to meet them.

Final Word

Having body jets and body showers as part of your intriguing bathroom additions would be one of the best choices you could ever make.

They are not only affordable but also largely available in a wide range of colors and designs to complement your bathroom fixtures.

They also give your bathroom that attractive finish you have been admiring for ages.

So whenever you feel that there might be something missing in your bath area, you might as well go through those body spray shower systems reviews, for a comprehensive cover.

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