Body Groomer Buying Guide 2018

Body groomer buying guide will help you decide, which body groomer is the best for you. There is a ton of different body groomers on the market, and not every one can satisfy your grooming needs. For that reason, we have put together some useful advices and tips that will help you choose the best body groomer in the market. Check our best body groomer reviews to find out more about each best body groomer.

beard grooming kitIn the past people used blades and blade holder for shaving. Days of doing everything manually are gone. Nowadays grooming routine looks pretty much completely automated. That’s the only way to keep up with the accelerated pace of life we live today. To make it easier for you when choosing the best body groomer, we have put together this body groomer buying guide.

Best body groomers allow you to get yourself a smooth and clean shave in no matter of time. What’s more, blades don’t come in the direct touch with your skin, so you are safe from cuts and bruises.

What are best body groomers?

mangroomer reviews

If you have read our best body groomers reviews you know that body groomers are super useful tools for men and women who are looking for all-in-one grooming solution.

Best body groomer combines great power, versatility, and durability. They offer you about 1 hour of runtime for the same amount of charging time.

You can pick from all sorts of different attachments, such as additional trimmers (beard trimmer, hair trimmer, nose hair trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, mustache trimmer, stubble trimmer) and combs. Let’s begin with its versatility and ability to groom almost every part of your body.


Areas of body grooming

how to trim hairBest body groomers are designed to handle pretty much all
parts of your body
. Some are better in grooming your head and trimming the beard; other are specialized in getting rid of your back hair.

Many include additional trimmers, usually built-in on the bottom of the body groomer or as a set of attachments.

Beard trimmer is the most often one along with hair trimmers. They both usually have from at least 6 up to 18 length settings to choose from. That enables you to have a constant look you want.

Slightly less common attachments are nose and ear trimmers followed by precision trimmers.

Only best body groomers are capable of grooming your back, but there is ultimate tool that gets it done with ease. It is also the best in the category of back shaving.

Foil blade shavers work best for people that shave daily and have sensitive skin. A thin metal foil prevents blades from having a direct contact with your skin, so it doesn’t get irritated.


Body grooming – Wet, dry or both?

Wet body groomers can be full waterproof or partly waterproof. In most cases they are used together with shaving foam or gel for a closer shave and to protect the sensitive skin from irritations. They can be used on just moisturized skin as well if you prefer it that way. If it says 100% watertight on the package, then you are safe to use it under the shower. Otherwise, be careful, because even if a slight amount of water comes into the battery area, it might be its end.

Dry body groomers are handier because you can use them anywhere and anytime. Pick them when you are traveling or on the go. The only bad thing is that they can irritate sensitive skin.

Wet and dry body groomers are the best picks, because you get best of the both worlds. Even though you should still be careful, they’re totally safe for use in the shower.

Great power

Cordless body groomers

best electricThere are three different types of body groomers. The first group are cordless body groomers and definitely the most common out of all three. They are also the most convenient because having rechargeable battery can usually offer you a bit more runtime than charging time.

Make sure that the body groomer is fully charged before using it, so you don’t run out of juice before you’re done. In the case you forgot to charge it after last use, some of the body groomers have a quick-charge option that enables you to get enough power for one solid shave.

Turbo feature is pretty new on the market, but some of the best body groomers have it, and it works slides through curly and thickest areas of your body with ease.

Corded body groomers

Corded body groomers usually fit in the lower price range. Keep in mind where is your closest wall socket in a room you are usually body grooming. Cords are usually not long enough to get you to the spot where you’d like to stand, most likely in front of the mirror. Do not try to use corded body groomers in the shower.

Battery-powered body groomers

cordless trimmerBatteries usually last up to few hours of body grooming so keep in mind that you should always have some additional AA batteries in the stock. Buying batteries for a long term can be much more expensive than having a rechargeable body groomer.

Anyway when you’re on the travel and have limited power supply, that’s where battery-powered body groomers shine the most. It’s a good choice for occasional use but don’t forget to take batteries out of the body groomer after you’re done. That way you will save some battery life because even though you are not using the body groomer, some juice will be lost.


Find a body groomer that will feel good in your hands while shaving. You can choose from different designs and sizes. Best body groomers have specially designed ergonomic handles which can fit in every hand. It’s also important that body groomer can reach even the most remote parts of your body. This includes back hair and of course areas below your nose and dimples.

Cleaning and maintenance

Keep your gear clean

Same as you probably would not like eating with dirty cutlery, you should apply the exact same philosophy to your grooming gear. Try to keep it clean. After each shave put blade oil on the shaving head and other used attachments. Most importantly keep it clean to avoid additional skin irritation and rashes. The best choice is to look for waterproof body groomer which can be easily cleaned under a tap.

Most body groomers usually come with a cleaning brush that can be extremely handy when your body groomer is non-washable. During the cleaning process, it’s recommended that you use a dry cloth and a cleaning brush only. For delicate cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner as well once in a while.

Fully washable body groomers can easily be rinsed under the tap. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a waterproof body groomer if it’s fully washable. Some body groomers have washable head attachments that can be detached and rinsed under a beard grooming kit

Replacement heads

Any kind of shaving equipment wears out over the time. Just like traditional straight shavers and electric razor need some maintenance, body groomers are not an exception.

The foil and blades will wear out in about a year of daily use. That’s why to trim and shave foil should be replaced at least every 6 – 12 months to maintain smoothless body grooming.

To save some money, take a closer look at body groomers you are buying. Some have additional set of foil and blades in the package other don’t. But nothing to worry about, you can find plenty of replacement parts for almost any groomer in no time.


Cordless body groomer offers you maximum mobility and there some better results. You can take them into the shower tube and move around the bathroom without having to worry about the cable.

It’s true that battery powered body groomers provide the same amount of mobility, but stick with them only when you’re traveling.

Corded body groomers have quite limited mobility on top of that the cable quite often annoys you by getting in the way of grooming.


cheap razors
Higher the price, better the body groomer? Well, we can almost entirely agree with that because parts of the grooming kit are made of the finest and expensive materials.

In our reviews, we have selected few best body groomers on the market. We believe that they offer you the most for their price.

It is worth buying a bit more expensive product because it will last for quite a while. The problem with cheaper body groomers is that blades can start getting rusty, and the battery might die after about a year of daily use.

After all, we are sure you definitely know your budget, and you will be able to find best body groomer within your price range.


At the end of our body groomer buying guide, we hope that you learned something new and found some useful tips on what to look for when buying best body groomers. Making the best decision is not always easy but with earned new knowledge it should be a bit easier.

So… Are you ready to get yourself a new grooming gear? We recommend checking detailed reviews that will give you a close comparison and best pros and cons about best body groomers out there.

If there is still any question you don’t know an answer to, we’d kindly ask you to leave a comment below, and we will try to help.

  1. Hey Nic

    Great reading, thank you.

    I can’t decide between the Wahl lithium ion Beard & Body or the Phillips Noreko bodygroom 7100 series? I want yo use it mainly for trimming arms and chest and getting the shortest trim/shave on my legs.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi John,

      Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 was made to deliver closest and smooth shave, moreover the built-in trimmer can easily trim facial and body hair.

      On the other hand Wahl Lithium Ion performs better when trimming beards or longer and curly hair, because it has one of the strongest motors in the industry.

      So my recommendation would be Wahl Lithium Ion since it will definitely perform better trimming your chest, arms and legs. On top of that it comes with a foil-shaver attachment in case you would like to shave the hair on your legs.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Nicholas

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