Best Uses Of a Portable Generator

It doesn’t matter what region of the world you live in, having a power backup source is must almost everywhere. A portable electric generator as a power backup is one of the most preferred choices of millions of consumers all around the globe.

Investing in a portable generator is a great deal as the unit can serve applications that range from basic power requirements to pre-disaster preparedness. You can check which one is the best for you in our portable generator reviews.

The versatility of portable generators brands them as one of the highly reliable machines that can be used for a variety of purposes.

A portable generator is easy and 100% safe to use.

The unit is capable of charging your cell phone and laptop in addition to providing power to plug in home appliances such as computer, refrigerator, light bulbs, etc.

A portable generator comes in handy for both indoor and outdoor purposes, and it is apt to be used in cabin and RV applications.

All you need is to buy the best portable generator that suits all your needs.

In the next section of the article, we are pinning down some of the best uses of a portable generator that makes the unit worth owning.

Saves you from boring to death during blackouts or power outages

BlackoutBlackouts and brownouts caused by small-scale power failures are frequent in several regions of the world.

For such situations, a portable electric generator having less generating capacity is suitable.

Although blackouts and brownouts exist for only a few hours, they can make you feel hopeless and act as a spoilsport.

Imagine staying in the dark with a drained out cell phone battery.

Moreover, the condition worsens in summer when you require cool air but thanks to the outage no AC or fans is running to keep the temperature at a bearable level.

Many households are having medical items and equipment such as oxygen machines and electric scooters that require electric power to run fails to operate during such situations that generate more problems.

Moreover, a blackout restricts you to use an emergency phone that can put you into a stuck during some crisis.

Sometimes, a large-scale power failure can also occur and as such, you need a powerful generator that can deliver electricity to your home and appliances, including the refrigerator, electric furnace, air conditioner, and mobile phones.

Therefore, while choosing a portable generator, you need to account for the duration and frequency of blackouts in your region and how will you connect your portable generator to the house.

Powering up essential equipment during disaster and emergencies

Portable electric generators are useful in emergency and disaster situations, including grid power failures, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other power disrupting calamities.

Powering up essential equipment during disasterIn an emergency, a portable electric generator can become a lifesaver.

An outdoor generator can help you with cooking food, run your refrigerator, turn on light bulbs, charge your mobile phones, and use other gadgets that allow you to stay connected with the outside world.

Many electric portable generators also offer ports for outlet plug-ins and USBs that can prove quite a much-desired help during emergencies.

Overall, having a portable electrical generator makes you withhold emergencies and lets you take care of yourself until the help arrives.

If you wish to buy a portable electric generator for disaster preparedness, then be sure to buy one that has a large output capacity so that all your essential appliances get sufficient power during the calamities.

Portable generators are useful in farming too

Portable generators are useful in farmingApart from finding uses in suburbs and urban areas, portable electric generators are popular among farmers in the countryside to be used during emergencies.

Disasters like storms and hurricanes cause power failures that result in a standstill of farms.

Such a situation is the worst nightmare of farmers as it can cause a huge loss to them.

For a farmer, time is money and having power failure result in undesirable consequences.

Although gas powered machines can work in such situations, but for lighting and driving modern electrical farming machinery, an electric generator is the best choice.

Portable electric generators can be used to run electrical equipment that feeds the livestock, for lighting farms and house, for keeping food fresh and continue the farming production, etc.

By installing a portable electrical generator, farmers can readily tackle a situation that might otherwise result in a halt of their production.

A must have unit for off the grid construction sites

Must have unit for off the grid construction sitesOne of the most extensive uses of an electric generator is at a construction site.

The demand of portable electric generator increases in construction sites that are off the grid.

With contractors and construction crews working on the sites, most of their power tools like nail guns, spray guns, industrial lighting, and several other units rely on the electricity provided by a portable electric generator.

High capacity generators are also available that are capable of delivering electric power to heavy machinery present in construction sites.

Features such as easy usage, easy charging and portability make portable generator a favorite among contractors and construction crews.

Outdoor events made better with portable generators

Outdoor events made better with portable generatorsApart from finding use in emergencies, portable generators are popular among people for using in outdoor events.

Powering recreational and other about with an outdoor generator have become a trend.

The reason behind the popularity is that many outdoor venues do not have a power source nearby, so a portable electric generator comes in handy.

Lighting beautiful illuminations at night in outdoor events such as festivals, family reunions, barbecues, casual parties and dance parties becomes easy with a powerful portable electric generator.

Moreover, running fans to keep guests cool, plugging in speakers to spice up the party and other gadgets can easily get power from a portable generator.

Buying a portable generator is worth it, and it comes handy in various situations.

Moreover, your outdoor event can never come to a halt due to a power failure if you have a running portable electric generator.

With an outdoor generator, you can throw parties without worrying for power outages or blackouts.

Your best camping partner

Your best camping partnerMany people rely on portable electric generators during their camping expeditions to locations having no power grid or power source nearby.

Many portable electricity generators are available that are small and have a compact design, which makes them suitable for using in camping.

Lighting bulbs and charging your devices is not a problem if you are equipped with a suitable portable electric charge.

If you are planning on going on a camping expedition, then be sure to take a portable generator with you.

With an outdoor generator, your camping expedition is going to be more fun as you do not have to worry for dying batteries and lightings.

Use in professional field work

Use in professional field workYou might not know that portable electric generators found use in different professional fieldwork.

An electric generator can power up tools and light that you may require to accomplish your job.

Archaeologists use electric generators to light up the location they are digging for research.

Moreover, craftsmen can also rely on a portable electricity generator for providing power to their tools in both a home based business and a shared tool shop.

If you have a cabin that is off the grid, then a portable generator can provide you the power required for charging your phone or for any other gadget or appliance plug in requirement.

So, sit back and enjoy the nature while a portable electric generator is providing the power you require.

Plenty of everyday usage

Portable electric generators can be used in a number of ways in everyday use.

For example, if you have a hybrid or electric car then you can use a portable electric generator to charge your car while being outdoors.

This will ensure that you will never find yourself stranded with your electric car.

Moreover, you can use an electric generator to back up your electric supply.

All you need to do is to buy a portable generator that meets all your needs and requirements.


Portable electric generators are useful units (check here how they work).

One can rely on them in various situations including emergencies, blackouts, farming, camping and outdoor events.

Adding to the qualities of portable electric generators are that they do not rely on gasoline, which makes them a clean energy source.

There are various types of portable electricity generators available in the market, and you can buy one that specifically meets your requirements.

You can narrow down your search for an electric generator by identifying power output required and intended applications you wish to use it for.

You should also identify that whether you are buying a portable electric generator for short-time blackouts, camping, outdoor events, or for any other purposes.

It is a good idea to consult a professional who can help you to select the best electric generator.

All you need to do is to go to a professional and tell him your requirements.

The professional will enlist the best portable electric generators that you should buy.

You can also go for reviews of a portable electricity generator before buying to ensure that the generator is worth your money.

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