Best Shower Faucet Reviews in 2022

The shower is often more than just a functional part of the bathroom enclosures. In many cases, the best shower faucet you can get forms a final part of the entire bathroom décor, and most of us should put more consideration while choosing this essential item.

Our 3 Top Rated Shower Faucets in 2022

1. Delta BT14296-OB Windemere
1. Delta BT14296-OB Windemere
Best overall performer and our top rated shower faucet.
2. Delta Foundations BT13210-SS
2. Delta Foundations BT13210-SS
Great price, easy install and an elegant décor.
3. Delta T17438 Lahara
3. Delta T17438 Lahara
Top Rated tub and shower faucet and one of the most clean looking shower trims.

However, there is a wide range of factors that go into influencing your shower faucet decision and as we will get to see the best match for your tub is one part that will affect the practicality of the bathroom fixtures.

Best Shower Faucet Reviews

Here’s a comprehensive overview of some of the top rated shower faucets available in the market at the moment.

Delta BT14296-OB Windemere Review

Delta BT14296-OB WindemereAs the first item from the Delta range of products, the Windemere Bath Series is leading as the best for a couple of good reasons.

While adding a whimsical touch to your bathroom is the primary goal, this unit will provide additional features to change the way you shower.

First off there, the shower faucets come with a pressure balance valve to monitor the water temperature.

And this ultimately protects you from a sudden change in the water pressure.

With the Delta Pressure Balance Valve, the water temperature is kept at a calm and safe temperature of +/-3 ° F.

Additionally, the spray settings feature a full body spray option with the Touch-Clean Spray holes enabling you to clean off any lime or calcium residue.

Delta BT14296-OB PROS:
  • Installation and use is relatively easy
  • Good water pressure
  • Easily adjustable
  • Good water conservation
Delta BT14296-OB CONS:
  • The shower valve comes separately
  • The water flow is decent but not very steady
  • Consist of only a single overhead unit

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What we think about Delta BT14296-OB:

90 %
87 %
User Rating
77 %
Our Overall Score
85 %


The Delta Windemere is another classic from the Delta shower faucets product set to offer one of the best shower experiences you could think off.

While the looks of this top rated shower faucet are rather simple and basic, their idea is to provide an affordable and convenient shower faucet.

Delta Foundations BT13210-SS Review

Delta Foundations BT13210-SSThe Delta Foundations BT13210-SS Monitor Shower trim comes in with a 2-pound weight and dimensions of 6*7*6 inches, to give your bathroom that classy and elegant décor.

The first significant feature is the hot water temperature installation that prevents problems of accidental burning from hot water due showers.

The shower faucet is also a product made of solid brass making it a long-lasting material for your shower.

The best shower faucets also combine the properties of a full body spray shower which offers a better shower experience for the whole household.


Delta BT13210-SS PROS:
  • Relatively affordable
  • Temperature control options
  • Solid and durable model
  • A multichoice universal valve body
Delta BT13210-SS CONS:
  • No cartridge

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What we think about Delta BT13210-SS:

81 %
88 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
84 %


The Delta Foundations model is one of the purest models for the average household.

With the most basic of features, the product comes at a pocket-friendly price compared to other items on this list.

Delta T17438 Lahara Review

Delta T17438 LaharaBest tub and shower faucet that could elevate your bathroom experience is the Delta Lahara Monitor 17 series shower trim.

Its ergonomic design comprises of beautiful blends of contemporary designs and mesmerizing styles.

The spray holes are made up of loose rubber material for touch-finger cleaning off the residue build-up.

Fast forward to the spray settings and users should expect a full body coverage to ensure your whole body gets the feeling of the water.

The pressure monitor works through a balance valve to control the water temperature at a constant rate during showering.

The technology does not end there as there is also H20kinetic technology to sculpt the water so that you may feel as if you have been using a lot of water, yet you are not.


Delta T17438 PROS:
  • You don’t have to fiddle with the water temperature during every shower
  • The stainless steel design offer durability
  • Multiple shower settings
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Works for both the shower and tub
  • Conserves water (WaterSense Certified)
Delta T17438 CONS:
  • No valves come with the package
  • Will need seasonal adjustments

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What we think about Delta T17438:

83 %
86 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


The Delta 1700 Series is one of the best shower tub faucet combos on the market, and the Lahara 17 Series shows the extent of the shower faucet professionalism.

The design is relatively simple and would comfortably fit in any shower décor.

Delta T17238-SS Lahara Review

Delta T17238-SS LaharaThe Lahara Series is also a forerunner in the shower faucet industry with its sleek, stylish and impressive design.

The Delta T17238-SS Shower trim features a stainless steel coat that provides a somewhat remarkable finish to the bathroom unit.

And like all Delta shower faucets, the Lahara Monitor 17 Series unit has the water temperature regulation option.

And with that, you can ensure that there is no unexpected change in the water temperature.

That is thanks to the Delta Monitor valves with an adjustable handle to control the temperature to your comfort.

The Delta faucet also comes with other advanced shower such as a pressure regulation cartridge, and a water consumption regulator for preserving water.

Delta T17238-SS PROS:
  • Stainless steel assures durability
  • Hot water regulation technology
  • Water efficient and conservationist.
  • Pressure balance regulation
  • Touch-Clean technology to eliminate dirt build-up within the spray holes
Delta T17238-SS CONS:
  • The shower head is rather small in size

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What we think about Delta T17238-SS:

83 %
85 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


There are a lot of positives that go into the reputation of the Delta Lahara shower faucet.

While some review does rank the product as nothing fancy, I still concur that it is a nice little upgrade for your shower head.

Delta T14251 Dryden Review

Delta T14251 DrydenIf a modern piece is what you seek, then the Delta T14251 Dryden Monitor 14 Series is the perfect option for your bathroom.

The faucet unit comes in a square shape offering a broad shower panel for a better shower experience for your life.

Solid brass and a stainless steel finish make up the Dryden model, forming a clean and pleasant geometric line for the great product.

The Dryden Monitor 14 series also offer a Pressure Balance Valve for temperature regulation for the water.

That is in hand, with the SpotShield Technology which provides a sleek design to resist water spots and fingerprints on the side.

For the spray holes, they are Touch-clean technology to reduce mineral build up within the unit.

Delta T14251 PROS:
  • Temperature-control technology
  • Solid brass for a durable product
  • Different spray settings
  • Easily replaceable parts
Delta T14251 CONS:
  • Needs a rough-in for the installation

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What we think about Delta T14251:

78 %
83 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
80 %


For most of the Delta Faucet Dryden Monitor model users, there is a correct impression on the qu

ality and performance of the shower faucet.

A lot of the customer reviews do indicate a viable product which can make the difference to your household.

Delta T17294-CZ-I Linden Review

Delta T17294-CZ-I LindenDelta’s prowess in classy shower faucets also exhibits itself in the T17294-CZ-I Linden model.

The design features a four settings options for integrated, shower head, hand shower, and an In2ition.

The primary structure is the shower head and handles which branches from the top, an inspiration from the nature of trees and branches.

The shower hose comes at a 69″tube with the four spray settings for the difference shower experience you may want.

The Spray holes also do feature the Touch-Clean technology for easy use and eliminate any foreign elements within the unit.

While it does look like plastic, The Delta Linden Monitor 17 series show is made from Champagne Bronze.

That adds to its durability and resistant to rust due to water exposure.

Delta T17294-CZ-I PROS:
  • The Pressure Balance control allows for water volume and temperature adjustments
  • Uses the MultiChoice rough-in valve
  • Made of durable and safe material
  • Offer different soothing experiences from the full body spray settings
  • Works for both the shower and tub
Delta T17294-CZ-I CONS:
  • Cases of poor quality material

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What we think about Delta T17294-CZ-I:

85 %
84 %
User Rating
72 %
Our Overall Score
80 %


Much of the Delta Linden 17 Series model focus on the design rather than functionality.

Additionally, the price is too high for such a product, and it would be wise to seek other models.

Delta T17294-RB-I Linden Review

Delta T17294-RB-I LindenThe In2ition model from Delta ranks as one of the best 2-in-1 shower faucets to provide water wherever you want it.

You have the option of utilizing the shower head and hand shower separately.

You can still use the two together and maximize flexibility.

The Linden 17 Series Trim Shower also comprises of dual-function valves from where you get the ultimate control of the showering experience.

You can quickly adjust the water temperature and volume to your comfort.

Independently, the Linden Bath model features a 69″ Ultra-hose with four spray setting for adjusting the water flow.

The shower faucet offers a full-body spray that enables full-coverage for all of your shower needs.


Delta T17294-RB-I PROS:
  • Two in one shower option
  • Water temperature regulation
  • Full brass make for durability
  • Flexible with a removable shower head
  • Ideal for both shower and tub clean
Delta T17294-RB-I CONS:
  • Price is relatively high

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What we think about Delta T17294-RB-I:

85 %
84 %
User Rating
72 %
Our Overall Score
80 %


The item seems excellent judging from the customer experiences and user reviews.

Anyone in search of a versatile faucet should consider the Delta Linden 17 series in bringing a modern touch to their bathroom.

American Standard 2064.724.002 Shower Faucet Review

American Standard 2064.724.002 Shower faucetThe American Standard Serin Hand Shower is the perfect essence of the simplicity that comes with hand showers.

As the primary element of the unit, the hand shower comes in at 59-inches for the dimensions with three spray patterns for maximum options to the user.

The complete kit also features a24-inch metal slide bar to support the hand shower while not in use.

There are also double check valves which regulate the cross flow between hot and cold water.

Apart from the features, the American Standard shower faucet can withstand maximum water pressure of 2.5 GPM.

Another dimension is that the total weight is only 7.2 pounds comprising of the hand shower, wall supply, shower hose and the 24″ slide bar.

American Standard 2064.724.002 PROS:
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can sustain the maximum household water flow rate
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • The shower hose allows reaching areas the shower head in unable.
  • Simplicity in the spray patterns
American Standard 2064.724.002 CONS:
  • The water output is too small

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What we think about American Standard 2064.724.002:

76 %
82 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
79 %


Although the setup of the shower faucet might look intimidating, most customers reviewed it as a natural process.

In addition to the stylish finish and the functionality, I would say that it is a recommendable addition to your bathroom.

Delta T14253-RB Vero Review

Delta T14253-RB VeroThe Vero Pressure Balanced shower Trim function with a single square showerhead, which is the perfect match for the contemporary urban living.

Its solid brass construction is made to withstand the test of time with its ability to withstand the 2.0 GPM flow rate.

Additionally, the unit maintains a pressure balance for the hot and cold water even if the valve is off.

The shower unit also handles a 1200 rotation and comes with a lever handle to limit the water flow.

On the other hand, the full body spray makes up the spray settings enabling a full-coverage of the whole body during the shower.

Delta T14253-RB PROS:
  • A water-efficient product as with all Delta products
  • The shower heads have rubber holes for easy cleaning
  • The brass finish ensure no discoloration or tarnishing of the item by water
  • Get to monitor the pressure, temperature and water flow during the shower.
Delta T14253-RB CONS:
  • The price is pretty high.
  • Requires seasonal adjustments
  • The inlet water temperature requires correct setting each shower time

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What we think about Delta T14253-RB:

76 %
83 %
User Rating
76 %
Our Overall Score
78 %


The Delta T14253-RB Vero shower faucet is an excellent option for those looking for a less-than-fancy shower head.

However, the comfort and upgrade coming from using the item do come at a hefty price.

Moen TS2712 PosiTemp Shower Trim Kit Review

Moen TS2712 PosiTemp Shower Trim KitThe first detail you will notice with the Moen TS2712 is its metallic look made from the chrome finish.

Consequently, this make has given the shower faucet a mirror-like look.

That enables the design to go with basically every kind of theme for your bathroom décor style.

Apart from the shower head, there is also a lever to enable adjusting of the water temperature and flow.

The pressure control works through the Moen Immersion technology and the PosiTemp® technology to ensure there are no sudden surges in the water pressure.

The spray option features the executive full body spray function that works on the PosiTemp valve prevalent in most household plumbing.

That also allows for the M-PACT technology to kick in and assist in facilitating the replacement of the faucet without having to change the valve.

Moen TS2712 PROS:
  • Modern and minimalistic design
  • Compatible with a wide range of valves
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Better spray power due to the sea-pressurizing technology
Moen TS2712 CONS:
  • No hand shower or hose
  • Expensive

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What we think about Moen TS2712:

76 %
81 %
User Rating
74 %
Our Overall Score
77 %


As a product from Moen, the shower faucet exhibits definite signs of quality and excellent craftsmanship.

And with a lifetime warranty on the side, you need not worry about any defects.

Best Shower Faucet Buying Guide

We will assist you in picking the most suitable faucet is this article, which will examine a good number of the factors to consider before making that final purchase and hopefully help you in the search.

What Kind of Shower Experience Do You Want?

What Kind of Shower Experience Do You WantAfter a tiring day or every morning, most people seek a revitalizing burst and often a shower is an excellent option to experience relaxation and cleanse your body.

Unfortunately, now all our showers offer a good experience and put you in a fabulous mood.

While most people don’t want to end up just standing under trickling water, they are not aware of the different showering systems that offer different experiences depending on your desire.

As of now, there are different kinds of showers.

Here is a quick overview of the prominent showers within the standard households:

  • Manual mixer showers

These are the most common showers we are familiar with, and the unit combines cold and hot water from their respective suppliers and mixes them.

The baths comprise of merely turning on the taps and the diverter switch release the water to the shower head.

Typically this is an ideal solution for shower baths as they can work with the most plumbing solutions.

  • Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic showers work similarly to the manual mixer shower but will give the user additional advantage on the control of the water temperatures.

The unit incorporates a pre-set thermostat to ensure that you can keep the heat at a consistent level.

  • Power showers

Similarly to the standard mixer shower, power shower unit also combine a mix of hot and cold water taps.

The advantage with power showers is that they have an additional feature in a booster pump.

That feature adds significant pressure to the bath to give you the soothing experience.

  • Electric Showers

While the power and mixer showers do depend on boilers, electric showers heat the water through electrical elements within the shower unit.

Consequently, the significant gain with this unit is that you can get heated water in an instant, unlike the traditional boiler.

However, that is by no means a means to have an electric shower around the clock as it depends on your electrical supply.

  • Digital Showers

best digital shower controlsFor the tech-savvy enthusiasts, shower technology presents itself digital showers.

Not only are these units are excellent in temperature control, but they also are programmable with additional wireless digital panels within the shower.

The digital showers offer a great deal of modernization within the shower and if you are looking for luxury and convenience

  • Water-saving airdrop showers

A much eco-friendly shower experience is within the water saving shower systems.

There are huge quantities of water in use for personal hygiene, and people are becoming increasingly conscious on preserving water.

As an alternative to reducing the water amount for the shower but still leave you with a refreshing and invigorating experience.

How Do You Determine the Best Shower Fixtures?

While the upgrade process may have challenges, a critical element of the evaluation process, entails you to know the following factors:

  • Choose your style picking a new shower fixture or faucet need you to consider your style regarding your shower décor. The faucet is usually the final complement fixture to other components to the bathroom.
  • Installation options – mounting your shower fixture is the main effort to any bathroom, and you should seek to choose a faucet to fit your bathroom theme. You can choose between a tub mounted; wall mounted, deck mounted faucets and freestanding mounts.
  • Type of handles – depending on your requirements you can get single, or a, multiple handles for the shower heads.
  • The model – for extra convenience you can pick a multi-purpose faucet for a combo to work for both your shower and tub.
  • Faucets make – for more permanent shower fixture it is always recommended to pick a brass build as it has more quality and tends to stand the test of time.

What Are the Benefits of the Best Shower Faucets?

Every household stands to benefit from installing one of the best shower fixtures.

Here is what you could gain from establishing such a unit:

  • High-quality shower experience
  • You get the confidence to shower when you want or need.
  • Some of the best shower faucets don’t use a lot of water which is environmentally conscious
  • Others offer a self-cleaning mechanism to remove resisting dirt from your body
  • A suitable drain could improve your mood and relieve stress from your body

What Are the Prices of Today’s Best Shower Faucets?

The best shower fixtures in the market have a broad range of prices with regards to their features and models.

For the first shower, faucets can quickly meet your need, at a budget-friendly price of as little as $30.

Additionally, for those looking for advanced shower faucets, the market also provides for dual shower options that could range to almost $250 in price.

But for the typical household, a reasonable price for an excellent shower faucet could go for about $50 or less.


While we tend to underestimate the necessity of the shower faucet, it’s high time that we got to have a nice look in this part of the bathroom. For most, the shower faucet is just equipment for the shower, but most importantly it helps to pull the bathroom décor altogether. While it may cost you a bit more than what you wanted to spend, you still get to admire the lovely look your shower will have and ultimately your bathroom.

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