Best Shower Enclosure Reviews in 2022

Best quality walk in shower enclosures are always featured as most used bathroom improvements you can get. Additionally, if you have taken the liberty to contact a contractor, re-modeler or plumber, they would still recommend getting such a shower stall. However, when it comes to choosing your enclosure, several provisions are put in mind before making that buying decision so be sure to check our reviews.

And while it does seem irrelevant taking time to consider these factor could go a long way in helping you the right choice and have an attractive feature for your bathroom.

Hopefully, this article will make you familiar with some of the underlying factors that go into choosing your shower enclosure.

Our 3 Top Rated Shower Enclosures

1. DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 Frameless Shower Enclosure
1. DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 Frameless Shower Enclosure
DreamLine Prism shower enclosure is overall the perfect complement to your bathroom.
2. DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure
2. DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure
DreamLine Elegance is one of the most recommended shower units on the market
3. DreamLine Prime Clear Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure
3. DreamLine Prime Clear Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure
It is probably one of the best small-sized showers enclosure in the market

Best Shower Enclosure Reviews for 2022

DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine SHEN 213434 04 ShowerAnother corner design shower enclosure is the DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 Prism Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure.

The Prism model comprises a stainless steel pivot bars to hold the glass door in place.

Additionally, the frameless glass enclosure has the reversible right and left doors to allow for your specific layout.

The doors come in two stationary panels with the edges having an anodized aluminium wall profiles.

The Prism glass has a coating made from ClearMax, which is an anti-lime glass coating for protection and maintenance of the shower enclosure.

The DreamLine make also has an adjustable wall profile to ensure it fits on uneven walls.

On the other hand, the magnetic door latch has a self-closing mechanism to allow for watertight closure of the shower cabinet.

DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 PROS:

Water repellent with strain resistant coating for extended durability

● The Brushed Nickel finish gives it’s a contemporary modern look

Frameless design with a sleek, stylish finish

● Extra glass reinforcement

DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 CONS:

● Needs an installation surface

● May require professional installation

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What we think about DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04:

94 %
91 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
91 %


The great news is that the shower enclosure comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry at any time about damage leaving you in a mess.

Apart from that, the DreamLine Prism shower enclosure is overall the perfect complement to your bathroom.

DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Elegance ShoweThe DreamLine Elegance Model is one of the most contemporary looking shower enclosure the market has to offer.

First off, its frameless structure stands at a model size of 34*34*72 (D*W*H) with a walking diameter of 28 inches.

The hardware finish is made of chrome to ensure a longer lasting shower for your house.

The glass structure is made up of ANSI certified tempered glass to give the shower enclosure an upscale contemporary look.

Additionally, the glass door features reversible right and left doors to allow you to fit the cabinet to your bathroom layout.

DreamLine Elegance PROS:

The design allows for an airy feeling during shower time

● The wall profiles leave adequate room for future adjustments

A water and stain resistant glass coating

● A limited lifetime warranty

● Easy installation

DreamLine Elegance CONS:

● High cost

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What we think about DreamLine Elegance:

83 %
89 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
87 %


The DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure is one of the most recommended shower units on the market.

Its simplistic yet outstanding design allows you to save space in your bathroom while meeting the standards without having to spend too much money.

DreamLine Prime Clear Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Prime Clear Framed Sliding Shower EnclosureThe DreamLine Prime Chrome and White Acrylic Base shower enclosure come with a complete kit including a sliding shower cabinet, back walls and a shower base to enable a simple pairing and quick installation.

Additionally, the kit features a neo-round sliding style door that will fit in virtually every possible corner of your bathroom, no matter the size.

The sliding door closes under a magnetic strip mechanism which s essential for a watertight closure.

The panels are both stationary with additional anodized aluminium walls profiles having one adjustment, each side.

The last feature comes in the acrylic finish that offers a scratch and stain resistant capability to keep you less worried about the look of your shower enclosure.

On the floor, you get a slip-resistant pattern to allow for safe showering without incidents.

DreamLine Prime PROS:

● Made for small-sized bathrooms

● Has a watertight enclosure thanks to the magnetic strip

Sturdy structure

Has an elegant finish

● Easy installation

DreamLine Prime CONS:

● The walls come separately

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What we think about DreamLine Prime :

84 %
87 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


The DreamLine Prime Corner sliding shower enclosure is probably one of the best small-sized showers enclosure in the market.

With its additional full kit, it is arguably a frontrunner against other DreamLine models.

VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure Review

VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo Angle Shower EnclosureThe petite-sized VIGO Piedmont Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure is the epitome of frameless glasses design.

It glass stand to accommodate out-of-plumb walls with clear tempered glass.

Overall these features make the frameless glass a somewhat unique and attractive element of the shower enclosure.

The full panels are three with both the right and left-sided installations having a reversible capability, and the centre opening.

The central door has additional seal strips on the hinges to lower circumstances of water leakage for tight door closure.

A self-closing feature is also another characteristic on the straps to keep it closed at all times.

Most of the VIGO Piedmont 36 x 36-in.

Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure hardware is made from durable brass with movable parts consisting of the stainless steel material to prevent the rust, scratch, and damage.

VIGO Piedmont PROS:

The installations allow for adjustments

● Smooth door closure

● An arm support for stability and anchoring

● Easy access to the shower with the middle opening

VIGO Piedmont CONS:

● Requires professional installation

● Quite expensive

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What we think about VIGO Piedmont:

84 %
88 %
User Rating
86 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


VIGO’s shower enclosure embraces the perfect concept of trimmed and polished glass doors to beat most models in the market.

If you can meet the price, you can surely expect to experience a new level of elegant, and amazing shower experience.

Ove Decors Breeze withwalls Premium Review

Ove Decors Breeze withwalls PremiumIf you aim to maximize your space for a shower enclosure, then the Over Decors Breeze 31-inch Shower enclosure is your best pick.

For a complete kit, you get an acrylic shower base, tempered glass door, and two stationary panels.

Additionally, the door panel has a kit handle, with the side installations having a reversible ability and acrylic modular walls.

Overall, the shower enclosure panels are made to resist damage and fade, with a tempered thick and transparent glass of 6mm dimensions.

Ove Decors Breeze PROS:

Can fit on virtually any corner

● The reversible shower door allows for comfortable layout arrangement

● Relatively easy to clean

Made of durable material

Ove Decors Breeze CONS:

● Quite expensive for the average customer.

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What we think about Ove Decors Breeze :

88 %
84 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
85 %


The unit seems to be receiving plenty of positive reviews from its buyers on different levels.

Overall, it is a fantastic shower enclosure with an incredibly sturdy to fit in basically any limited space in your home.

How to Choose Your Shower Enclosure

For your shower enclosure to become a focal point of your bathroom, there are several factors to consider for it to be functional and suitable within your bathroom.

Here are the essential elements to consider before finding the perfect shower enclosure:

1. Size

A critical factor for your shower enclosure is the space of your bathroom and the size of your shower.

Often if the shower cabin is more significant than the shower, it ends up leaking while small enclosure tends not to fit or offer the regular adjustments that you might need.

Ultimately, the best solution is to seek a shower enclosure that matches your bathroom and has a suitable shape.

2. Style

Your bathroom décor also plays a part in the type of shower enclosure that you may want.

As of now, there exist different forms available for your attachment, and if you are not sure, you can look around and get one you feel goes well with the bathroom arrangement.

3. Safety

The bathroom is a vital area to ensure safety, and your shower enclosure plays a part in this critical aspect.

The first option on protection is to get an enclosure with thick glass, with most recommending a 6mm glass as a safety measure.

Additionally, frames also form part of the safety recommendation as they go into protecting the glass from damage on the edges.

Depending on your desire frames are made from different materials including plastic, metal or rubber.

4. Features of the enclosure

While some enclosures offer a full set, some units come separately.

Although it is not commendable to buy the cabinet separately, purchasing in parts allows you to customize and become adventurous in the arrangement.

Additionally, the shower tray should fit the size of your bathroom and the shape of the shower to avoid unnecessary leaks.

The base should also compatible structures to your bathroom.

5. Ventilation

Moisture, mildew and mold buildup are the leading causes of damage to the shower enclosure.

Usually, to avoid such a scenario it is always good to install steam room kits or ensure adequate air circulation within the bathroom.

Shower Door Styles

glass showerAs probably the most prominent part of your shower enclosure, the door is a priority we often take for granted.

As such it is wise to pay attention to the model of entry and its characteristics before settling on design in general.

While there exists a wide variety of door styles and designs to choose from, the following are some of the most common models available

Bypass door

These sliding doors take up the least space within the bathroom, with only two adjustable panels that slide past each other.

The most popular installation method is to have the shower system or shower panel in the corner of the shower room as a stand-alone shower.

Pivot doors

The typical swing-open doors only feature two panels, with one entry that opens in the outward.

However, they can be modified to swing both sides.

The pivot doors are also a good option if your bathroom is too small for a bypass door to open.

Depending on the features shower door attachments, we have several models including

Frameless Enclosure

Those seeking elegance should seek such a model as it features a single panel with the pivots moving out to have a stylish and structurally sound finish.


If you are in search of a borderline frameless door but not entirely, then this is a custom option to match your fixtures.

The door features a frameless door having polished edges and a pull handle to open.

Additionally, there is a perimeter frame that has a continuous hinge running the full length of the glass door.

Framed Enclosures

The more economical version of the shower glass doors is the framed enclosure.

They come in with fully framed glass and magnets on the strike side to have a proper seal.

Consequently, all these features strip down to ensuring that the door is waterproof

Shower Enclosure Installation

Although shower installation and plumbing are jobs best left to the professionals, some individuals are competent at installing their units.

If you fall into such a category, then the following upgrade steps are an excellent start to a DIY shower door installation.

Tools needed

  • Tape measure
  • Silicone caulking
  • Hacksaw
  • Electric drill
  • Clawhammer
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sealant gun


  • Dry-fit your bathroom’s bottom rail and mark the edges to guide you during the placement of the silicone caulking on the bottom
  • Use a level to ensure the door rails are plumb and identify the necessary anchor holes
  • Place the silicone caulking on the curb and the markings you made earlier to prepare the bottom rail
  • Set the door rails in place and use the silicone caulk on the tracks to prevent potential leaks outside the shower
  • Slowly set the glass panels in place and any other vertical rails
  • Install the shower glass door and screw in the hinges, after rubbing glazing strips on the glass edges
  • Caulk any joints and frames that meet the walls.


If you are to spend any of your finances in renovation your bathroom, then choosing a shower enclosure is worth the effort.

The best part is that you rarely go wrong with a shower enclosure and it would be an invaluable addition to your household and improve your showering experience.

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