Best Rain Shower Head Reviews in 2022

Best Rain Shower Head simulates the experience of standing in the rain. See in our rain shower head reviews what important factors to consider when you’re buying this kind of shower head for your bathroom.

Most of us leave the house early and we usually start our day with a morning shower.

You can of course soak in a tub to wash up, but in today’s harried lifestyle that’s not exactly practical for a morning routine.

With a shower, you can be clean quickly and efficiently, and the running water can really wake you up and be ready to face the day.

But have you ever really considered what kind of shower or shower heads you want to have? Shower panels are also very popular lately.

You actually have several options available and many people these days are opting for a rain shower head instead of the conventional variety.

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews for 2022

Moen S6320 Velocity 8″ Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead Review

Moen S6320 Velocity 8" Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead with Immersion Technology at 2.5 GPM Flow RateThis high end rain showerhead offers 4 different looks and 2 different shower options. It’s utterly reliable, but the price reflects its premium status.

Many people have come to recognize the sheer delight of rain shower heads, but not all of these products are equal in quality.

Some offer the same gentle shower each time, while others may not last all that long.

But the Moen S6320 Velocity offers a truly high quality shower experience, and you should buy it if you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

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Moen S6320 Rainshower Showerhead Review

The Moen S6320 Velocity is a round shower head disk that offers coverage of 8 inches in diameter.

The actual shower disc measures 10.3 by 9.5 inches. It’s a wall-mounted model, but it only weighs 2.5 pounds despite the use of metal and bronze.

It comes in 4 different looks, so you can pick among antique bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

The Moen technology provides up to three times as much spray power as other rain shower head brands.

It offers two functions for you. One uses up all the 100 nozzles for a gentle rinse that simulates rain, while the other concentrates the coverage with just 30 nozzles so you can get the full cleansing effect of the 2.5 GPM water flow rate.

That means you can get the features of a best shower head whenever you want. You just need to flip a lever to get the shower function you want.

It already comes with an arm that lets you direct the stream to a particular direction.

But if you want to hang it from the ceiling, you’ll need to buy the extension arm.

It features rubber spray formers, which makes it easy to clean off any mineral deposits that accumulate.

Finally, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty for finish defects, drips, and leaks if it is used by homeowners.

For commercial use, it still comes with a 5-year warranty which is also quite lengthy.

Moen S6320 PROS:
  • The first thing you really notice about the Moen S6320 is its look.
  • It really looks fabulous and seems apt for a hotel room or a mansion.
  • With the options available, you can get the look you want that suits the interior design of your bathroom or one that matches your preferences.
  • As it is wall mounted, there’s no real need for a plumber to help you install it.
  • You can also remove the flow restrictor with just a screwdriver if you want.
  • The two functions also offer you either a gentle rinse or a massaging spray, and changing functions is very easy and simple.
  • And the Moen customer support is excellent.
Moen S6320 CONS:
  • What’s not easy is paying the price, however. This is a high-end product, and it has the high price to match. But some may find the price worth the investment, as you can really expect to use this for many years to come.

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What we think about moen rain shower systems:

96 %
87 %
User Rating
95 %
Our Overall Score
93 %

If you can afford the Moen S6320, then this is the rain shower head to get.

Installation is quick, and it will last for a very long time. And it will look great in your bathroom too!

AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head Review

AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower HeadWith the AKDY AZ-6021 shower head, you will be able to simulate the gentle experience of a rain shower. Learn more about it here.

A lot of people decide to get rid of their conventional shower heads after they’ve tried the rain shower experience perhaps in a hotel or in a friend’s house.

Of course, it all depends on the rain showerhead you get, but the AKDY AZ-6021 is a better than average product that epitomizes the advantages of this type of showerhead.

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AKDY AZ-6021 Shower Head Review

This is a square-design showerhead that measures 8.25 inches on each size.

The body is lightweight so your shower arm doesn’t strain from the weight, and the lighter build also leads to greater water pressure.

And it also looks good, as it comes with brushed chrome construction along with a solid plastic finish around the perimeter.

Inside it, you have 100 rubber nozzles to simulate a rain shower experience, and the rubber nozzles allow you to easily clean off the mineral deposits that accumulate over time.

With the 8-inch coverage, you have a fairly spacious area where the water drops so you can get water all over your body right away.

  • This product truly offers a gentle rain shower experience.
  • The installation won’t stress you out since it’s very easy to do and the aesthetics also add to the pleasure of taking a shower.
  • With the gentleness of the shower, you can also protect your hair better if it easily breaks under string water pressure.
  • All in all, you get a superb rain showerhead that truly delivers.
  • And you even get a 1-year warranty for the parts.
  • Maintenance is a breeze, as you can just rub the nozzles with your hands to get rid of the mineral deposits and then you can rinse it off with water.
  • So what’s the bad news? For one, with this price range you only get one setting.
  • And you also need to buy the optional shower arm, so that you can more easily adjust its height and its angle.

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What we think about best rain shower:

96 %
96 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
95 %

If you’re curious as to what a rain showerhead feels like in your bathroom, you can start with by buying the AKDY AZ-6021.

It offers a non-fuss experience in terms of installation and usage, and the gentle shower experience will be an eye-opening experience for you.

It’s solidly built, so you can expect it to last for quite a while.

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerThe H2oVibe Rain Showerhead offers the same experience of singing in the rain. You get a gentle shower and a speaker plays music from your smartphone so you can sing along to it.

Many of us love to sing in the shower, because bathroom acoustics are usually excellent and we don’t have to worry about being out of tune.

The problem is that often the lack of musical accompaniment doesn’t enhance the experience, and you can easily forget the lyrics.

You can solve both problems by bringing your smartphone or iPod in the bathroom, but you risk damaging your phone.

But there’s another solution: the H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet.

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H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Review

The main feature you’ll probably notice here is the wireless Bluetooth speaker, which connects wirelessly from up to 33 feet away.

It’s easy to install, and it helps keep your smartphone safely dry and out of the way while you enjoy the crisp clean sound that keeps you in tune and helps remind you of the lyrics.

It even comes with a dual microphone system so that you can just push a button to answer calls.

It’s battery-operated, and the batteries are included in the purchase. All you need to do is make sure to charge your batteries and you get 8 to 11 hours of play time.

It’s also detachable, so when you’re done with your shower you can just as easily detach it so you have a portable speaker system with you for use in other rooms.

The showerhead measures about 8.8 inches across, and even if you don’t enjoy the music you’ll appreciate the even and consistent water pressure you get.

The showerhead body is plastic so it’s light, but its chrome finish looks good.

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead PROS:
  • From the start you’ll appreciate the aesthetics of the showerhead, and it’s also a relief to discover that it is very easy to install.
  • Pairing the speaker system to your smartphone is a snap. Another advantage to the H2oVibe is that its sound quality is better than what you may expect. The volume can be set loud without sounding tinny at all. This means you can save your smartphone from an untimely watery end and keep it safely outside the bathroom. And you can even take calls without having to scramble out of the shower.
  • The shower itself is excellent even without the speaker. It comes with rubber tips in the water ports so each single stream of water offers consistent and even water pressure.
  • Finally, there’s the price. It’s much more affordable than you think given the quality of the build and of the sound.
H2oVibe Rain Showerhead CONS:
  • Of course, you may notice that you don’t get different settings for your water pressure, but then you can’t expect such a feature at this price range.

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What we think about this best rainfall showerhead:

96 %
95 %
User Rating
92 %
Our Overall Score
95 %

If music is so important to you that a shower experience doesn’t seem complete without it, then get this rain showerhead right away.

It’s unbelievably affordable, yet it will provide the experience you have always wanted.

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead Review

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR ShowerheadYou get what you pay for, and that’s true of the Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead. Learn more about its features in this review.

If you’re looking for the Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour in your local retail store, you’ll need to know how to pronounce the name of this German brand (“HANS-grow-hee”).

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that because you can easily buy this product online.

You will want to look for this rain shower head model if you want wider coverage during every simulated rain shower experience.

And it also offers advanced features you won’t find in most of its competitors, which makes it fairly unique.

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Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Review

With the Hansgrohe 27474001, you have two design options, the chrome and the brushed nickel.

Either way, you have fully chrome or nickel-plated finishes that helps extend the lifespan of the spray disc. Both look stylishly contemporary, and will easily go with modern interior designs.

The main feature you’ll notice that makes it different (and better) than other ran showerheads is the size of the coverage.

The shower is shaped like a circular disk and its diameter measures 9.4 inches.

That provides you with a truly wide spray so you feel almost like you’re out in the wild while a rain shower cuts loose.

But that’s just the start. The shower head is equipped with advanced technology that enriches the water droplets with air.

So these droplets feel somehow fuller and yet softer, as if rain water droplets are falling from the sky.

These droplets are very different from the steady spray of the water jet you get from traditional shower heads.

Take note that the rainfall rate can be adjusted here. So it’s like being able to control the strength of the rain shower you want to be under.

You can opt to relax under a light and gentle rain, or you can go to the other extreme and experience how it feels like to stay under the downpour of a waterfall.

It also comes with the “QuickClean” function. The nozzles are reinforced with flexible silicon, so you can easily just rub off the dirt and lime scale deposits that build up because of calcium carbonate in your water.

It comes with a 1-year warranty, which is standard in the industry.

Hansgrohe 27474001 PROS:
  • In a nutshell, this is one of the best rain shower heads available today, although this was launched circa 2010. Yet that’s a good thing for you, since you can read numerous long term reviews confirming the Hansgrohe’s durability.
  • First of all, it looks terrific. It will stay that way for a very long time, and all you need to do to maintain the finish is to swipe it with a paper towel.
  • You won’t need to get a special stainless steel cleaner to eliminate the hard water stains on the finish.
  • But it doesn’t just offer visual pleasure. It offers a rain shower experience that’s truly sublime.
  • The wide coverage means it really does feel like you’re outdoors caught in the rain, and you also have the capability to dictate what kind of rain it is you’re standing under.
Hansgrohe 27474001 CONS:
  • Yet it does have a few drawbacks you need to consider. The installation can be tricky, so even Hansgrohe itself recommends that you get a pro to install it for you.
  • Then the price is also much higher than what you would expect. You pay a price for the fantastic design, durability, adjustable settings, and easy maintenance.
  • And you still need to spend more money because you’ll have to buy an extension arm to get the full benefits.

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What we think about best rain shower head with high pressure:

96 %
81 %
User Rating
95 %
Our Overall Score
91 %

We recommend that you buy the Hansgrohe 27474001 if the price is within your budget, and if not you may want to consider saving up for it anyway.

Many who have tried this shower head out say that it offers the best rain shower experience ever.

American Standard 1660.683.002 10-Inch Review

American Standard 1660.683.002 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean ShowerheadThe 10-inch American Standard Rain Shower Head offers a soothing shower experience. Find out if its features fit your needs by reading this review.

Who doesn’t like the feeling of standing in a rain especially when you’re in your own bathroom instead of getting wet outside in your work clothes?

American Standard knows that many people want this, and it’s this kind of knowledge that has made the company so popular that their products are found in 3 out of every 5 homes in the US.

Right now one of their best-sellers is the American Standard 1660.683.002 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean Showerhead.

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American Standard 1660.683.002 Review

The American Standard 1660.683.00 comes in either polished chrome or satin nickel finish.

It offers a 10-inch diameter shower disk, although the nozzles are arranged in a somewhat square-like pattern.

It’s usually mounted on the ceiling, and it offers rain water flow at a rate of 2.5 gallons a minute. It’s very easy to install and clean.

The build is quite durable, and it’s very reliable. It’s also made to resist tarnishing, scratches, and corrosion.

It’s expected to last for a very long time, and American Standard even offers a limited lifetime guarantee.

Its water flow direction does turn inward a bit so you need to make sure you don’t install it too high up.

This means while you start with a 10-inch spread when the water drops from the spray disc, by the time it reaches the floor it may only hit an area that measures only 4 inches or so.

American Standard 1660.683.002 PROS:
  • First off, the large spray disk offers wide coverage, especially if it’s not mounted too high up.
  • It’s simple to use, actually, and that’s not surprising when you consider that installation and maintenance are both easy too.
  • Its looks are also quite stunning, and you can expect it to look good for quite a while.
  • You’ll only need to dust it every now and then.
American Standard 1660.683.002 CONS:
  • However, it’s not exactly what you may consider cheap.
  • And the ceiling-mount configuration means you can’t really adjust the direction of the water flow as it will just fall down directly.
  • But that’s not really true; you also have to take note that if you install it too high up then the coverage decreases.

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What we think about this best rain showerhead:

89 %
88 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
90 %

This is a very reliable rain shower head that delivers a simple yet soothing rain shower experience.

If that’s what you want, then get the American Standard 1660.683.00 10-inch shower head.

You won’t regret it.

Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead Review

Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan Single-Setting ShowerheadThe Delta RP52382 offers a single setting full body shower spray that mimics the feeling of a rain shower. See how its features are delighting many users.

Many hotels these days offer a rain shower head to really make their guests’ stay an enjoyable experience.

The Delta RP52382 is one of those rain shower heads you can find in hotel rooms, but you can certainly enjoy this at home too.

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Delta RP52382 Review

The Delta RP52382 measures 8.75 inches in diameter, and it is available in chrome, polished brass, stainless, and Venetian bronze finish.

It only comes with a single setting, but it does offer wide coverage. The water flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute.

It offers a spray face that’s easy to clean due to its “Touch Clean” design, and it even comes with a limited lifetime guarantee that covers parts and defects in the finish.

Also, the shower head goes well with other Delta bathroom fixtures, so you can include a handheld shower head to go along with it.

Delta RP52382 PROS:
  • This shower head looks great, but what really sets it apart is its excellent water pressure.
  • You won’t have to remove the flow restrictor (aka the “nanny ring”) to get decent flow rate.
  • In fact, the spray is quite comfortable while it also saves water usage.
  • The coverage is also wide enough so you can just stay in place and not worry about not getting water all over your body.
  • As a bonus, cleaning it is easy and you don’t have to spend all that much to buy it.
Delta RP52382 CONS:
  • However, you do need to get a separate shower arm and you will have to settle for a single shower setting every time.

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What we think about best rain showerhead:

95 %
93 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
94 %

If all you want is to have a nice and comfortable rain shower experience each time, then the Delta RP52382 should be strongly considered.

Installation and maintenance are easy, the shower experience is fantastic, it looks great, and the price is just right.

Grohe 28373000 Rainshower™ Cosmopolitan 210 8″ Shower Head Review

Grohe 28373000 Rainshower(TM) Cosmopolitan 210 8" Shower headThe Grohe 28373000 Rainshower™ Cosmopolitan 210 8″ Shower Head is one of the more expensive rain shower heads out there, but it has quite a few loyal fans. In this review we reveal if its features justify the high price tag.

Getting drenched in the rain may be a rather annoying experience when you’re in your work clothes in public, but it is an enjoyable and fun experience in the bathroom.

You can get that same feeling every time you take a shower with the Grohe 28373000 Rainshower™ Cosmopolitan 210 8″ Shower Head.

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Grohe 28373000 Rainshower Review

The Grohe 28373000 is a ceiling mounted shower head that mimics how a rain shower would feel.

It’s a round disc that measures 8.25 inches in diameter and it features up 20 120 spray nozzles to get you completely drenched.

With its advanced technology, water distribution is equal among all the nozzles, while the “SpeedClean” tech protects against lime scale buildup.

The ball and socket design lets you rotate the shower head up to 15 degrees and it offers a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

It is available in brushed nickel, polished nickel, or starlight chrome, and regardless of the finish you get it won’t scratch and tarnish.

Grohe 28373000 PROS:
  • First off, no matter what finish you pick it really looks good. If you’re concerned about how your bathroom looks, you need not worry about this shower head at all.
  • However, you need to keep the spray disc level instead of tilting it 15 degrees. Otherwise, it’ll just look a bit “off”.
  • And what’s more, when the spray disk is flat the water stream is so much better.
  • You have more nozzles here than what you can usually find in other rain shower heads, which normally features only 100 nozzles at the most.
  • The quality of the build is excellent, and maintenance is also very easy.
  • Its protection against lime scale means you can just remove the lime scale with your fingers.
  • It also comes with limited lifetime warranty.
Grohe 28373000 CONS:
  • On the other hand, it is quite pricey, especially when you consider that there’s only one setting.

Get all details about ceiling mount rainfall shower head at

What we think about ceiling mounted rain shower head:

86 %
82 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

This Grohe 28373000 should be considered if you have a flexible budget and you want a dependable rain shower head.

This one offers a singularly soothing shower and it also looks great with minimal maintenance requirements.

ALFI RAIN16R 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head Review

ALFI brand RAIN16R 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower HeadThe ALFI RAIN16R provides a large showerhead coverage area, and it looks great. Find out if it’s the one you should get by reading this review.

Thick shower heads can be too disruptive for some bathroom interior designs, but the ALFI RAIN16R is anomalously so thin that it seems almost insubstantial.

But its finish does look great, and what’s more, its size is more than sufficient for a full body shower.

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ALFI brand RAIN16R Review

Let’s start with the unique dimensions of the ALFI RAIN16R. First off, it is only 2mm thick.

That’s about 1/16 of an inch. Yet it also features a humongous 16-inch diameter spray disk, and that’s quite huge when it comes to shower coverage.

It also comes with a swivel adapter, so if you don’t want your water streams to come straight down you can angle the shower head instead.

You also get a brushed stainless steel finish, which resembles a brushed nickel look.

However, with this finish you won’t have to worry about fingerprint marks all that much.

The other important feature to note here is that it comes with clear rubber nozzles so you can clean it easily if a nozzle gets clogged.

In fact, it also comes with 5 replacement nozzles just in case.

  • This is quite a large shower head, so you’ll really get drenched and it really feels like you’re caught in the rain.
  • That makes for a singularly fine shower and to add to your enjoyment it looks fantastic too…
  • Another surprise here is the price, which is very reasonable even for a smaller spray disk.
  • At this size, the price is unbelievably low as some of its competitors offering the same size can fetch as much as ten times the price of the ALFI RAIN16R.
  • Yet despite the low price, it works really well and the installation is easy too.
  • And the water pressure is quite nice and even, and it even does its job well when you tilt it.
  • It’s main drawback is that you can’t mount it on your bathroom wall, as it is too big and heavy for that. What that means in practical terms is that you better buy some shower cap for your head if you don’t want to get your hair wet.
  • There’s really no way for you to angle this so only your body and not your hair gets wet.

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What we think about high pressure rain shower head:

89 %
91 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
92 %

This product is a true bargain, and the huge coverage really does simulate a rain shower experience.

Just stand underneath the ALFI RAIN16R, and enjoy yourself!

Grohe 27135000 Rainshower 6.25″ Showerhead Review

Grohe 27135000 Rainshower 6.25" ShowerheadThe Grohe 27135000 only measures 6.25 inches, yet it’s quite pricey. Find out if its features justify the price tag.

Sometimes we want different ways of showering depending on our needs. Or our moods. And if that’s the case, then you need to consider the Grohe 27135000.

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Grohe 27135000 Rainshower Review

The Grohe 27135000 measures only 6.25 inches and you’ll need to purchase a separate showering arm.

It’s made with a special kind of hard plastic (ABS) that’s durable even at low temperatures.

But it doesn’t really look plastic-y, as you can choose between bronze, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and starlight chrome.

With any of these finishes, you get a surface that’s not only appealing but is also resistant to tarnishing and scratches.

Yet despite the rather tiny spray disc (most rain shower heads measure at least 8 inches in diameter), the Grohe 27135000 actually offers 4 different types of spray patterns.

The rain pattern offers a wide and even coverage. The Jet provides a focused spray that will invigorate you. The Pure pattern gives you a laminar flow that’s quite relaxing.

Finally, there’s the Champagne Spray that provides an effervescent water stream with droplets infused with air.

Then you also get the “SpeedClean” feature, which helps you deal with lime scale build up easily.

You get a lifetime warranty for the finish, and you also get a limited lifetime warranty for the shower head itself if you’re in the US.

Grohe 27135000 PROS:
  • The Grohe 27135000 offers a wide range of spray features that lets you enjoy a variety of showering experiences.
  • This is especially great for showers that are used by multiple members of the family, who may have different preferences.
  • It looks gorgeous, and the SpeedClean protection means you can get rid of the lime scale buildup easily by hand.
Grohe 27135000 CONS:
  • This rain shower head is on the pricey side, but considering the features it’s actually a bargain.
  • Perhaps the only drawback to this shower head is that the customer support may be somewhat inconsistent especially if you contact them by phone.
  • And if you’re not in the US, you don’t get the lifetime warranty.

Get all details about best rainfall shower heads at

What we think about best rainfall shower head:

86 %
89 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

Its price may be a bit high, but there are lots of other rain shower heads that cost more and they lack many of the excellent features offered by this Grohe product.

If you can afford it and you want some variety in your shower preferences, this Grohe 27135000 is definitely the one to get.

American Standard 1660.680.002 8-Inch Shower Head Review

American Standard 1660.680.002 8-Inch Rain Easy Clean ShowerheadThis is the smallest version of the American Standard 1660.680.002 rain shower head. Find out what features it has to offer in this review.

There are many factors to consider when you’re buying a shower head that simulates a rain shower experience.

First of all, you will need wide coverage, easy installation, good price, and of course, it should look great.

But you don’t have to search long and hard to find a shower head that meets these requirements.

You can get all these with the American Standard 1660.680.002 rain shower head.

Get more information about this high flow rain shower head on

American Standard 1660.680.002 Review

The American Standard 1660.680.002 rain shower head offers 8-inch diameter shower coverage, and that’s more than enough for many people.

This round shower head is made of brass instead of plastic, and available finishes include oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and satin nickel.

It must be mounted on the ceiling to work, and it will offer a comfortable shower experience that feels like standing in the rain.

It comes with a 2.2-gallon per minute flow rate, and it is also certified by WaterSense so you know it uses water efficiently.

Installation is a simple matter, and the spray face is easy to clean. It even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

American Standard 1660.680.002 PROS:
  • Everything good about the American Standard 1660.680.002 tends to be connected to its simplicity.
  • You just install it parallel to the floor, and the water falls straight down like rain without strong wind.
  • The installation is very simple, maintenance is easy, and it will also fit your bathroom interior design with the options available.
  • It’s also quite affordable, and that makes it a very good choice as well.
  • This is especially true in light of its warranty.
  • It is even certified to be efficient in its water usage.
American Standard 1660.680.002 CONS:
  • Of course, there’s the matter of a lack of options concerning the spray pattern.
  • But expecting such advanced features in this price range is simply unrealistic.

Get all details about this best rainfall shower head at

What we think about best rainfall shower head:

86 %
93 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
91 %

If your budget is limited, then your options are limited too.

But this 8-inch shower head is a value for money option, and with it, your experiences in the shower would be markedly better than if you used a conventional shower head.

What is a Rain Shower Head?

So what makes this kind of shower head different from the rest? Basically, it is designed to simulate the experience of showering in the rain instead of getting hit by a water jet from a regular shower head.

Usually the first thing you’ll notice is that the installation of the rain shower head is on the ceiling, as opposed to the wall. With regular shower heads the water comes out from the side. With the rain simulation head, you experience the water directly from above, just like real rainfall.

Like other normal showers or shower heads this new version has several small holes through which the water passes through. The look of the new shower head is different, though, as usually you have a thin round or square disk instead of a shower head that looks like the end of a telephone handset.

They’re often larger too which means water will be sprayed all over your body instead of being concentrated on a small area.

In addition, many advanced models of this type of shower head offer settings you can adjust according to your preference.

Some have a pulse mechanism that lets you experience the water in droplets instead of steady streams, like a real shower in the streets.

You may a gently pulsating rain experience to help you relax, or you can set the setting to a soaking rain storm that can really clean you thoroughly and wake you up too.

There may also be a setting that lets you wash with a trickle of water, so you can save water or you can enjoy a long shower without wasting too much water.

Advantages of Rain Shower Heads

So why would you pick a rain shower head over the regular variety? There are several good reasons:

This is an important factor when you’re also trying to sell your home. This kind of shower head can have your potential homebuyers imagining the experience of showering in the rain every day, and that can really spur offers.

  • You also get more water coverage, so you won’t have to contort yourself to get each part of your body wet when you clean up. That makes for a great shower experience, especially when you have a seat in the shower stall and you just want to rest up after a hard day. It’s really like being out in the rain. It seems everywhere you go you have water dropping on you, and that can be a really relaxing experience.
  • Speaking of relaxation, these rain shower heads can give you a soothing showering experience. After all, you can get rain droplets to fall on you, instead of harsher water jets that may feel too sharp. So that means you can shower in comfort, which can really feel great especially after a grueling day in school or at the office. It really soothes your tired muscles and helps you rest up for the night.
  • You also get more options to suit a particular preference. With a pulsating rain massage you can wash away the soreness of your tired muscles. You can opt for a water-saving trickle so you can spend a longer time in the shower without feeling guilty that you’re wasting a precious resource. And when you need it, you can also get a strong rain shower to really feel clean and rejuvenated.

How Do I Find the Best Rain Showerhead for Me?

This is a good question, and it’s not always a good idea to base your choice simply on the price. Instead, you need to consider other factors so that you can get a great shower head that offers a lot of value for your money.

  • The first thing you need to consider is the installation system. Is it mounted on the wall, or does it hang from the ceiling? Do you already have a shower arm that supports your choice? If not, you will need to also buy a new shower arm to go with your new shower head. Here is when you can read up on manufacturer’s product info so you can get accurate specs.
  • Then you’ll need to consider the quality. It should last for quite a while and it shouldn’t be prone to constant breakdowns. It should also be very easy to use. Here you’ll want to read trustworthy reviews on rain shower head models so you’ll get a more accurate view of how good a shower head really is. You can find out whether they keep breaking down or if people find it too difficult to use. Reading best rain shower head reviews is generally more accurate than simply trusting advertisements.

Take note of the shower head’s features regarding resistance to scratches, tarnish, and of course corrosion. You’ll also want to note of the warranty period.

  • Then you’ll need to consider the size of the shower head, and that means taking the diameter into account. If you want an authentic rain shower experience that feels like you’re out in the streets when the rain drops on you, then you’ll want something bigger so the water falls in all of you evenly. You’ll want a shower head that measures at least 8 inches in diameter, although you really should go for something that’s closer to 10 inches.
  • Spray setting features should also be considered. If you have simple tastes and all you need is a basic rain shower experience every time, then you can save money by getting a simple rain shower head with no extra settings. But if you tend to have different moods and preferences for when you shower, then you need a shower head that offers the settings you may want to use.

So for example, a good option here is to get a shower head with 3 different settings. One offers a strong and drenching rainfall experience that can really wake you up in the morning and clean you quickly and efficiently. The second may offer a massaging rain shower designed to soothe sore muscles after working hard or working out vigorously in the gym. And the other option is for a rain mist setting that reduces water flow to a trickle, so you can shower for a longer period of time without using up to much water.

  • Then you also need to consider the design. An ugly shower head can really be detrimental to your mood, and it doesn’t help you mentally prepare for the start of the day or for relaxation after a hard day. Aesthetic considerations are crucial, as they can affect your mood. If it’s in the guest shower, then you’ll want one that looks good so you can impress your overnight guests. And this is also important if you’re selling your home, as an ugly shower head can really turn off potential homebuyers.

One thing you can do is to match the other fixtures in your bathroom. So if you have chrome taps, then a chrome shower head will fit right in.

  • Of course, budget should also be considered. You’ll also need to factor in the water consumption so you’ll know if and by how much your water bill may increase.

Most adults have grown accustomed to using standard shower heads that have water jets, but don’t you miss the experience of standing in the rain?

Such experiences were fun especially when you were young, but now that you’re an adult it doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the feeling.

And what’s more, you can do so in ways that suit you more. You don’t have to feel too cold because of the wind, and in fact in your shower you can also adjust the temperature of the water.

So imagine a rain fall of warm water enveloping your whole body…It can be as strong or as gentle as you want. You can have the water drop on your body evenly so you don’t have to constantly move around in the shower to wash every bit of you.

Get a quality rain shower head, and a relaxing and invigorating rain fall experience can be yours every day.

  1. Did you enjoy in a rainy day when you were a kid? Now you can get that fealling every day 🙂

  2. Showering with hard water leaves your skin and hair feeling dry. Using water that has reduced chlorine as well as other water pollutants will make your skin and hair healthier.

  3. “Raining every day in my bathroom”- A rain shower can give you a raining feeling everyday through your bathroom.

  4. I love raining. You know, I go to the roof when the rain is started. But didn’t try any rain shower head for a while. Actually, I am blessed by watching this rain showerhead review. No, I will ready to buy a rain shower head. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. I love hearing the raindrop and a rain shower can give you a raining feeling every day through your bathroom. LoL. Anw, thanks for sharing this with us.

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