Best Radiant Floor Heating Reviews in 2022

Best radiant floor heating offers you a unique way of maintaining proper heat levels in your house. But with this type of heating, you will require an expert to install the heating system within the floor of your home.

So this comes in handy for individuals working with limited space.

The radiant heat first reaches the walls/floor before mixing with the air to give your home that warm feeling it so deserves, once that’s done.

So are you interested in this kind of heating?

If so keep reading through to get more information and our top radiant floor heaters reviews.

Best Radiant Floor Heating Reviews in 2022

Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Review

20 Sqft Mat, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing ThermostatIf you are searching for a radiant floor heating system that uses electricity in its operations, then you got a deal with this one.

The Warming Systems product is a 20 Sq.ft. Mat, which measures 20” wide and 12” in length.

You will require a 120-volt electrical circuit to get it running.

The electric mat comes with a flexible mesh that can be quickly cut into a shape you so desire.

It also contains a digital floor thermostat that gives you the chance to customize the heater and set the best room temperature according to your mood.

With this electric mat, you don’t have to worry about the floor of your home as it can correctly work with bricks, ceramic tiles, laminate, carpets, etc.

Its elements measure not more than 1/8-inches thick thus doesn’t interfere with the floor level.

Warming Systems Mat PROS:
  • Works on multiple floors
  • Doesn’t raise the level
Warming Systems Mat CONS:
  • Relatively small mat

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What we think aboutWarming Systems Mat:

88 %
90 %
User Rating
79 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


The Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heater is simple to establish and comes with high-quality materials.

And with the flexibility it brings, we find it recommendable at its price.

Heatwave Electric Floor Heating System Review

15 Sqft Electric Floor Heating System with Required GFCI Programmable ThermostatThe Heat Wave brand sands among the most respected manufacturers of home appliances and it doesn’t disappoint with this electric floor heating system.

This electric heater from Heat Wave is a 15 Sq.ft heating mat that measures 20-inches wide and 9 ft.Long.

It comes with a unique set of GFCI Thermostat that operates at 120 VAC.

Its construction is out of a sturdy heating cable that could last for over 20 years.

The Heat Wave product comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty in the US and Canada regions.

It also comes with a “safe to use” label on wet locations.

With this electric floor heater mat, you can be sure to maintain the level of your floor as it only measures 1/8-inches thick.

The mat’s mesh is also adjustable as you can carefully easily cut and use on different surface shapes.

Heatwave Heating System PROS:
  • Incredible floor heating capabilities
  • Easy to setup
  • Great thermostat
  • Cost friendly
  • Can use on wet locations
Heatwave Heating System CONS:
  • Requires several pieces to cover a large area.

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What we think about Heatwave Heating System:

87 %
90 %
User Rating
77 %
Our Overall Score
85 %


The Heat Wave’s Electric Floor Heating System gives you what it promises; a mix of quality and value.

The different packaging sizes help cover your entire house with time.

Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Cable Set Review

50 Sqft Cable Set, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating SystemThe installation of an electric radiant heater can be easy/ difficult depending on the accessories that come with the packaging.

The Warm System’s Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heater makes your work simple with the aluminum tape that comes with it to help you in safely securing the wiring to the floor.

This product provides with sufficient wire with a 3-inches allowance to cover up to 50sq.ft.of heating

It also comes with a digital floor thermostat for better functionality and provides 0% EMF

The electric radiant floor heater has a single cold lead to offer convenience.

It has a robust construction and provides 1/8 thickness that doesn’t make significant changes to the flooring.

The lack of a rectangular mesh in this heating wire gives you flexibility when fixing at different places.

With this wire, you can get up to 600 watts of heat.

Warming Systems Cable Set PROS:
  • The wire gives flexibility
  • Prolonged Warranty
  • Can be installed on multiple floors
  • Long cable
Warming Systems Cable Set CONS:
  • Hard to Install
  • Expensive

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What we think about Warming Systems Cable Set:

85 %
94 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


If you are looking for a moderate heating system with useful results, then Warming Systems’ 50 Sq.ft floor heating system is an ideal choice.

Pentair F1509 Floor Heating Mat Review

Pentair F1509 Floor HeatingThe Nuheat Floor Heating Mat by Pentair makes to this best radiant floor heaters list due to its incredibly versatile features.

This electric heating mat can comfortably make use of a regular 120-volt electrical circuit to function adequately.

Its packaging comes with a standard size of 60” x 36”.

The heating mat comes with a soft mash that you can easily trim to a design of your choice.

However be careful not to cut the heating wire mistakenly.

Just like other heating mats in this list, the Nuheat Floor Heater measures only 1/8-inches thick, thus can perfectly fit into standard floor layers.

The electric mat is simple to connect and can comfortably accommodate extra mat add-ups to cover a larger space.

Pentair Floor Heating Mat PROS:
  • Easy installation
  • Usable on different floor surfaces
  • You can interconnect the mats to cover large areas
  • Great purchase offers
Pentair Floor Heating Mat CONS:
  • Inflexible placement patterns
  • Expensive

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What we think about Pentair Floor Heating Mat:

85 %
94 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


When money isn’t a problem, and you would like to fix a floor heating system that can cover a large area, then go for the Nuheat Floor Heating Mat.

It might be expensive, but gives value for your investment.

HeatTech Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System Review

40 sqft Mat Kit, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating SystemHeat Tech is a brand we cannot ignore when it comes to manufacturing the best radiant floor heaters in the market.

The Tech Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heater from Heat Tech comes with a 40 Sq.ft surface and measures 20″ wide and 24.4ft long

It offers a perfect option for individuals who wouldn’t mind working with more than one mats as you can combine them for maximum heating benefits.

It also makes an ideal choice for rectangular shaped surfaces and is pretty simple to install.

With this floor heater, you don’t have to worry about extra expenses as you won’t purchase more equipment.

This radiant floor heater can effectively function on different floors and make worthy additions to new constructions.

Its heating cable is only 1/8 thick and is made up of high quality and can comfortably cover large areas.

It also comes with a control thermostat and takes up to 2 Amps

HeatTech Radiant Heating System PROS:
  • Sticky mat to stay in place
  • Customizable thermostat
  • Allows multiple layering for better heating
HeatTech Radiant Heating System CONS:
  • Poor customer service complaints

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What we think about HeatTech Radiant Heating System:

90 %
88 %
User Rating
72 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


The Heat Tech Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heater makes an excellent radiant floor heater for both new and old constructions.

SunTouch WarmWire Floor Heat Kit Review

SunTouch WarmWire Floor Heat KitIf being economical is your new term then SunTouch might have a perfect solution for you with its range of floor heaters.

The WarmWire (120V) Floor Heat Kit from SunTouch promises to offer a heating capacity of up to 70 Sq.ft.

Its wire is made up of sturdy materials and with a thickness if 1/8-inches, it can perfectly fit into any floor layer.

This radiant floor heater comes with a strap that makes it very simple to install.

It also offers so much fixing flexibility unlike the mat mash so you can twist it to any design of your choice to fit every space in your room.

The heating wire is well-spaced at 3-inches between the lines thus becomes easy to cover the 70 sq.ft.Target.

It comes with a complete kit of cable, touchscreen programmable thermostat, floor sensor, and install accessories.

SunTouch WarmWire Kit PROS:
  • Informative installation manual
  • Comes with an installation strap
  • So much fixing flexibility
SunTouch WarmWire Kit CONS:
  • Short Warranty
  • Expensive

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What we think about SunTouch WarmWire Kit:

85 %
80 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


The WarmWire (120V) Floor Heat Kit has incredible features to offer its users.

However, at its price, we expect its warranty to be a little bit longer.15.0 sq.ft.

ThermoSoft Ceramic & Stone Tile Electric In-Floor Heating Mat Review

15.0sq.ft.Ceramic&Stone Tile ElectricThe radiant floor heater from ThermoSoft gives multiple choices for its users.

The heater makes use of 129 volts for smaller rooms of up to 150 Sq.ft.and 240 V when larger.

It also provides maximum coverage to any part of the surface due to its flexible nature.

With this mat, you receive a zero electromagnetic field, which works best to ensure that no part of your household electronic devices receive interference.

This ThermoSoft product is quick to install since it comes with 10-inch long lead wires that are pre-attached to the end of the heating mat.

The manufacturers of the radiant floor heating mat provide a Lifetime Warranty for its users.

You can combine multiple mats of various sizes to cover a wide area and provide sufficient heating.

ThermoSoft In-Floor Heating Mat PROS:
  • High-quality material
  • Easy installation
  • Good pricing
ThermoSoft In-Floor Heating Mat CONS:
  • Takes time to heat up

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What we think about ThermoSoft In-Floor Heating Mat:

86 %
91 %
User Rating
71 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


The ThermoSoft’s Electric In-Floor Heating Mat comes at an affordable price and offers quality services.

Therefore, we would recommend it for buyers working on a tight budget.

SunTouch Radiant Floor Heat Mat Review

SunTouch Floor Heat Mat 15 sq ftWith this SunTouch radiant floor heater, you can be sure to receive sufficient heating to every part of your floor within no time.

The floor heater is pretty fast to install as it comes with a manual guide.

There is also an installation video from the manufacturer available online.

It can provide sufficient heating for a 15 Sq.ft area and measures 2 x 7.5 size.

This Sun Touch product comes with a 25-year Warranty, thus safeguarding you from substandard receptions.

Its, however, doesn’t come with a thermostat which is a blow as programming heater regulation won’t come easy.

For better results, you can fasten the mat to the floor using staples or glue.

The radiant floor heater contains a flexible mash that you can trim to cover your layout.

It also comes with an extra blue wire that you use under obstructions or poorly shaped places,

SunTouch Floor Heat Mat PROS:
  • 18-inches thickness
  • Double-sided tape for easy installation
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to trim Mesh
SunTouch Floor Heat Mat CONS:
  • Lacks thermostat

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What we think about SunTouch Floor Heat Mat:

85 %
89 %
User Rating
69 %
Our Overall Score
81 %


The SunTouch Floor Heat Mat makes an excellent purchase for mid-budget buyers.

It also offers fantastic installation instructions with its manual and online video guides.

However, we feel it could perform much better if had a digital thermostat.

Buying Guide for the Best Radiant Floor

When considering purchasing a radiant floor heater, there are so many factors you have to consider to enjoy the outcome.

And they include;

Selecting the Best Types of Radiant Floor

Most homes do fine with electric radiant floors as the systems fix well with tiles and mats to produce a right amount of heat.

However, this option is quite expensive during the cold season, when you require more heat.

On the other hand, hydronic radiant floors are quite expensive when it comes to the installation process as you would require a water boiler system.

energetic homeBut once they’re up and running, they are cost-effective, hence preferable as long-term investments.

Lastly, air heated radiant floors offer excellent heating options only during the day and have to function for best results continually.

However, you could still get the most out of it if you combine it with solar energy, though we wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use.

The type of radiant floor heater to purchase

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heaters; this type of heaters come handy not only because they are easy to install but also because they aren’t that expensive.

So if you already have a hydronic system in your home or are planning on fixing one, then this heaters would make a perfect choice.

The come with a thermostatic valve to help in temperature regulation.

And with your home’s thermostat, you would be good to go.

However, the hydronic heater requires boilers to heat up the system water.

Electric Radiant Floor Heaters; just like the name suggests, electric radiant heaters solely rely on electricity to function.

With them, you would require an electrician to carefully fix the electrical wires underneath the floor in a serpentine shape.

You will, however, need mats to lay the cables on before connecting them to the power source, which could be a socket or the main household power source.

Be ready to spend more as the whole procedure doesn’t come cheap and nor does maintenance, as you plan to install this kind of heaters.

The sizes and radiant floor heaters selection procedure

The first thing that you should place into consideration when purchasing a radiant floor heater apart from your budget is space of your room.

Since you would invest in a heating system that covers the whole floor for best services, the larger your floor, the larger the heater you would require.

Therefore, if you happen to have a large floor, then it’s advisable to divide the heater control system into sections such that it would be easier to control.

Having a thermostat at every room will go a long way into saving energy and giving you ease of control.

Heat Controllers

One of the features you should check out as you purchase a radiant floor heater is the type of heat controllers it contains.

While others come with a wire connection thermostat to automatically switch off the system when it gets too hot, others have touchscreen thermostats that give you access to the settings for manual setting.

The primary challenge of these heaters if the fact that some might take too long to heat up when you need them most hence the need to purchase a timer that would offer you sufficient control of the system, as you can set it to turn on/off automatically.

If you find this procedure hectic, then a programmable thermostat would come in handy.

The Type of Floor

The type of floor heating system you will have on top of your radiant floor heaters would dictate how much heat you get to enjoy.

The standard kind of floor for heating is the ceramic tiles as it holds up the heat pretty fast and for long.

However, some people would prefer having wood or carpet coverings.

However, the floor shouldn’t be too thick as that can block the heat.


There so many accessories in your household that would likely interfere with the heating process.

You will have to skip areas with things like cabinets, and other types of furniture as the heat will be a waste.

Working Procedure of a Radiant Floor Heater

Hydronic radiant floor heatingUsing a radiant floor heater in your home is cost effective and one of the best way to maintain a conducive habitable environment no matter the time of the year.

And just as we had mentioned earlier on, this hearing system works best with tiles, carpets and other forms of laminates.

Once the system is ready, enjoy the release of heat through hydronic tubes or electric wires depending on the type of heaters in place.

The radiant floor heating system is versatile as you can set on a cemented floor or hollow ground.

However, you wouldn’t receive best benefits with the empty floor as heat insulation would be difficult.

Hydronic radiant floor heaters could be simple to install if you already have the system in place.

The good thing, however, is that whether electric/hydronic, once the heat is in place, you can comfortably move around without worry, while enjoying maximum benefits throughout your home.

Is Radiant Floor Heating Comfortable?

There is no comparison when it comes to conventional heating versus radiant heating, as radiant floor heating provides so much comfort at an affordable price.

Imagine walking on bare tiles in the winter?

You would probably want to stay in bed all day long or have a thick set of long socks over your feet.

But it doesn’t have to be tha way with this type of heating system as it makes the floor and air so warm for better days.

Another attractive point about radiant floor heaters is that they efficiently function with most floor types.

So if you want to turn your flooring upside down for décor, you don’t have to worry.

Lastly, radiant floor heaters continually provide sufficient heat that would turn the air of your home into a pleasant breeze.

Are Radiant Floor Heaters Noisy?

electric radiant floor heaterWhether you are using an electric or hydronic radiant floor heater, you can rest easy as they don’t produce any noise.

With the electric radiant heaters, all you require is a through wiring job on a heating mat that could lead to a socket/ principal source connection.

And just like any other electronic appliance in your home, you would be good to go.

The same case applies to the hydronic radiant heaters only that they make use of heat spreading plate instead of the heat mat.

Heated Floors Cost Estimates per Square Foot

Electric Systems; make right supplements for other forms of heating, and since they come at a high price, the features they offer don’t reflect the cost.

Radiant systems; they remain the most cost-effective in the market as they don’t require extra heating.

A new radiant system would cost you around $6-$16 sq.ft. with a rough installation price of $9,000-$15,000 per 1,500 sq.ft.

However, this varies with divisions and obstacles in your home.

Energy costs

We have spoken of how comfortable radiant heat can be, now let’s look at the energy costs.

Since the heat source is near the floor, it takes a shorter time to get it warm and the surrounding air as well.

Also, its continual circulation ensures to maintain a constant temperature while keeping the air fresh.

So in the long run, it’s energy efficient.

On the other hand, electric heat is expensive and cover small areas, which means that you will require more energy to heat up the entire house.

Do I need an expert to installation?

As much as you can make of DIY videos to install the radiant heaters by yourself, you will have to check with your area installation regulations to be in a safe spot.

You might also have to get insurance to access the permit.

And with some manufacturers a contractor for warranty issuing.

So you have to place all these factors into consideration


Although all heating systems come with their advantages and disadvantages, there are more merits of having a radiant floor heating in your home than demerits.

With these types of heaters, you can be sure to enjoy an ambiance of warmth throughout the year, while saving energy.

Go through our full range of best radiant floor heating reviews to select what works best for you.

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