Best Magnesium For Heart Palpitations in 2022

This article will provide you all the necessary information related to the medical condition of heart palpitations, how to regulate magnesium intake with diet and supplements, and how to purchase the best magnesium supplement for heart palpitations as per the nature of the heart palpitations experienced.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have adequate magnesium content in your diet to prevent the situation of heart palpitations.

However, sometimes the condition might result because of heredity or the inability of the body to process enough magnesium.

Best Magnesium For Heart Palpitations Reviews in 2022

High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate Review

High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate 100 mgDoctor’s Best brings its high absorption magnesium dietary supplement for people suffering from magnesium deficiency.

The magnesium supplement contains magnesium molecules that are chelated with amino acids namely glycine and lysine.

The amino acids help in enhancing the bioavailability and GI tolerance of the supplement.

Doctor’s Best magnesium supplement is an ideal choice for maintaining a normal heartbeat and overall cardiovascular health.

Moreover, the magnesium supplement is also capable of helping cells in producing metabolic energy, facilitates nerve functioning and relaxes muscles in a proper manner.

Doctor’s Best ensures its customers that the supplement is not buffered at all, which means that no mixing of less expensive and less absorbable magnesium oxide is done with the supplement.

Doctor’s best magnesium supplement offers high absorption and better results.

The amino acids present in the supplement optimize the bioavailability of the supplement.

Doctor's Best PROS:
  • Better absorption
  • Magnesium is taken from patented TRAACS, which is an organic form of magnesium with better bioavailability
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan supplement
  • Does not contains less absorbable magnesium oxide
  • Helps in maintaining normal and regular heartbeat along with better overall cardiovascular health
  • 240 tablets with each tablet of 100mg
Doctor's Best CONS:
  • Size of tablets is large and it may become difficult to swallow them
  • Intestinal issues

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What we think about Doctor’s Best:

89 %
88 %
User Rating
83 %
Our Overall Score
87 %


Doctor’s best magnesium supplement is effective but the large size of pills and the undesired ability to upset the stomach makes it a less preferred option.

BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Glycinate Powder Review

BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Glycinate Powder (500 gramsBulkSupplements is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality health supplements and this time, it comes up with its magnesium supplement.

The magnesium supplement is in the form of magnesium glycinate as a powder.

Magnesium glycinate is among the most easily absorbed magnesium supplements and offers faster results.

Unlike many other magnesium supplement forms, magnesium glycinate does not produce stomach issues such as diarrhea.

BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Glycinate Powder is an ideal choice for replenishing low levels of magnesium in the body.

The magnesium supplement power has a magnesium content of 401mg per 2200mg of the compound.

One of the main advantages of BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Glycinate Powder is that it is easy to consume as compared to supplements that come in the form of tablets.

BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Glycinate Powder offers easy absorption, greater bioavailability, and better results.

It is perfect for maintaining a good cardiovascular health.

BulkSupplements PROS:
  • Fair pricing
  • Pure powder, no mixing
  • Comes in sealed foil zip pouch
  • Lab tested and guaranteed purity
  • Easy to consume in the powdered form
  • Do not upsets stomach
  • High bioavailability
BulkSupplements CONS:
  • Taste is very bad
  • Very low level of elemental magnesium

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What we think about BulkSupplements :

81 %
88 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
85 %


BulkSupplements Pure Magnesium Glycinate Powder offers good results and has a good pricing.

However, the bad taste and smell of the magnesium supplement powder can be a problem for some.

Pure Encapsulations – Magnesium (Glycinate) Review

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium 90 CapsulesPure Encapsulations brings its high-quality Magnesium Glycinate supplement to tackle the problem of magnesium deficiency.

The magnesium supplement is made using ingredients that goes through rigorous quality testing.

The manufacturer assures customers that the supplement offered by them is completely pure and no mixing is done at any conditions.

Pure Encapsulations magnesium supplement is vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and non-GMO.

The magnesium supplement comes in 3 different packing that differs in the number of capsules contained viz.

90 count, 180 counts, and 360 count packaging.

A single capsule contains 120 mg of magnesium glycinate.

Pure Encapsulations magnesium supplement offers effective absorption of magnesium and helps in maintaining a better cardiac health.

The magnesium glycinate present in the supplement allows production of energy within the body and results in better utilization of nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate supplement ensures purity and offers better absorption of the magnesium for enhanced results.

Pure Encapsulations PROS:
  • Activate enzymes that support physiological functions
  • Free from artificial colors, coatings, magnesium stearate and gluten
  • The capsules are hypoallergenic and vegetarian
  • Offers three different packing options
Pure Encapsulations CONS:
  • The capsules are only of 120 mg, which means you need to take more capsules in a day

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What we think about Pure Encapsulations:

79 %
88 %
User Rating
87 %
Our Overall Score
85 %


Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate supplement is a good choice for people who require small amounts of magnesium intake daily.

For people with heavy magnesium dosage requirements, the product is not the ideal one.

Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate Review

Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate 120 Vegetable CapsSuperior Labs offers Magnesium Citrate Supplement, which is completely free from magnesium stearate.

The magnesium supplement is completely pure and does not contain dioxides, preservatives, anti-caking agents and flavoring agents.

The magnesium supplement packaging offers 120 capsules that are capable of delivering 200 mg elemental magnesium per 1250 mg of magnesium citrate.

The supplement is manufactured in FDA registered and GMP compliant manufacturing facilities to ensure high-quality of the product.

Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate supplement is capable of making fast absorption of magnesium in the body.

Customers can completely rely on the product as the manufacturer offers complete 60-day no questions money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate supplement ensures the absence of any artificial ingredients and offers effective absorption for better results.

Superior Labs Magnesium CitratePROS:
  • 200 mg of elemental magnesium per 1250 mg of the compound
  • Ideal for maintaining good cardiovascular health
  • Free from harmful additives and artificial ingredients
  • Formulated and manufactured in top-notch FDA registered facilities
  • Reliable product with 60-day money back guarantee
Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate CONS:
  • Might upset your stomach and can cause nausea upon taking heavy dosages

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What we think about Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate:

79 %
100% %
User Rating
87 %
Our Overall Score
85 %


Superior Labs Magnesium Citrate supplement is very effective in providing elemental magnesium, but its overdose may cause stomach issues.

Thus, proper dosages are recommended to avoid any problems.

Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement 200mg Review

Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement 200mgPure Micronutrients introduces its magnesium glycinate supplement, which is perfect for people with magnesium deficiency.

The magnesium supplement offers high absorption of elemental magnesium and yields better results.

One can completely rely on Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement to restore required magnesium level in the body for optimum energy production, enhanced muscle function and proper nervous system working.

The magnesium supplement comes in 3 different quantity options namely, 180 capsules, 360 capsules and 540 capsules.

The capsules are easy to swallow and magnesium glycinate breaks very gently inside the small intestine without causing any stomach issues.

Additionally, the supplement is suitable for men, women, elderly people, pregnant women, and teenagers.

Pure Micronutrients assures its customers that the magnesium supplement is free from magnesium stearate, preservatives, artificial colors, and fillers.

Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement is free from any type of mixing, good for people of almost all ages and have a good pricing.

Pure Micronutrients Magnesium PROS:
  • Contains magnesium glycinate, which is a superior form of magnesium
  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • Causes no stomach issues with specified dosage
  • Free from gluten, yeast, starch, and dairy
  • Provides relief from muscle tension and cramps
Pure Micronutrients Magnesium CONS:
  • A single capsule is of 100 mg; therefore, one needs to consume more capsules in a single day

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What we think about Pure Micronutrients Magnesium :

76 %
88 %
User Rating
86 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement is a good option for people, who are looking for effective and high-quality magnesium supplement.

Heart Calm- Support and Maintain a Healthy Heart Rhythm 90 Capsules Review

Heart Calm Support and Maintain a Healthy Heart Rhythm 90 CapsulesHeart Calm is a high-quality magnesium supplement offered by Vital Biologics to maintain appropriate magnesium levels in the body.

The magnesium supplement is formulated to enhance the functionality of heart by supporting a healthy heart rhythm.

Vital Biologics Magnesium supplement consists of magnesium taurate, magnesium malate, and magnesium glycinate.

The supplement offers high absorption and does not cause any ill effects on the stomach.

Vital Biologics assures its customers about the purity of the supplement and no gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, artificial colors or preservatives are added.

Additionally, the encapsulation process of the supplement is done in FDA complaint and NSF certified facilities.

The overall weight of the supplement packaging is 3 ounces and there are 90 capsules available in the package.

Size of each capsule is kept medium so that there is no difficulty in swallowing them.

Vital Biologics Magnesium supplement offers better absorption, enhanced bioavailability and better results in maintaining a healthy heart.

Heart Calm- Support PROS:
  • Free from magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate that cause stomach issues
  • Better absorption
  • Magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate, and magnesium malate are present in the supplement and all of them are effective in providing elemental magnesium
  • Perfect for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm
Heart Calm- Support CONS:
  • A bit expensive
  • Only 90 capsules are available in the supplement package

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What we think about Heart Calm- Support:

76 %
87 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
82 %


Vital Biologics magnesium supplement is capable of delivering high-quality magnesium to maintain an appropriate level of magnesium, however, you need to pay a little more for the supplement.

Natural Vitality Calm Cherry, 16 Ounce Review

Natural Vitality Calm Cherry, 16 OunceNatural Vitality brings Calm Cherry flavored magnesium supplement for maintaining proper magnesium level in the body.

The magnesium supplement contains ingredients including cherry flavor, organic stevia, and highly absorbable ionic magnesium citrate.

One of the main benefits of Natural Vitality magnesium supplement is that it is in powdered form and very easy to consume.

The manufacturer offers the cherry flavored magnesium supplement in two different size options namely, 8 ounces and 16 ounces.

The magnesium provided by Natural Vitality magnesium supplement helps in sustaining steady heart rhythm, healthy immune system, and stronger bones.

The supplement is free from yeast, egg, wheat, sugar, dairy, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Moreover, no fructose is added to the supplement and customers can completely rely on the purity of the magnesium supplement.

Natural Vitality magnesium supplement consists of magnesium citrate, which is highly absorbable and one can rely on it for maintaining healthy levels of magnesium in the body.

Natural Vitality PROS:
  • Available in powdered form, which makes it easy to consume
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • The supplement is vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Free from yeast, dairy, starch, and preservatives
  • Provides 325 mg of elemental magnesium per 4000 mg of the supplement
Natural Vitality CONS:
  • Can cause nausea and anxiety
  • Cherry flavoring is not much good

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What we think about Natural Vitality :

75 %
84 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
81 %


Natural Vitality magnesium supplement is easy to consume and is available in two different sizes.

However, bad taste and causing nausea to some are issues related to the supplement making it a less preferable magnesium supplement option.

What are Heart Palpitations?

The health issue of heart palpitations is becoming more and more commonplace because of several reasons, including stressed-out lifestyle and improper diet.

Sometimes, heart palpitations might be an indication towards fatal heart-related problems.

As for this particular reason, it is very important for a person having heart palpitations to address the condition ASAP.

Typically, heart palpitations result due to the deficiency of magnesium content in the body.

You should better know that human heart contains more magnesium as compared to other organs of the human body.

Before proceeding further, it is important to know some of the most vital details related to the problem of heart palpitations.

To begin with; Heart palpitations is a condition in which a person experiences sensation in the chest.

Rapid heart beating accompanied by chest pain, shortness of breath and other similar sensations are felt by the person with heart palpitations.

Sometimes, only the sensation of fast heartbeat is felt and there are no other sensations, like chest pain and shortness of breath.

This is not essentially because of heart palpitations but can also be caused by other health conditions like abnormal heart rhythm.

Moreover, it is possible that a person can feel the uneasy sensations of heart palpitations despite having a healthy heart.

Nonetheless, whatever the case may be, if you are feeling any such sensations that may relate to heart palpitations, then it’s advised to go through a complete cardiac diagnosis to identify the exact cause of the uneasiness.

Magnesium for Heart Palpitations

magnesium pillsAs discussed earlier, magnesium is a very important mineral required for the apt functioning of the heart.

Different research studies have proved that the deficiency of magnesium is one of the major factors that might lead to the distressing condition of heart palpitations.

The problem of heart palpitations due to the squatty levels of magnesium in the body can be treated by increasing the intake of magnesium.

This can be done in a number of ways, such as by adding magnesium-rich food to your diet or by taking magnesium supplements.

Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the vital minerals of our body.

It contributes towards several metabolic functions, including enzyme activation, bone mineralization, and energy production.

Additionally, magnesium also plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the heart.

The main highlights of magnesium as a vital mineral in the human body are discussed as follows:

  • Magnesium is an electrolyte and plays an essential role in passing the electrical messages through the heart.
  • As the heart is a muscle, it needs to move continuously for pumping the blood and requires electrical impulses for doing so.
  • Hence, magnesium acts as a pacemaker for driving the human heart in a proper manner.
  • Magnesium helps in maintaining a steady heartbeat by increasing contraction of the muscle present in the right atrium of the heart.

How to Get More Magnesium in Your Diet

It is easy to increase the magnesium content in your body by relying solely on magnesium supplements.

However, you can also opt for magnesium-rich foods in your diet to eliminate magnesium deficiency.

In fact, increasing magnesium consumption through diet is a safe and far effective alternative in comparison to resort to taking magnesium supplements only.

There are a wide variety of eatables that you can add to your diet for increasing magnesium intake.

Following table enlist the top 10 foods for the job, along with the amount of magnesium (in milligrams) they provide:

Top 10 Magnesium-Rich Foods



Food Item Amount Magnesium Content (in mg)
1 Almonds 1 Ounce 80
2 Avocado 1 Medium Size 58
3 Banana 1 Medium Size 32
4 Blacks Beans 1/2 Cup 60
5 Chard 1 Cup 154
6 Dark Chocolate 1 Square Piece 95
7 Figs 1/2 Cup 50
8 Kefir or Yogurt 1 Cup 50
9 Pumpkin Seeds 1/8 Cup 92
10 Spinach 1 Cup 157

In addition to adding these best 10 magnesium-rich foods, or other magnesium-rich foods, to your diet, you can take magnesium supplements to counterbalance very-low levels of magnesium.

What Foods and Vitamins Affect Magnesium Absorption?


The rate at which a human body extracts magnesium from food, or magnesium supplements, and makes it available for metabolic use is called the magnesium absorption rate.

Different people have different rates of magnesium absorption.

While some might have a high magnesium absorption rate, others might have a low rate of magnesium absorption.

Until your body isn’t capable to absorb the magnesium content effectively, there is no use of adding magnesium-rich food to your diet.

There are certain foods and vitamins that increase the magnesium absorption rate of the human body.

Following points mention some ways for enhancing the magnesium absorption in the body:

  • One of the easiest ways to enhance the magnesium absorption in the body is by taking Vitamin D daily.
  • You can take Vitamin D by either standing in the sunlight or consuming Vitamin D liquid supplement.
  • The recommended dosage of 1-2 drops.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are a good source of fiber, such as bananas, help in improving magnesium absorption.
  • Fructose present in fruits, carbohydrates, and proteins paves way for better magnesium absorption.

There are certain foods and vitamins that disrupts the magnesium absorption process.

Calcium, for instance, degrades the magnesium absorption.

Hence, it is advised to avoid to cut-down calcium intake while consuming magnesium supplements.

In addition to foods, beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, and other carbonated drinks also hinder the absorption of magnesium in the body.

Therefore, people running low on magnesium might need to avoid having any of these brews.

Magnesium Deficiency

Heart palpitations might be caused by the deficiency of magnesium, which in turn can act as a potential precursor to chronic heart-related problems.

Unbalanced and improper diet, eating too much junk food and hectic lifestyle contributes towards the body developing a magnesium deficiency.

Hence, it is important to maintain a good amount of magnesium in the body to avoid the uninvited problem of heart palpitations.

Magnesium Supplements

Unlike low levels of magnesium deficit, which can be managed simply by adding magnesium-rich food to your diet plan, very high levels of magnesium deficiency can’t be balanced through a magnesium-rich diet alone.

In such scenarios, magnesium supplements are mandatory to be taken in addition to following a magnesium-rich nutrition plan.

Combined with a magnesium-rich diet, magnesium supplements can effectively boost up very low levels of magnesium content in the body.

Different types of magnesium supplements are available.

Each one of these differs by the amount of magnesium provided by them and the rate at which the body is able to absorb the magnesium from these supplements.

Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Gluconate, and Magnesium Citrate are the most common forms of magnesium supplements.

Before purchasing a specific type of magnesium supplement, you should consider two things firsthand.

First, the amount of magnesium provided by the type of magnesium supplement and second, the rate of absorption.

What to look for in a Magnesium Supplement?

Before you buy a magnesium supplement, it is important to gain an acumen of all the things related to magnesium supplements.

Factors such as dosage and forms of magnesium supplements should be considered before buying a magnesium supplement.

The following section covers 3 important aspects of magnesium supplements, dosage recommendations, best magnesium supplements for treating atrial fibrillation, and how to get magnesium through the skin.

These are elaborated in the same order.

Dosage Recommendations

The amount of magnesium required by males and females is different.

Magnesium requirement also varies with the age of a person.

For instance, males having age between 19 and 30 requires a daily magnesium dosage of 410 milligrams.

Males above 31 requires 420 milligrams of magnesium per day.

For females, the required magnesium intake is low as compared to males.

Females aged between 19 and 30 requires 310 milligrams of magnesium on a daily basis.

Females having age above 31 have a requirement of 320 milligrams of magnesium per day.

Most magnesium supplements deliver dosages in the range of 200 mg to 400 mg.

Hence, you need to buy a magnesium supplement in accord to the age and sex factors.

In some cases, such as illness, athletic training, recovering after surgery, pregnancy, and breastfeeding; the person needs to seek the advice of a professional medical practitioner to know that whether a magnesium supplement will be beneficial or not.

What Magnesium Dosage is Best to Treat Atrial Fibrillation?

In order to get enough magnesium for having a positive effect on atrial fibrillation, relying only on magnesium-rich food isn’t a plausible option.

You need to take magnesium supplements, in addition to magnesium-rich diet, to treat atrial fibrillation.

Magnesium supplements are available in a number of forms, each having its own amount of elemental magnesium and absorption rate.

All types of magnesium supplements with the amount of magnesium provided by them are summed up in the following table:



Magnesium Supplement Magnesium Amount Per 500mg of the Magnesium Supplement (in mg)
1 Magnesium Carbonate 210
2 Magnesium Citrate 80
3 Magnesium Chloride 60
4 Magnesium Gluconate 27
5 Magnesium Glycinate a.k.a.

Chelated Magnesium

6 Magnesium Malate 33
7 Magnesium Orotate 31
8 Magnesium Oxide 300
9 Magnesium Taurate 45

Even though the amount of elemental magnesium provided by a magnesium supplement is important, the absorption rate a.k.a. bioavailability is of utmost significance.

Having better bioavailability means easy absorption of elemental magnesium from the magnesium supplement.

Magnesium glycinate (chelated magnesium), magnesium citrate, and magnesium orotate are the magnesium supplements with a high level of absorption rate.

Although magnesium oxide is the most common form of magnesium supplement used in multivitamins, it is often advised to be avoided.

This is because of its meager absorption rate.

Magnesium oxide has the most amount of elemental magnesium but offers the least amount of bioavailability.

Only 4% of the elemental magnesium is absorbed by the body i.e. 12mg of magnesium from 500mg of the supplement.

Different people have different magnesium requirements.

As such, magnesium supplementation necessitates quite a decent amount of experimentation.

To begin with, people with atrial fibrillation can start with magnesium glycinate.

While some people might be able to handle no more than 300mg of magnesium glycinate, if they consume more than that then they need to spend most of the time in the toilet, others might be able to absorb double that amount with no problems.

It is a great idea to shuffle magnesium supplements.

Each magnesium supplement has its own health benefits.

Other than magnesium glycinate, magnesium taurate is another magnesium supplement popular among afibbers.

Although it provides a low amount of elemental magnesium, it has a better absorption rate and provides cardiovascular benefits.

Magnesium malate is often advised to be taken by people suffering from fibromyalgia.

On the last note of advice for afibbers, they need to avoid magnesium supplements with calcium content.

This is because of the fact that inside the human body, calcium and magnesium kind of compete for absorption.

This means if one is absorbed more, the other is automatically less absorbed by the body.

Moreover, too much amount of calcium inside the body increases the chance of exciting the heart cells and resulting in an afib episode.

This has more probability to occur when the body is low on magnesium.

Hence, people with atrial fibrillation need to avoid taking magnesium supplements with calcium.

Getting Magnesium Through the Skin

Some folks with the problem of atrial fibrillation are sensitive to the oral intake of magnesium supplements and may have to go through digestive issues and loose stools, if they decide to orally take magnesium anyways.

For such people, there is an alternative way to take magnesium supplements through the skin.

Magnesium Oils, Epsom Salt and Magnesium Chloride Flakes – are a few options for taking the necessary amount of magnesium directly through the skin.

Following list briefs up these 3 ways of getting magnesium through the skin:

  1. Magnesium Oils – It is easy to make use of magnesium oils.
  2. Typically, these are available in the form of sprays.
  3. A person with magnesium deficiency needs to spring the magnesium oil spray on the skin and let it be there until the oil dries out completely.
  4. It is advisable to wash-off the skin, where the magnesium oil spray has been applied, after about 20 minutes or so.
  5. Because most magnesium oils result in the formation of a white residue over the skin, it is good to wash the skin after the magnesium oil has dried up completely.
  6. Magnesium Chloride Flakes – Magnesium chloride flakes is another effective alternative for taking magnesium via the skin.
  7. A single cup of magnesium chloride flakes provides 15 grams of magnesium.
  8. One can use MCFs by putting them in water and then soak a specific body part (foot soak) or the whole body (bath soak) in the water.
  9. It is recommended to use distilled water with the magnesium chloride flakes.
  10. Epsom Salts – An Epsom Salt is chemically magnesium sulfate.
  11. Compared to magnesium chloride flakes, Epsom salts are a far less expensive option.
  12. Though Epsom salts are not as much effective as MCFs, their inexpensive nature makes them a good option for taking magnesium through the skin.

Forms of Magnesium

Magnesium is available in several different forms that vary according to the rate at which they are absorbed by the body in an efficient manner.

In magnesium supplements, the magnesium, in small quantities, is present in multivitamins.

Magnesium is mixed with another molecule to stabilize the compound as well as make it suitable for consumption as a supplement.

The compound formed after mixing is known as a chelate, like magnesium sulfate.

Some of the primary magnesium supplement forms along with their magnesium content and benefits are described as follows:

  1. Magnesium Oxide – A magnesium oxide supplement provides 300mg of magnesium for every 500mg of the supplement.
  2. While containing the highest quantity of magnesium, this supplement is not a great option due to ineffective absorption of magnesium from the supplement.
  3. Molecules of magnesium present in magnesium oxide supplement are more than the molecules of the oxide, but it offers poor bioavailability and often causes the problem of loose stools.
  4. The supplement is inexpensive as compared to other supplements, however, it is not preferred much.
  5. Magnesium Sulphate – Magnesium sulfate supplement is not consumed orally as it is injected into the body through intravenous preparation.
  6. Magnesium sulfate is also known by the name of Epsom salt.
  7. The supplement has the property of absorbability through the skin and thus can be found in Epsom bath salts.
  8. This supplement is among the less common types of magnesium supplements.
  9. The supplement should be avoided by people who are sensitive to sulfur or have sulfur
  10. Magnesium Citrate – Magnesium citrate supplement is easily available and offers magnesium content of 80mg per 500mg of the supplement.
  11. Its bioavailability is good as compared to magnesium oxide but also causes a stool-loosening
  12. When it comes to the absorption, magnesium citrate supplements are rapidly absorbed by the body.
  13. This is one of the best magnesium supplements forms that are preferred by health professionals for eliminating magnesium deficiency in the body.
  14. Magnesium Taurate – Magnesium taurate supplement delivers 45mg of magnesium per 500mg of the supplement.
  15. The amino acid taurine present in the supplement is capable of improving the cardiac function.
  16. Additionally, both the magnesium and taurine stabilize nerve cells, maintains proper blood pressure, and improves heart muscle contraction.
  17. Hence, magnesium taurate is a great magnesium supplement option, especially for people with cardiovascular issues.
  18. Magnesium Orotate – The magnesium orotate supplement is a chelate with the combination of magnesium and orotic acid.
  19. It contains 31mg magnesium per 500mg of the supplement.
  20. The magnesium supplement is preferred for people with cardiovascular issues such as heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats, and high blood pressure.
  21. The orotate compound present in the supplement is known for enhancing the formation of RNA and DNA, which in turn assist heart cells in the repairing process and improves the functionality of the heart.
  22. The absorption rate of magnesium orotate supplement is very high.
  23. The magnesium supplement provides a soothing effect on the body and therefore, is preferred by several people in need of a magnesium supplement with better bioavailability.

Recommended Magnesium Resources for Afibbers

There is so much about magnesium resources available for afibbers.

We’ll skip discussing the subject, owing to its vastness.

Several online resources are there to provide a comprehensive info about magnesium resources for afibbers.

The following table enumerates some good reads that will help in appending knowledge about magnesium resources for afibbers:

In-depth Magnesium Resources for Afibbers


Book Title Author
1 Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart Dr.

Carolyn Dean

2 Magnificent Magnesium Dr.

Dennis Goodman

3 The Magnesium Miracle Dr.

Carolyn Dean

4 Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Dr.

Mark Sircus


It is advisable to seek help from a professional medical practitioner while facing the problem of heart palpitations.

Heart palpitations can be caused due to one or many reasons including stress, use of drugs, deficiency of potassium and magnesium.

However, it is observed that in most cases, the problem of heart palpitations arise due to the deficiency of magnesium.

If you are facing any sensitivities in your heart that can be a sign of having heart palpitations.

Hence, it becomes necessary to treat the problem.

Heart palpitations resulting due to the scarcity of magnesium in the body can be treated by eating a magnesium-rich diet and by taking magnesium supplements.

There are different types of magnesium supplements, and one should go through their details before deciding to take them.

Consult a physician to pick one of the magnesium supplements.


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