Best Freestanding Bathtub Reviews in 2022

Are you looking for best freestanding bathtub? There are plenty of bathtubs on the market whenever you may need to renovate your bathroom. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why you would need to purchase a freestanding bath. But before making that purchase, several important factors in our reviews will help you to choose the best bathtub.

As of now, freestanding bathtubs are the most popular models on the market due to their designs and flexibility.

Our 3 Top Rated Freestanding Tub Reviews in 2022

1. Empava Luxury Freestanding Bathtub
1. Empava Luxury Freestanding Bathtub
Best overall performer, sizeable oval-shaped model with multiple accessories.
2. WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Bathtub
2. WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Bathtub
Sophistication, elegance, smooth-curved and modern.
3. FerdY Freestanding Bathtub
3. FerdY Freestanding Bathtub
Easy to clean while adding a contemporary modern design to your bathroom décor.

They offer a more fabulous alternative to the traditional in-built tubs, and more homeowners are prioritizing this design to create a suitable ambiance.

But before getting on the current bath trend, it is wise to focus our attention on what the notion of freestanding bathtub indeed entails.

Best Freestanding Bathtub Reviews

Empava Luxury Freestanding Bathtub Review

Empava BathtubThe sizeable oval-shaped model by Empava offers a large capacity form which people of different sizes can fit.

The reinforced glass makes up the acrylic bathtub, ensuring it is more sturdily and durable in the long run.

Additionally, the surface features a white gloss with a fiberglass coating to add consistency to the tub structure and maintenance brilliance over time.

Although a stand-alone tub, the Empava free standing bathtub also features extra metal feet under it, to enable adjustment and stability.

Empava PROS:
  • Petite shape
  • Comes with sleek design
  • Easy to install
  • Holds a large capacity of 58 gallons
  • Made of durable material and reinforced elements (chrome plating with fiberglass)
  • Has multiple accessories such as a drainage system and a faucet
Empava CONS:
  • Only 1-year warranty option

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What we think about Empava:

85 %
84 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


Another potential upgrade to your bathroom comes in the form of the Empava Luxury Acrylic Bathtub.

Empava’s goal is to provide a luxurious freestanding bathtub for your home relaxing baths.

It’s comfortable, and stylish design can complement most bathroom decors while leaving plenty of room.

WoodBridge Modern Freestanding Bathtub Review

WoodBridge Modern Freestanding BathtubSophistication, elegance, smooth-curved and modern-make are just some of the praises that the WoodBridge 67″ Freestanding Bathtub has received from multiple sources including its customers.

Apart from that, the tub’s specifications to justify the quality and comfort that comes with using the free standing bathtub for your household.

Its exterior size is at 67″(L)*28(W) and 28(H), and a holding capacity of 60 gallons to accommodate a maximum water depth of 15 inches.

The construction is well reinforced for durability with full fiberglass make with a top coating made of acrylic.

Its insulation properties are also highly effective thanks to the double-walled design that features two acrylic layers that keep the water at a constant desired temperature.

WoodBridge PROS:
  • Full body soaking
  • Integrated overflow made of brushed nickel
  • Resistant to scratch, fading or dulling with the glossy finish
  • Meets both UPC and CSA standards
WoodBridge CONS:

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What we think about WoodBridge:

81 %
83 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
84 %


One of the most significant gains with the Woodbridge Bathtub model is its competitive pricing compared to other models.

At a lower price, the tub could offer any customer the same quality, finish and experience that many expensive models also do.

FerdY Freestanding Bathtub Review

FerdY Freestanding BathtubIf elegance is your number one priority then the FerdY 67″ could help you relax the body and give you an entirely new shower experience.

The bathtub is made up of a double-layer acrylic material which regulates the tub’s insulation effect.

The acrylic material also gives a smooth and glossy surface to the bath making it easy to clean while adding a contemporary modern design to your bathroom décor.

The outer dimensions measure 67″Length by 32″ width and 23″ height, with a capacity to hold 74 gallons of water.

The FerdY bathtub unit also has a thoughtful service from which users get to choose the type of drain they would want to have during installation.

A brass and plastic drain connector are the main provisions that come with the package.

  • Easy to install, use and clean
  • Quality assurance with the cUPC certification and a 2-year warranty
  • Works with almost all modern design of bathrooms
  • Flexible overflow with different choices of drainage pipes
  • Heavy at 97 pounds

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What we think about FerdY:

87 %
83 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


There are a lot of positive evaluations from customers of the product, and it is easy to see why.

The FerdY 67″ Freestanding bathtub is a great add-on that will give you the tub service that you desire.

KOHLER Villager Bath Review

KOHLER Village Bath

The K-716-0 Villager Bath with right-hand drain is another favorite product from the Kohler range of bathtub.

As such, a large percentage of the population have come across the Kohler Villagre Bath model in their household.

The bathtub features a somewhat functional design with most emphasis on the Kohler styling, which is evident in their line of products.

There is also an integral apron to make your installation process less of a headache.

To ensure long-lasting and reliable performance, this model is made from Kohler Cast Iron, with the subsequent construction giving the bathroom a pleasing look.

The right-hand drain surface has extra spaces from where you can rest your essentials and accessories during bathtub and keep them close to you.

KOHLER Villager Bath PROS:
  • Very solid regarding stability
  • The installation is easy with three sides flanged
  • Good pricing
  • Long-lasting quality
KOHLER Villager Bath CONS:
  • The overall weight can present a challenge for movement or installation

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What we think about KOHLER Villager Bath :

78 %
83 %
User Rating
87 %
Our Overall Score
82 %


The Kohler Village series shows one of the quickest installation pieces the market has to offer.

With reliance on the performance and quality, the Kohler K-1716-0 Right-hand drain will provide your bathroom with the craftsmanship that you need.

KIVA RHYME Freestanding Bathtub Review

KIVA RHYME Freestanding BathtubOne of the finest acrylic bathtubs is the KIVA RHYME 59″ M-EGG freestanding model. It features a 100% pure acrylic make up which allows for the finest of quality with 4-layered fiberglass.

Consequently, this provides the tub with a sleek and glossy finish which protects the quality by ensuring no fading.

The bathtubs also feature a stainless steel frame that comes with extra support legs to allow for easy installation.

The overall dimensions stand at 59″ long by 32″ wide and 23″ high, with the water capacity making it’s a 55-gallon tub.

Approximately, the overall weight for the Kiva Rhyme model is 120 pounds making it one of the lightweight modules within the bathtub section.


One of the most stable tubs with its steel frame and support legs

The Egg-shape gives it a simplistic yet ergonomic design

  • The overflow system works to have water overflow regulated
  • Made of certified material that prevents fading or reforming of the bath structure
  • Lacks a faucet

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What we think about KIVA RHYME:

76 %
80 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
80 %


The KIVA bathtub is an excellent option for a long-term bathroom investment for your bathroom.

The unit is reasonably affordable, and its quality finish provides excellent soaking sessions without leaving the surface damage.

AKDY AZ-F274 Bathroom Freestanding Bathtub Review

AKDY AZ-F274 Bathroom Freestand BathtubThe AKDY F272 is another top bathtub with an original freestanding bath for users seeking the benefits of initial installation.

Compared to other models, the freestanding bathroom tub features an acrylic making it quite big standing at 70-inch in width.

The interior consists of an anti-skidding feature which maintains a grip of the unit during your bath exit or entry.

The 71” tub also captures the eye with its elegant design that ensures its lightweight feature and the convenience of fitting everywhere within the bathroom.

Also, the bathtub has a unique capacity of 95 gallons even though it comfortably accommodates one person or more depending on the shower experience you want for you and your families.

  • Slow heat elimination Good tensile power
  • A high level of capacity with 95-gallon storage capacity
  • Durability with features such as reinforced fiberglass layer.
  • The installation procedure is relatively easy
  • A versatile design with the flexible pipe
  • The shower head and faucet combo are not available.

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What we think about AKDY AZ-F274 :

80 %
73 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
79 %


AKDY AZ-F274 freestanding tub combines elegance and quantity in its loudest form.

You can comfortably soak in the bathtub and leave your body to enjoy the relaxing experience.

KOHLER Devonshire Bath Review

KOHLER Devonshire BathThe Kohler K-1184-LA-0 Devonshire bathtub combines an integral apron.

A tile flange and a left-hand drain to provide a classic old-world design to your bathroom.

The integral apron is a vital element of simplifying the installation process with the tile flange preventing the possibility of having behind-the-wall water leaks or damage.

The acrylic construction will ensure that the luster and durability of the Kohler model are not in doubt.

The design also combines a variety of dimension with the whole structure standing at 60 inches, a length and width of 20 and 32 inches respectively.

Its bottom surface can hold 60 gallons in one bathing session, with the accommodation of one person.

KOHLER Devonshire PROS:
  • Has an overflow drain
  • The Acrylic material ensures it highly durable and sustainable
  • The tile flange installation protect from possible water damage behind the walls
  • The simple alcove installation thanks to the integral apron
KOHLER Devonshire CONS:
  • No faucet available
  • Accommodates only one person

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What we think about KOHLER Devonshire Bath:

80 %
83 %
User Rating
74 %
Our Overall Score
79 %


The Kohler K-1184-LA-0 Devonshire freestanding bathtub keeps attention to the customer’s details.

The tub’s traditional design reveals it’s nice and thick surface that will combine the old-fashion bathroom appeal plus a sleek modern design to please the different generation of users.

American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub Review

American Standard Cadet Freestanding TubThe American Standard Acrylic cadet tub is one of the best freestanding models the market has to offer.

The unit’s extra-wide enables you to keep your toiletries close to you during the bath time.

Most importantly, is that the bathtub needs no extra fitting as it does come with the accessory rack you will need.

Additionally, the drain and overflow consist of high-quality chrome material to prevent the deposit of residue and for a secure attachment to your water waste drain.

The best part of purchasing the American standard model is that it comes with a hand spray and a tub filler.

That single feature makes it a complete kit which every household would seek to exploit for their bathroom.

The quality is made of sturdy acrylic with ABS plastic capping and fiberglass reinforcements

American Standard PROS:
  • Lightweight
  • Extensive accessory storage area
  • Extra deep bathing
  • Smooth contemporary design
  • A limited lifetime warranty
American Standard CONS:
  • Customers report of design flaws especially with rough lip edges

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What we think about American Standard :

90 %
61 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
78 %


The American Standard Cadet freestanding tub offers the best new deep bathing depths for you to have in-depth body soaks.

If in need of a modern bathroom, then adding the tub plus its accessories could lend quality to your bathing.

Kardiel Freestanding Bathtub Review

Kardiel Freestanding BathtubThe design is critical whenever you will come across the Kardiel Helixabath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub.

Its graceful arcs bend upwards to ensure an enclosure for you to take a dip and soak in the classic bathtub.

The Acrylic material also has a sanitary feature that is non-porous to allow for a more comfortable cleaning session.

Additionally, the surface combines a highly heat retentive material with the stainless steel structure to provide for support and prevent fading.

The brilliant white finish is not for decorative purposes as the Kardiel model entails a high gloss finish to permit the retention of the original color plus prevent the accumulation of stains.

Kardiel PROS:
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Six adjustable footpads for easy installation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Guaranteed to prevent leaks and water damages
  • The non-porous material allows for natural sanitizing
Kardiel CONS:
  • The faucet is not part of the package

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What we think about Kardiel:

76 %
53 %
User Rating
96 %
Our Overall Score
75 %


The Helixbath Eleusis bathtub’s design oozes a well-tailored soak tub for your 5-star hotel experience.

Its fantastic finish of resistant elements with the uncomplicated curves entails the exact definition of longevity combined with beauty.

KOHLER Abrazo Freestanding Bath Review

KOHLER Freestanding Bath

The Abrazo Freestanding bathtub probably has the most authentic deep soak experience.

The first sight of its shape can attest to this feature.

Its design features a white honed Lithocast™ material structure with sculpted support for your lumbar region and ultimately offer the deep comfort of your body.

Additionally, the KOHLER K-1800-HW1 Abrazo Freestanding Bath has an oval-shape to its design which borrows much of its inspiration from clay pottery. Its attractive white finish made from a smooth stone that retains warmth during bath time.

Although it has an aesthetic look the bath measures at 75.6*41.2*36.9 inches with the basin are having an 18-inch depth for the water and 90-gallon.

  • Provides for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Give the bathroom an overall contemporary look
  • Use of an integrated slotted overflow
  • CSA and ASME-certified
  • The Lithocast™ material offers the most profound comfort for the body
  • Quite expensive
  • A bit heavy

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What we think about KOHLER K-1800:

75 %
45 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
68 %


As a conclusion, the KOHLER Abrazo bath model is amongst the finest in the market, offering the best healthy water level.

However, the price is high for the average customer, but if attainable it is definitely worth the money.

What exactly is a freestanding bathtub?

best freestanding bathtub reviewsIf you are to consider the free standing bathtub, the significant gain is that one does not need to use an extra attachment to the walls or floor.

As the name suggests, the tub design does not require for the unit having an enclave on the floor like the sunken models.

Additionally, they are also not set into the wall which leaves the design open for future rearrangements.

What are the benefits of freestanding bathtubs?

The moment you soak in a free-standing bathtub present one of the most relaxing environments within the household.

As such, here are the leading reasons as to why using a freestanding bath is a beautiful experience.

modern freestanding bathtubLuxury Look– for those seeking a classy look to their bathroom, the freelancing tub offers a fit for every style you want.

There are no limits on the variability of their design as they need no fit and one can be creative with the tub’s shape.

Easy installation-unlike the built-in tub, the freestanding tub will not need a contractor or decorator as the installation is simple.

The furthest professional help you will need is a plumber.

Compatible-freestanding tubs come in different sizes and shapes, and consequently, this makes it an excellent option for any bathroom outlay.

Creative spacing– rather than take up the whole bathroom space, freestanding tub allows the user to utilize the space more imaginatively as anything goes.

What to look for on the best freestanding bathtub?

There are several styles of freestanding baths that one can choose.

However, the most significant challenge lies in determining the abundance of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles available in the market.

Here are some of the underlying factors to consider when buying your freestanding tub.


Freestanding tubs come in different makes, and it depends on the type of material you would like for your bathroom.

Traditional models feature long-lasting substances such as copper, acrylic or cast iron.

Additionally, for those in need of cutting-edge content, there are also makes from concrete, stainless steel, to natural stone.


There exist different shapes and sizes of free standing bathtubs and getting your mind on one size will depend on the arrangement of the bathroom.

Typically, the substantial the tub the more room you will require.

The best move is first to measure your door opening, bathroom space and the hallways to allow enough room for access, installation, and movement of the tub.


Your freestanding bathtub must also be compatible with the other bathroom units such as the faucet.

Additionally, it should also seek to have compatibility with the bathroom to enable installation.

Whether to work on an edge, on the ground or set to the wall, the compatible of your tub is not something to overlook


Freestanding tubs come in different styles and choosing the best need you to take a look at your bathroom’s size and design.

Traditional forms include the single backrest and the double backrest.

More modern techniques are the pedestal, with feet and the corner freestanding tub.

Interesting Facts about Free Standing Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs have benefits to the body and mind with water therapies known for enhancing well-being, restoring emotional balance and relieve body pain.

The earliest evidence of a freestanding bathtub dates back to 3300 BC in Crete.

There is a wide range of colors for freestanding baths with no restrictions on the visual design you may want.

A standard bathtub can hold water up to 50mgallons, with more giant tubs taking as much as 100 gallons.

Acrylic free standing bathtubs are lighter than porcelain-coated cast iron models.

Freestanding tubs are quite expensive with the fee ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands for the high-end models

Is a Freestanding Bathtub an Investment Worth Making?

If a luxurious and exotic bathing experience is what you seek, then freestanding baths can offer you the spa-like familiarity that you ask.

Additionally, some factors do go into measuring how good the whole tub is to your household.

Ultimately, the final decision remains personal, but with the practicality and simplicity of the freestanding bathtubs then more households could have the high-value addition.

Otherwise, if you are determined to add value to your home, the tub could add the most to your bathroom and have the most value.

cleaning solutions for bathtubAs the first and probably wisest option is to always refer to your bath’s care manual to have an idea of the cleaning solutions you can use.

However, the following are some of the basic practices of keeping your bathroom looking good.

Use a mixture of baking soda, or acidic vinegar with warm water to eliminate soap scum

Rinse your bathtub after every use to prevent accumulation of deposits

Clean the tub on a weekly basis using a non-abrasive cleaner

Remove moisture from the tub surface using a cloth or sponge to prevent water spots and mildew.


Alternatively, there is plenty of information on free standing bathtubs if you feel that our article was not conclusive enough. However, the most crucial element is to get to choose the best freestanding bathtub for your household and your needs. The right option for a freestanding tub can go a long way into serving your bathing sessions for an extended period without any chance of regret.

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