Best Digital Shower Controls in 2022

Digital showers are among the latest inventions to dominate the shower industry. Most people are accustomed to standard showers but the introduction of thermostats, which give users the ability to control temperatures, attracts more clients. Apart from thermostats, digital showers also have wireless control units, which can be easily installed anywhere inside your bathroom. Digital showers also have other features that make your showering experience more blissful such as state-of-the-art displays.

The display makes it possible to easily read flow rate, temperature, as well as the other settings that come with the brand of digital shower you purchase. Other than classy displays, digital showers also have intuitive buttons, which allow users to regulate temperatures and increase or decrease the flow of water as they please.

Our Top 3 Best Digital Shower Controllers in 2022:

1. KOHLER Digital Shower Interface K-527-1CP
1. KOHLER Digital Shower Interface K-527-1CP
Best overall performer and best digital shower interface.
2. Moen TS3415 Digital Shower Control
2. Moen TS3415 Digital Shower Control
Great stylish product which is easy to install and easy to use.
3. Moen U Connected & Smart Shower/Bathroom Controller
3. Moen U Connected & Smart Shower/Bathroom Controller
Top Rated Controller with Wi-Fi connected app and soft touch buttons.

Best Digital Shower Controls Reviewed:

Here are some of the best digital showers currently on the market for your consideration.

KOHLER Digital Shower Interface K-527-1CP Review

KOHLER K-527-1CP DTV Prompt Digital Shower InterfaceKohler is a household name when it comes to showers related product so having one of its products as part of the digital showers you should consider should not come as a surprise.

The Kohler DTV Prompt features an integrated diverter that is not only eco-friendly but also meets all the requirements stipulated by CalGreen.

This digital shower also allows its users to customize their showering experience thanks to a DTV prompt interface.

This digital shower also has a clean and modern design with an LCD full and in-built touch-screen smart shower controls for quick profile selection.

These buttons also help you adjust the water temperature as well as your ideal spray patterns from your best shower body spray system.

The Kohler DTV Prompt also has a water-conserving warm-up mode as well as the option to set the duration of your shower to save water and energy.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • LCD display
  • Eco-mode that helps save water
  • Single and dual outlet operation
  • Countdown mode feature
  • Requires professional installation

What we think about Kohler digital shower:

78 %
92 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

Considering the features contained in the Kohler DTV Prompt, its price is a big bargain.

It also has a classy design making it a worthy addition to your bathroom.

Moen TS3415 Digital Shower Control Review

Moen TS3415 IO Digital Shower Digital ControlJust like Kohler, Moen is yet another company leading the line when it comes to digital showers.

The Moen TS3415 IO has a classy design and a chrome finish that complements your bathroom décor.

The grey metallic look is also highly reflective giving your bathroom a bright appeal.

The Moen TS3415 IO uses the M-Pact universal valve smart shower system to project a single spray when showering.

It is also small in size measuring six and three-quarter inches meaning it fits seamlessly in your bathroom space.

This digital shower controller is also round in shape and can be easily mounted to any wall whether inside or outside your bathroom.

With a flow and water consumption rate of 3.5 GPM, the Moen TS3415 IO is guaranteed to save you both energy and water.

It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which helps ensure that you get to enjoy the services it has to offer for an extended period.

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Moen TS3415 PROS:
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish finish
  • Affordable
Moen TS3415 CONS:
  • Made of metal, which can rust with time despite the chrome finish

What we think about Moen TS3415 Digital Shower Control:

86 %
90 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
85 %

One thing I don’t like about the Moen TS3415 IO is its price.

For a digitals shower with such a low number of features, this product is an expensive option.

Moen U Connected & Smart Shower/Bathroom Controller Review

Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom ControllerThe Moen U Smart Shower Controller has a personalization option, which warms your water to a specific temperature for convenient showering experiences.

This pre-set temperature smart shower control gives users some peace of mind.

Besides, you don’t have to press its buttons every time you need to configure some settings, you can operate this controller easily from your smartphone.

A smartphone app designed by Moen helps you personalize this controller while anywhere inside your house as long as the two devices are synched.

This app only uses Apple iOS and Android OS and is solely available in Canadian and United States app stores.

You can also configure your settings using this controller’s state-of-the-art LCD screen, nevertheless.

This screen does not only have outlet powered but can also connect to your Wi-Fi with ease.

If you’re not fond of the screen, you can also use Moen U Shower’s soft-touch buttons, which also provide the option of preset selections, adjusting the temperature, and the Plus Power feature, just to outline a few.

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Moen Smart Shower Controller PROS:
  • Wi-Fi connected app
  • Soft touch buttons
  • Easy to operate
  • Two-spray outlet option
  • Easy to install
Moen Smart Shower Controller CONS:
  • Poor finish

What we think about Moen Digital WiFi Smart Shower Controller:

73 %
89 %
User Rating
82 %
Our Overall Score
81 %

Despite having all these features, the Moen U is still an easy-to-use device.

Also, considering the numerous features it contains and the low price, I’d say this digital shower controller is worth the purchase.

GOWE Digital Shower Control System Review

GOWE Digital shower control systemGOWE Digital shower was first made available on May 8, 2016, and its impact and approval are clear from the sales projected by the company.

What’s more, this product is also easy to use and durable.

The GOWE Digital shower comes with features such as a hand shower, water temperature and flow adjustment, and a head shower.

Water and temperature control is made possible by a high-tech patented thermostatic valve while the shower’s ease of use is enhanced by digital control technology.

This feature also helps personalize your shower function and save both energy and water.

With the GOWE Digital shower, an alarm immediately goes off the instance water temperature hits over 50 degrees.

This digital shower also has an automated shutdown feature that turns off the shower after 18 minutes of use.

The GOWE Digital shower also has a unique design that helps prevent any water backflow in case the pressure from the cold inlet is not the same as that of its hot counterpart.

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GOWE Digital shower PROS:
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic shut down
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish design
GOWE Digital shower CONS:
  • Pricey

What we think about GOWE Digital shower controler:

77 %
77 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
78 %

You might find a few products with the same features as the GOWE Digital shower but not the same design.

That said, if you are on a budget, this shower might not be your best bet.

KOHLER K-99693-NA Plus Digital Interface Review

KOHLER K-99693-NA DTV Plus Digital InterfaceKohler DTV Plus combines sound, water, light, and steam to give you the ultimate shower experience.

This digital shower also has an easy-to-read configurable touchscreen with different colors.

The Kohler DTV Plus is among the few digital showers on the market that can provide a pre-programmable spa experience.

This shower also has either one or two inbuilt valves with two, three, or six ports each enabling users to run all components at the same time.

Additionally, if you like enjoying some music while taking a shower, you can add the Kohler amplifier and SoundTile speakers for a musical showering experience.

You can also add a steam adapter and generator for a spa-like experience.

To better this experience, you can also add lighting elements to recreate the full feel of a spa retreat.

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Kohler DTV Plus PROS:
  • Smart shower system warm-up and pause functionality
  • Duration and countdown timer
  • Can connect to up to three interfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital interface
Kohler DTV Plus CONS:
  • Pricey

What we think about Kohler DTV Plus:

67 %
76 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
76 %

The Kohler DTV Plus might be one of the most expensive digital showers on this list, but it is a good buy.

It is also a stylish addition to your décor, and its features are world-class.

Digital Showers Controllers Buying Guide

Some digital showers allow users to save these settings into different profiles enabling every member of the family to have their shower preferences.

You can get this even with one of these: .

Advancements in technology have also made it easy for digital showers to have control units outside the bathroom.

As such, more space is created inside the shower thereby enhancing your bathroom experience.

Setting up the smart shower control unit outside the shower also helps you avoid chills from cold water.

Some digital showers notify you when the water has attained the desired temperature to prevent these shocks.

If you wish to experience something magical every time you step into the bathroom, a digital shower is your best bet.

Here’s an in-depth look at these showers and their features.

  1. Pumped Options

While most digital showers are ideal for areas with high water pressure, there are those that cater to people living in areas with low water pressure. Water pressure is reduced in some areas as a way to prevent excessive consumption and high bills. However, low water pressure also means your shower will not be able to provide the required amount of temperature levels for an unforgettable showering experience.

As such, some digital showers come with an inbuilt pump referred to as the gravity fed system. This smart shower system helps increase water pressure and ultimately the flow rate. This feature makes it possible to enjoy the benefits that come with this hi-tech invention despite having low water pressure. As mentioned earlier, you can also regulate water temperature thanks to a thermostat embedded in digital showers.

  1. Thermostatic Feature

If you already own a regular mixer shower, then a thermostat might not be a new term. Digital showers have thermostatic valves that make it easy to keep a consistent temperature while you take a bath. While showering, flushing the toilet or using the tap can cause fluctuations in water temperatures.

However, thermostatic valves help maintain the same temperatures levels while you shower.

Digital showers benefits and disadvantages

Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of the thermostatic feature in digital showers.


  • Ultimate temperature regulation
  • Stable temperatures even with water running from taps
  • High levels of efficiency
  • Safety feature


  • Expensive to replace once damaged

Despite the features and amazing benefits that come with digital showers, there are some factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Here are some of these factors.

Factors to consider before purchasing a digital shower

  • Types

Earlier on, I mentioned pumped showers, which help increase water pressure and ensure that your shower experience isn’t compromised by a slow flow. Nonetheless, these are not the only types of digital showers there are; other types include electric, un-pumped, and mixer mode showers just to mention a few. Whatever your choice will be, you can be sure a digital shower is an investment for the future.

  • Research

Proper research is the difference between a pleasant shower experience and a negative attitude towards this new technological invention. It’s not just the types that are different; when it comes to digital showers, features are also a significant factor. As such, you need to conduct extensive research on things like your water pressure levels and the amount you are willing to part with to purchase the shower.

The best research regarding digital showers can be found online. Still, you can ask relatives or friends who use digital showers about the best pick seeing they have more experience. It is also wise to ask what the deciding factor was before purchasing to make sure you get the best digital shower.

  • Processor box

A processor box is the part of the digital shower responsible for regulating water temperatures. As opposed to regular showers, this feature enables users to enjoy showers with constant water temperatures. Standard showers can interrupt both the water flow and the temperature in case a tap is opened. On the flipside, digital showers with the best processor boxes ensure that neither you nor your children suffer from sudden spikes in temperature when taking a shower.

The Little-Known Benefits of a Digital Shower

Digital showers have a whole lot of advantages, chief of this being temperature and water control. Not to mention, most of these showers incorporate the latest technology such as Bluetooth to help you stay in tune with recent advancements in the field. Digital showers also eliminate the inconvenience that comes with finding the right temperature and water flow.

Outdated showers will leave you shouting or shrieking every time the temperature fluctuates. Seeing the temperature levels are already pre-set and saved under different profiles, showering is also made easy especially after a workout or in instances when you need a quick shower when late for work or an appointment. All you have to do is press a button and hop into the shower.

A lot of digital showers also have a broad range of assortments such as LCDs, sensitive touch screens, eco-friendly settings, color-coded lighting systems, and remote control features. As such, digital showers are easy to control and give users total and seamless control as opposed to outdated regular showers. Also, digital showers come in all shapes and sizes meaning you can always find a shower that matches or compliments your bathroom design.

In Closing

Not all digitals showers provide the best experience. As explained earlier, there are a lot of factors to consider before settling for your ideal digital shower. But even then, make sure you look at its features and integration into technology to make sure that it’s not a rip-off or a waste of your hard-earned funds.

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