Beginner Bike Trainer Mistakes To Avoid

If you are new to indoor bike training, you are probably not yet familiar with the mistakes you can make. Even if you are doing it for some time, now you probably don’t know which are all the possible mistakes which are common. Riding inside is different than riding outside, and it is important that you know which are all the no’s you have to have in mind. If you are interested which are the most common mistakes, you are welcome to read this article.

The Trainer Is Not Set Right

Okay, this is the first thing, and it is very important.

Make sure your trainer is set right.

What to check?

There are different kinds of best indoor bike trainer, some of them come with front-wheel blocks and some of them don’t.

If you have the one who doesn’t have those blocks, you have to make sure your setup is level.

You can level it with putting some books under the front wheel and check if it is at the same level as the rear is.

If it is not, try again.

If you want your ride to be as comfortable as it can get, you need to make sure they are as much at the same height as they can be.

Set Up A Fan

Find A Right FanDon’t you forget that you are doing the training inside and not outside!

You won’t need to dress heavily and even though it can be cold outside you will probably be hot inside, and you will need a fan to keep the air circulating, and you don’t get overheated.

You can wear shorts and a t-shirt without any problem.

You should dress a little bit more if you have your bike trainer settled in a cold garage.

In case you are sweating a lot, you should keep a towel near so the sweat coming out of you won’t bother your training.

You Didn’t Eat And Drink

Your body needs foot and water, and it is very important that you eat right and drink enough during the day not only during the workout.

If you are planning training you have to make sure you have eaten at least one hour before the session, or you will have no needed energy to make trough the training.

And if you are not drinking enough it might happen you get dehydrated, and that can have serious consequences on your body.

While you are training on the bike trainer, you need to know that you are doing it inside and that means you will sweat much more than you would if you were training outside and that’s why it is important that you refuel your body with enough of water.

You Didn’t Have A Warmup Session Or You Skipped Cooling Down

These two things are really important at every workout session not only indoor bike training.

People usually skip those two steps, and that is a huge mistake.

Before you start training hard, it is important for your body to start with lighter tempo so it can get used that you are doing some physical activity.

When your body is prepared, you can start training hard.

And equally important to a pre-workout is a cool down session.

With cooling down, you are relaxing your body, and you will let it know that the workout is over.

Functions will slow down, and you will see that you are sweating less when you are cooled down.

At every workout, don’t forget about this two phases!

You Forget To Shift

Another common mistake at most of the indoor riders is that they forget to shift.

I know that bike trainers are getting better and better and they are realistic nowadays.

Indoor riders usually set up a higher gear than they would if they were riding outside and that is a mistake.

If you are not using the shifter and accommodating the shifts, you are going to end up in gear set up too high and what happens is that your legs are suffering from too much extra wear and tear.

If you ride in a gear too high you will get exhausted quickly, and your legs will get tired, and there won’t be any efficient training sessions indoor for you.

You Are Riding With No Goal in Mind

When you decided that you are going to make an indoor riding session, it is important that you are not doing it with a blank head.

It is important to set a goal, find a motivation or find something that will keep your attention while you are in training.

I know that indoor rides can be boring sometimes but I know that there is something that will keep you focused and here are few propositions:

  • Did you hear about that latest movie which is really good and you have always wanted to watch it? Now it is the great opportunity! Set yourself a movie, and that will help you with the distraction.
  • You are probably training for some reason. Are you trying to get more fit or you are trying to beat you PB? Are you training for loosing Wight? There must be something that pushes you forward. Keep the reason in your mind, and when it gets hard, you only think of it and think of why are you doing this and think of what it takes to get there.
  • If you are not changing workouts and you are constantly doing the same thing over and over again you might get bored; I understand that. It is important that you keep your workouts different, so you are never getting bored of doing them. Try different drills and exercises, try different programs, try apps which are getting more and more popular. Don’t let your workouts to get monotone. Spice them up!
  • None of the above helped? Social fitness network is getting more and more popular, and it is developing fast. If you have an option, you should try an online app called Zwift where you can even race against other users. That will keep your mind, focused and time will fly by, and you won’t even notice.

What About The Neighbours?

Okay, you need to know that those trainers can get loud and if you are living somewhere where you have neighbors living under you or beside you in a building, you need to know that they won’t be happy hearing all those noises your bike trainer will make.

If you are living in an area like that, try getting a trainer which is quieter or try training at hours when you won’t bother them too much.

I hope this article was at least a little bit of help for your indoor training sessions and you now know which are the most common mistakes, and you can now start doing the things right.

If you follow everything I have written above, you will improve the training sessions, and you will be able to do the indoor training right from now on.

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