Beard Trimmer Buying Guide

Not all faces are created the same way, nor do all beards grow alike. Everyone has different face cuts, beard styles, budgets & needs. This article will help you finalize the best beard trimmer that suits your requirements. Moreover, it will be a part of your ultimate beard grooming kit. Find out more about each best beard trimmer in our best beard trimmer reviews.

The beard trimmer that’s best for you will depend on your grooming needs, beard style, travelling needs, and of course your budget. In our beard trimmer buying guide we will guide you through each of those factors and help you choose the best beard trimmer for you.

Grooming needs & types of beard

beard grooming kitWe all have different styles of beards, some keep a full beard while some go for stubble, some of us also use it to trim hair growth in other body parts. Depending on your trimming requirements, you need to choose what’s most suitable for you.

If you like shaping beard differently every once in a while, then you would need a trimmer with enough attachments to help you style in various men beard styles. Also, different length adjustments are required if you plan to use the same trimmer for other body parts as well.

Trimmers with multiple guards/guides are invariably more versatile when it comes to shaping different styles of beards. Some trimmers come with different beard guards which mean they can be used to trim non-facial hair too. In addition to that, some trimmers have an adjustable beard guard to help you trim hair in different lengths.

Travelling & mobility

cordless trimmerShould one choose corded or battery operated? How much operating time should be there? Answers to these questions will depend on your mobility needs. If you travel infrequently and mostly trim within the confines of your home, a corded trimmer will suit you better.

A frequent flyer with long trips, on the other hand, needs a battery operated trimmer with a long operating time to reduce the hassle of carrying cords, etc.

The cordless trimmers are usually waterproof thus improving on the versatility. All this mobility and versatility inevitably comes at a price making battery powered trimmers costlier than their corded counterparts.

However, do remember that battery operated trimmers will usually not be as powerful as the corded ones. So if you are looking at trimming at long intervals with thick beards, a powerful corded trimmer will suit you better.

Another thing to be noted for cordless battery operated trimmers is the charge time. At times you might need quick charging like when you have a flight to catch, and packing is done.

Dry or Wet operations

well groomed beardSome of us like the feeling of shaving in the shower or after using dollops of pre-shave coconut oil for the beard, which necessitates the use of waterproof trimmers. You can use them with foam or gel which lessens the post-shave skin irritation.

Dry trimmers, on the other hand, are very versatile as they can be used anywhere without much ado. For example, a quick trim in public washrooms while waiting for your date. But this convenience comes at the price of irritations on sensitive skin types and at times beard itch too.

There are trimmers in the market which can operate in both wet and dry conditions bringing you the best of both worlds. But as always the best has a price to be paid for. These are usually waterproof enough to be used even in showers, but with a bit of carefulness.


best beard trimmerThis gadget is going to work on your face so don’t allot too little budget to it. Neither should you go overboard with buying only the costliest one available. Instead of setting a budget and searching for options, first, see which trimmers suit your requirements best. Now select all those, which best suits the money you are willing to spend.

Do not hesitate to go a little over your budget for a trimmer that suits your purpose or for a more reputed brand.

Overall Evaluation

While these are the 3 most important things to be considered when choosing a beard trimmer, there are certainly other smaller but significant criteria that need to be kept in mind. Especially when finalizing that one beard trimmer which will become the crown jewel of your beard grooming kit.

Maintenance – while some have the luxury of time when it comes to maintaining their gadgets, most of us don’t. While some trimmers can just be easily washed with water, others need lubricating of their blades after use, the frequency of which will depend on the usage.

Package contents – trimmers usually come with carrying case, a charging stand or an extra travel charger. While this is not going to affect your beard, it will surely be more bang for your buck. And more the merrier.

Company – ultimately a beard trimmer is an electric machine, you would not want to go for an unknown name just because you are getting a great deal on it. Any malfunction in the device can prove you beard trimmer

Another aspect of going for a reputed brand is the availability of spares. It’s common to lose a charger or some attachments that came along with the trimmer. You don’t want to throw away an expensive machine just because a spare charger is unavailable.


To sum it up, remember a beard trimmer is going to groom the most attractive part of your personality, your face. It thus has a significant role in your overall presentation. So before you go around shopping for a trimmer, do a little bit of homework to understand your exact requirements. Whether you need a battery operated dry beard trimmer or a corded wet trimmer to be used in the shower, the choice is yours, after all, it’s your face.

So list your needs in order of priority, do a bit of research on the value propositions your shortlisted trimmers have. Eventually, you will be able to make an informed and probably the best choice. Remember, the importance of a handsome, well-groomed face can never be underestimated. Equally important is a good, quality trimmer in a man’s grooming kit.

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  2. Great review! I am split between the Panasonic and the Wahl. Because I would like to use it on my body as well which one would you buy? I think the positive with Panasonic is that you can wash it and with the Wahl that you can use a different guard for your body. What do you think?

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