Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide

Having the right bathroom lighting plays a crucial role in your overall appearance. Finding the right lighting blend is vital to this luxurious room in your home. The reason for this is because too much light is not only uncomfortable but also can lead to eye problems while too little lighting leads to straining, something you don’t want to endure.

Therefore, it’s just right that you fix the right kind of light at correct spots.

We hope our tips will go a long into ensuring to get the best out of your bathroom lighting.

The Various types of Bath Lighting

lihgtiningAmong all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is one area that offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to lighting.

Given that its illuminating lighting demands are enormous, it’s only fair that the place gets multiple light sources from different angles and layers to maximize its use.

Some of the most known types of bath lighting are a mixture of accent, ambient and task, as they seek to address all your needs.

Task Lighting

Task lighting just like its name suggests, is the kind of illumination that aims to provide particular light on a given area to ensure successful completion of an undertaking task.

The tasks could range from makeup application, eyebrow shaping, beard shaving, etc.

For this kind of lighting, you can choose to go for the vanity lights, which you can strategically fix on the horizon of the mirror or settle for wall sconces on either side of the mirror for perfect illumination.

However, you have to be careful with the type of bulb you use as the color temperature determines what sort of light you receive.

The range stands at 4100K and above as it produces “close to sunlight” type of light.

Accent lighting

If you want to add some complimentary lighting in your bathroom space, then accent lighting would come in handy.

The light works to balance the overall room illumination to provide an incredible well-lit environment.

You can use wall sconces at various spots of the bathroom such as next to the flower pot, door, mirror, cabinet, etc.

Ambient Lighting

This is the standard type of lighting that covers the whole room.

With the ambient light, you can confidently go about your daily bathroom routines without worry.

And if you are in a romantic mood, you can add a dimmer in there to give you that soothing illumination.

Here you can achieve excellent light through ceiling lighting strategically at the center of the room.

Which Bathroom Areas Require Lighting?

The Bathroom ceiling

The ceiling makes a perfect place for bath lighting because it provides a strategic location more so for whole room lighting.

Therefore, if you choose to place your lighting on the ceiling, it’s vital to select a central location such as right at the center of the room for the primary source light.

Here you can go for the flush-mount light or the recessed lights that would cover the necessary sections.

Or ever go for lighted bathroom exhaust fan for dual function.

The Bathroom Wall

Wall lights come in handy to boost the functionality of task lights.

They help to do away with the shadows to give you a clear view.

Most wall lights are warm to neutralize other forms of illuminations.

Be careful, however, to place them at the correct range from the floor.

Usually (5-6ft.)

Bathroom Mirror

You spend more time in the mirror than many other places in the bathroom.

You dress, apply make-up brush, shave, and twist and conduct all sorts of simple grooming tasks over here.

Thus, you will require sufficient lighting for everything to come out right.

A combination of mounted vanity and sconce lighting options make excellent choices.

Be sure to go for a lighting option that would match the amount of space you have.

For instance, if you are using a large mirror but don’t have enough space to mount lights on both sides, search for a central point and mount a single bright one that would serve correctly.

On the other hand, if you have more cash to spare you can choose to invest in a lighted bathroom mirror that would provide unique solutions to your particular needs.

The good thing about this choice is that you won’t require extra space for separate mirror-light mounting.

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Lighting Zones?

The Bath is a damp/wet area of your house, requires fixtures that can withstand different levels of moist.

Therefore, when you’re out there shopping for accessories, keep in mind to check out the labels as to how much dampness a given item can take.

The same case should apply when purchasing bathroom lighting as most light fixtures are either damp or wet rated.

Let’s fish out some information on the same.

Wet Location Bath Lights

The bath lights in this category are suitable for areas that are in constant contact with water.

They include regions surrounding multi-purpose showers or bathtubs.

With this kind of lighting, you can comfortably conduct your cleaning sessions without worrying about the splashing water.

At the end of it, the light sources won’t spoil at the touch of water or cause electrical accidents, something that you would want to avoid at all costs.

Damp Location Bath Lights

When investing in these kinds of lights, keep a reflection of the various fixtures in your bathroom that get damp most of the time.

Well, these locations might be dry most of the time, but their exposure to moist and water splashes require particular attention.

They include areas surrounding sinks.

Matching Bathroom Lighting and Bathroom fixtures

Having in place a type of lighting that perfectly complements your fixture finishes will go a long way into turning your bath into a stylish room.

Most manufacturers have various lighting finishes that match with your bath faucets, make the best selection.

We hope you find these tips useful.

However, for customized advice, consult your contractor to get the best out of your investment.

Also, be sure to check out your localized bathroom lighting regulations.

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