Advantages of vertical climbers and stair steppers, and the big difference

Staying in proper shape and having good fitness level is a dream that everybody seeks and desires. To achieve this dream, lots of effort plus time investment is required. Most people have busy lives and sparing time for fitness workouts seem impractical. However, if you are ready to invest a small part of your daily schedule for fitness and want to achieve faster results, then a stair stepper or vertical climber will be an ideal option.

stair stepperThese training machines are perfect for achieving fitness goals efficiently.

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Moreover, the workout offered by a stair stepper or a vertical climbing machine involves complete body workout and thus results in complete physique development.

There are numerous advantages provided by these fitness machines which make them a suitable option for accomplishing fitness objectives.

In this article, we will mention the advantages of using a stair stepper and vertical climber machine.

Also, we’ll shed some light upon the significant distinctions between the two.

Advantages of Using a Stair Stepper/Vertical Climber Machine

  1. Better Lower Body Development

    better lower body developmentStair stepper/ vertical climber is perfect for the development of lower body parts such as legs, thighs, and calves.

    Your quads will also get benefits from the workout. With regular exercise on stair stepper/vertical climber machine, your lower body parts will become more lean and hard.

    Moreover, if you want a nice back then climbing workouts will surely be helpful because it is their major asset.

    You can always rely on climbing workouts to develop your lower body.

    These machines are also beneficial for improving the cardiovascular fitness level.

    Climbing workouts deliver results that are equivalent to running or walking multiple miles.

    The vertical nature of the climbing workouts results in the effective workout of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

    Therefore, by using a stair stepper/vertical climber you can get a workout that develops your lower body along with improving cardiovascular fitness.

  2. Burns Huge Amounts Of Calories In Shorter Time Durations

    effective climbing exerciseClimbing exercise is far more effective in burning calories than running or walking.

    You can burn almost the same amount of calories by running or walking 5 miles.

    However, if you do a 5-mile climb on a stair stepper/vertical climber, then you will be able to burn almost a ton more calories than walking or running.

    It means that you can reduce your extra weight much faster as compared to other workouts.

    This ability of climbing workouts makes them suitable for people who can only invest a small amount of time for their fitness.

    Climbing workouts are very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

    Unlike other exercise methods, you do not have to wait for a week or 2 to see the results.

    By doing a climbing workout, you will be able to see the results sooner.

    Moreover, you will start to feel better within 15 minutes of your workout on a stair stepper/vertical climber.

    It may be difficult to start climbing workouts and getting the motivation to initiate.

    However, once you get over that you will realize that it makes you feel better.

    The workouts not only offer physical benefits but psychological benefits too.

    This will eliminate the need of taking prescription drugs for suppressing stress and anxiety.

    You can enjoy a healthy life both physically and mentally.

  3. Reduce Chances Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

    burn body fatExtra body fat is mostly responsible for type 2 diabetes.

    By burning excess fat stored in the body, especially in midsection region; you can decrease the chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes.

    People who have to sit at a desk all day long are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

    They rarely get the chance to burn calories, and this causes an increase in the fat buildup.

    By using a stair stepper or vertical climber, you will be able to burn extra calories present in your body in a convenient manner.

    All you need to do is to invest 30 minutes daily to your climbing workout, and you will be able to dodge diseases like type 2 diabetes.

    Moreover, by burning calories regularly, you will become immune to heart diseases, high blood pressure and other afflictions caused due to inactivity.

Tips for Using a Stair Stepper in a Proper Way

Below are some tips that will help you exercise properly on a stair stepper and enhance the workout results.

  • While using a stair stepper machine, it is necessary for you to maintain a consistent motion. Consistency is a key element for making workouts effective, whether you are running on a treadmill or climbing on a stair stepper. Be sure that you are doing your climbing workouts in uniform motion.
  • A perfect body posture ensures better workout results and prevents injuries. During your workouts on a stair stepper machine, you need to put your shoulders back, chest out and back straight. Maintaining a proper posture also helps you attain the right posture throughout the day.
  • Maintaining a proper body position is essential otherwise, your shoulders will slump, the head will hang, and body will start to lean forwards. With regular practice, you can have the perfect body stance and it will remain consistent no matter what activity you are doing. A better body stance results in better breathing ability, less aches/pains and attractive looks.

Major Difference between a Stair Stepper Machine and a Vertical Climbing Machine

src=”” alt=”vertical climbing machine features” width=”300″ height=”300″ />The main difference between a stair stepper and vertical machine is that the vertical climber have higher steps that can simulate a wall climb.

On the other hand, a stair stepper simulate walking on the stairs.

Vertical climbers burn 20% more calories as compared to a stair stepper.

The reason behind this fact is that in a vertical climber workout you have to carry the full weight of your body in an upward direction.

Moreover, the handlebars of vertical climbers change during workout and do not remain static.

On the other hand, handlebars of a stair stepper are static and thus the involvement of your upper body is lesser.


Stair steppers and vertical climbers are both competitive indoor fitness machines capable of delivering effective workouts. However, there are some differences between them.

To deduce, vertical climbers are better than stair steppers for burning more calories.

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